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December, 2018
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December 21st- Holiday Party 3:00-5:00pm  
December 22nd-31st- Holiday Break! Club Closed  
January 1st- New Year's Day. Club Closed  
January 21st- MLK Day. Club Closed  
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Club News!
1st Grader, Member, and Youth  
of the month!
Kahleel Smith-1st Grader of the month 
Kahleel is a wonderful role-model and sets the bar high for the rest of his 1st grade peers. He comes in every day and waits patiently to hear what his options are for the day. He follows directions so well and always uses his manners.
He is on the DIII Fisher Real Estate "Bulls" basketball team. Playing dodgeball in the gym or running around outside with his older brother are some of his favorite ways to spend time at NBGC.
Being the well-rounded child that he is, Kahleel also loves exploring his creativity in the Art Room or trying a new game in the Games Room. He has also participated in Photo Club.
TV Show/Movie: Superman vs. Batman
Book: Chapter books
Color: Green
Food: Bananas
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "Police Officer"

Marina Cassano- Member of the month 
Marina is actively involved in many of our programs. She loves trying new things. This year she is a member of Triple Play and Power Hour - both National B&GC Programs.
She enjoys playing pool in the Games Room, pearler beading in the Art Room, and playing dodgeball in the Gym.
TV Show/Movie: Annie
Book: The Card People, Part 1: The Scissors of Fate by James Sulzer
Color: Blue
Food: Lasagna
What do you want to be when you grow up? - Artist
Denrick Francis- Youth of the month

Denrick is not only new to NBGC, he is new to Nantucket and so far he's a wonderful addition to the NBGC community. He is always helping with the younger kids and playing games with them in the Games Room.
He is heavily involved in the NBGC Soccer program. Not only is he on the DI Russel Simpsons' Barcelona team, but he helps with practices for the younger teams.
Denrick enjoys being active in the Gym and also participates in the Monthly Themes in the Teen Room. He's also a regular at Culinary Club.
TV Show/Movie: Dead Pool 2
Book: Undecided
Color: Blue
Food: Jerk Chicken
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "Not sure yet."

What's happening

With the 2018 Holiday season in full swing, kids are excited about vacations, family gatherings, and gifts!  In the Art Room for the next two weeks, we have the theme called "Gift Week".  Members are given the opportunity to make a few gifts or cards for family and or friends each day.  We will even teach the kids how to wrap and decorate the gifts that they make too!  The kids will have the opportunity to mix, stir, paint, sew, glue, bead, cut and color with the many gifts they will be able to make.  We have to keep the details of the gifts "under wraps" (no pun intended) so that the kids can surprise you with their crafts and creations! 
In January 2019, the members will have the opportunity to join the National Arts Exhibit Contest Club.  This BGC National program will be introduced and added to the Art Room scheduling.  This National Program will give the members the opportunity to learn the many ways Art is created using different mediums and methods.  The kids will have the opportunity to explore, learn and create beautiful works of art.  Our members will then show their art pieces in our community and then gain entry to show their pieces on the National Level at the National Arts Exhibit. 
The Games Rooms continues to be one of the most popular places in the Club! Our members love challenging their friends in a variety of games. Carpet ball is definitely a favorite among our members! 
 Power Hour has been going strong, with upwards of 40 kids a day coming into the Learning Center for Power Hour and over 120 different members who have come in to do homework so far this year. Power Hour takes place Monday through Thursday from 2:30-4:00 and the next Power Hour Party is December 14th.
 BookNook is a new web-based reading app that we have been offering this year. Our goal with BookNook is to assess the current reading levels of our members and to help them improve their reading, comprehension, and confidence. BookNook is currently the Learning Center's largest program with more than 130 members who have enrolled and completed courses so far! If you would like your child to take part, the program runs from 4:00-5:00 on Mondays and Thursdays, and from 4:00-5:45 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
On the weekend of December 1st and 2nd, six members from our LEGO Robotics team traveled to Worcester Polytechnic Institute to compete in our third FLL Worcester Qualifier. They battled it out against 29 other teams in a project presentation, a demonstration of their teamwork, and the Robot Game. After months of training and hard work, they scored 77 points in the Robot Game, a tally that was good enough to tie for eighth place, our best ever placement to date! It's never too early to start looking forward to next year and we encourage any interested members, 4th grade or older, to come and check out a few sessions. The LEGO Robotics Club meets Thursdays from 4:00-5:45. 
Members have been busy working on MyFuture in the Computer Lab. They have been working on typing practice, learning how to manipulate and make different projects in Aviary, a photo manipulation program, as well as learning about computer science. December 3-9th the Boys and Girls Clubs of America are doing a computer science focused contest. Collectively as a club we had to complete at least 20 computer science projects on MyFuture to be eligible to win a program kit filled with computer science activities and video games.  
Photo club has been going great!  Each week, we try to teach the members something new about photography, such as portraits, landscapes, and nature, as well as using Adobe Lightroom and editing photographs. Members have showed interest in planning and creating photoshoots where they are able to design their own backdrops.  

We're now entering our third month of Triple Play! During the past several weeks, our members have been focused on learning what constitutes a healthy snack. Besides learning how to read a nutrition label and an ingredients' list, the Triple Play members have also learned to look out for snacks high in fiber and low in saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. Our kids' favorite activities so far have been:  
1)      "Snack Chat" - where the kids discuss the healthiest food he/she ate that day
2)      Red Light, Green Light activities - where members of Triple Play are given a nutrition label for a snack and are asked to categorize it as a "Go/Green", "Slow/Yellow", or a 'Whoa/Red" snack based on its fiber, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium content (Thank you so much to Kathleen Minihan for her lesson on the Stoplight Food Guide).
3)     Go, Slow, or Whoa - where members are given an action and a snack, and depending on how healthy it is, must act out the action very fast (for very healthy) or very slow (for less healthy snacks).
Triple Play members are also proud to announce to parents that because of their efforts, the Snack Shack is a much healthier place to snack! Instead of sugary iced teas, we now offer Organic Honest Teas. Instead of frozen icees, we now offer string cheese. And we now no longer sell Yoohoos. The Triple Play kids are still working on making the Snack Shack a healthier place for your kids to snack!   After the holidays, Triple Play members are excited to start cooking in the kitchen with our already ongoing Culinary Club.
A special shout out to Marina Cassano and Rafi Matheny, who always show up to Triple Play with a smile on their face and a healthy snack in hand!  
The Teen Room is always busy with active teenagers! Junior Chefs has been extremely popular with our teens. They enjoy cooking up delicious treats with their friends. 





Stay connected with the Club and all the exciting programs we will be offering this year. Check out our calendar on our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can also stay up to date with our text alert system- simply text NANTUCKET to 84483.

Boy and Girl Athlete of the Month

Adrian Alcequiez-5th Grade

Adrian lives and breathes soccer! He has been instrumental to his DIV 1 team Barcelona. Even when they are losing, he is motivating his team and is always a good sport who never lets his head down.  Adrian has been a great leader during the soccer program. He is always helping, guiding and teaching the 1st and 2nd graders and not to mention being our number one linesman! Not only is Adrian a competitor, but he always has his two little sisters by his side showing them the ropes of the Boys and Girls Club.
Congratulations Adrian!

Alana Ludvigson -6th Grade
Alana is a two sport athlete here at the Boys & Girls Club. She played her 2nd year of tackle football and was on the Division I Hurricanes! Not only was she the only girl who participated in tackle football, she also played one of the toughest positions on the field, middle linebacker. After a rough start to the season at 1-3, Alana and the Hurricanes won 3 games in a row and took the title as Division I champions. Alana takes no time off! Just days after football season ended, Alana tried out for the girls travel basketball team and made it! Alana is excited for the season ahead!
Congratulations Alana!
It's that time of year and basketball is in full swing! With over 25 teams and 250 members participating this season is sure to be one to remember.  
Parents please make sure to pick up a detailed schedule for the rest of the season beginning Dec. 17th by the front desk.  
On Dec. 14th the Knights of Columbus will hold an early registration period from 3-5pm for anyone members ages 9-14 for their annual free throw shooting contest. The event will be held Jan. 4th 3:30pm-5:30pm at the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club.  

Attention Parents
We understand it is a busy time at the Club with basketball season. We ask that parents do not park in the fire lanes. There have been  issues with cars being left there and other vehicles are unable to get out of the parking lot. Please be aware of this.  

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