November 8, 2016                                                                     Volume 6, Issue 9
Submit applications for NOACA TLCI & Technical Assistance Programs
NOACA is accepting applications for Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) planning and implementation grants and Technical Assistance. The TLCI
provides assistance to communities and public agencies for integrated transportation and land-use planning and
A TLCI study for the East 22nd Street corridor/Campus District in the City of Cleveland paved the way for streetscape and bicycle lane improvements in the corridor. 
projects that strengthen community livability and quality of life.

TLCI planning grants have provided support for innovative concepts and led to dozens of completed studies over the past 10 years. Access the planning grant application here.

TLCI implementation grants help communities move forward with the development and installation of infrastructure recommended in completed TLCI planning studies. Access the implementation grant application here.

TLCI Technical Assistance offers NOACA staff planning expertise on community-based multimodal transportation projects. Access the TLCI Technical Assistance application here.

Traffic Safety & Operations Technical Assistance provides NOACA staff engineering expertise for traffic safety and/or operations issues, including signal warrant analysis, safety audits, speed zone analysis, parking assessment and more. Access the Traffic Safety & Operations Technical Assistance application here.

All applications are due to NOACA by 12 noon on December 14, 2016. For questions or concerns about the application, please contact Ryan Noles at or call him at 216-241-2414, extension 273.
Date CHANGED for NOACA TLCI Workshop   

Note, the date of NOACA's Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative grant application workshop has been changed to Wednesday, November 30, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. The workshop will be held at NOACA's office at 1299 Superior Avenue in Cleveland, in the third floor conference room. NOACA strongly encourages communities and entities that have never applied for a TLCI grant to attend the workshop.

Chardon Sidewalk Connectivity Analysis posted to NOACA website
Through its Technical Assistance Program, NOACA staff helped the City of Chardon and its residents develop a sidewalk connectivity plan to make the city fully accessible by sidewalk. Some roads that lead to major destinations in Chardon currently do not have sidewalks. The plan prioritizes 88 missing sidewalk segments based on conditions that affect the need for sidewalks, e.g., proximity to schools, parks and major destinations; population density; land use; and vehicle and bicycle crashes, among others.

The plan also identifies three locations that could serve as new entrances to the Maple Highlands Trail. Additional trailheads would increase access and encourage trail usability for all residents of the city. You can find the plan on the Technical Assistance page of NOACA's website.
Grace Gallucci, Executive Director
1299 Superior Avenue | 216.241.2414, ext. 100