November 30, 2017                                                             Volume 7, Issue 7
NOACA's Technical Assistance program helps communities tackle transportation issues   
NOACA's service to the region includes offering the technical planning and engineering expertise of staff to communities for multimodal transportation projects. NOACA technical assistance work typically results in implementable recommendations within an attainable budget. This fall NOACA completed three studies under the Technical Assistance (TA) program that are now posted on the agency's website:  
NOACA undertakes signal warrant analyses to determine whether conditions are present to justify the installation of a traffic signal at an intersection.
NOACA undertook this study to analyze bicycle and pedestrian connections in Cahoon Memorial Park. The study recommendations include traffic calming, bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the park and roads surrounding the park.
NOACA has developed Web pages for Technical Assistance projects currently underway. The pages provide information about each project, project progress, upcoming public meetings and NOACA staff contact information. NOACA welcomes you to stay engaged with these projects through Web page updates:
NOACA technical assistance helps the City of Cleveland pave the way for bicycle and pedestrian improvements on the Veterans Memorial Bridge    
If you commute into downtown Cleveland by way of the Veterans Memorial Bridge, you've undoubtedly noticed the construction cones and new green bicycle lanes as you approach the bridge. The City of Cleveland is working on a project to convert the two outer traffic lanes on the bridge to exclusive bicycle and pedestrian lanes. The lanes will improve safety for all users of the roadway by separating vehicular and bicycle/pedestrian traffic.  
Morning commute on the  
Veterans Memorial Bridge 
The recommendation for new dedicated bicycle lanes developed from a collaborative study undertaken by the City of Cleveland and NOACA as part of NOACA's Technical Assistance program.
As the study nears completion, the City was able to move forward with some of the study recommendations while also taking advantage of work on other construction near the bridge.
The bicycle/pedestrian improvement project also includes two stage left-turn bike boxes at the intersections of West 9th Street/Huron Road and Detroit Avenue/West 25th Street. A bike signal will be installed at West 9th Street and Superior Avenue, allowing bicyclists to proceed with their own signal.
You can learn more about the study and progress on the bicycle/pedestrian improvements by visiting NOACA's Web page.
Cleveland trail projects receive ODNR 2017 Clean Ohio Trails Fund awards
This month the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) announced recipients of 2017 Clean Ohio Trails Fund grants. These grants can be used to acquire land for new trails, build and improve trail infrastructure, and provide connections between urban and recreational areas, so users can bike, hike and run in safe and scenic environments.
ODNR awarded $500,000 grants to two Cleveland trail projects that are in the State Fiscal Years (SFY) 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and supported by NOACA:
Towpath Trail Extension Stage 1 , which will connect the Towpath Trail from its current terminus at Harvard Avenue to the completed Stage 2 section at Steelyard Commons via Jennings Road. The project is currently programmed in the TIP for SFY 2018 at an estimated cost of $11.5 million, which includes $8.8 million of NOACA funds.
Red Line Greenway, a two-mile, all purpose trail that will be constructed in the Greater Cleveland RTA's Red Line transit corridor from West 53rd Street to an overlook on the viaduct over the Cuyahoga River. NOACA has committed $2 million to the project, which is scheduled to begin in SFY 2019.
NOACA Board of Directors meets December 8   
NOACA's Board of Directors will meet on Friday, December 8 at 9 a.m. At the meeting, members will consider approving:
 The public is welcome to attend all NOACA Board of Directors and committee meetings.
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