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February, 2019
Upcoming Events
February 15th- Middle School Valentine's Day. Club closes at 6:00pm  
February 18th- President's Day! Club Closed
February 25th-March 1st- NPS Winter Break. Club open 9:00am-5:00pm   
March 2nd- Club Closed
March 8th-10th- All Star Basketball Weekend
March 11th- Floor Hockey Begins
March 13th- NPS Early Release. Club open 12:00pm-6:00pm  
March 18th-30th- Boxing Sign-Ups 
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Club News
1st Grader, Member, and Youth  
of the month!
Ben Potter-1st Grader of the month 
Ben Potter is always coming to the Club with the biggest smile on his face. He keeps himself busy with almost every program offered. Once Ben gets to the Club, he'll go straight to the Learning Center and finish up his homework during Power Hour. Ben is part of MyFuture (a National BGC program) and loves to play games in the computer lab. He finds himself in the art room doing various projects.
Photo Club is another program he enjoys, where he loves to take photos and going on field trips. He also loves to do Triple Play, a National BGC program.  
Ben hopes by next year he'll be playing football.
TV Show/Movie: Rudolph Saves New York & Christmas
Book: The Day the Crayons Quit & Came Back
Color: Teal
Food: Pizza (from Cumberland Farms) and Mac & Cheese from Fairgrounds
What do you want to be when you grow up? - A Teacher

Jordan Fox- Member of the month 
Jordan Fox has such a positive impact on everyone, including members and staff, at the Club. Everyday after school, Jordan makes his way to the Learning Center to power through his homework in Power Hour. He enjoys spending time outside playing with his friends. Jordan really enjoys taking photos,  editing photos, and all of the field trips in Photo Club. Jordan is  excited for boxing in the spring. Jordan is part of the Raptors, DII for basketball. He also enjoys the Games Room, where he plays ping pong, pool, and other games with friends.
Favorites :  
TV Show/Movie: The Jungle Book (realistic version)
Book: Who Would Win? Series: Jaguar vs. Skunk
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza
What do you want to be when you grow up? - Artist / Professional Golf Player / Work at Gatorland
KC Channer- Youth of the month

KC has a passion for basketball and thrives for any chance to play it. KC spends most of his time  in the gym with his friends or in  The Nest, hanging out with  his friends or playing Fortnite. KC has a positive attitude and influence on everyone around him. He's a great role model and shows what it is to be a member here at the Club. He truly brings out the best in others around him.
TV Show/Movie: Black Panther
Book: Doesn't have one
Color: Teal
Food: Pizza
What do you want to be when you grow up? - NBA Player just like LeBron James


What's happening

The Computer Lab continues to stay busy with members working on MyFuture. Members are working on coding and practicing their typing skills. 
Our first graders enjoy their designated time in the Computer Lab. Our younger members are learning how to navigate on the computer safely. Our older members enjoy assisting the younger ones when it comes to the basic skills and functions of the computers.  
The Fine Arts Club kids brought Chinese New Year to life on February 2.  The kids made big dragons and traditional Chinese noise makers to use for the big parade through the entire Club!  Check out the website for the video footage of the parade - it's gone viral!  Kids had so much fun and one of the  3rd grade members that was part of the dragon making team was quoted "we should have a parade for every holiday"!  For the rest of this month, The Fine Arts Club will be doing a textile/sewing project inspired by an artist from NYC.  And honoring February's Black History Month, the Fine Arts Club will learn about the patterns and color meanings for creating an art piece that will resemble a Kente Cloth.   Keep your eyes open for these pieces to be up on display in the Club.
During February School Vacation week, the kids will have the opportunity to make and bind a book (visual journal). This will be an extensive and fun and creative learning experience.  The books (journals) that the kids make will be put on display at the Library the week of March 4th. 
The National Program Drama Matters will begin the week of March 4th and will be run out of the Art Room. The kids will have the opportunity to make props, costumes and backdrops for a play written from the book "The Day the Crayons Quit".  This is an 8 week program that members can sign up for for acting, set design or both!  The final production will take place sometime in May. 
The Art Room is open each day and has offerings  many different activities and art projects for all ages.  Kids can paint, sculpt, draw, sew, build, bead and much more.  Some of the favorite activities in the Art Room are drawing and painting with water color paints and pencils and little sewing projects.  Many projects and art pieces are displayed in the downstairs hallways by the Gym.  And  Keep a look out for some new 5th and 6th grade art and science activities that will be offered in the Art Room - Coming soon in March!
        The Triple Play Healthy Habits Program is transitioning into a new stage! While still learning about and practicing habits that keep our minds and bodies healthy, we are now focusing on how to make the club a better place and working to contribute positively to the Nantucket community. The Triple Play kids, inspired by the Torch Club, are dedicated and excited about working on future projects around the club that will make the club healthier and happier. In the past few weeks, we cleaned up the kitchen by recycling a ton of plastic bottles, cleaned and picked up trash on the field, and even assisted Torch Club members serve food on Family Fun Night!
        Our Torch Club has grown to over 20 members and we are excited to announce a new club project! Our Torch Club members are working on getting a garden up and running in our very own field, right next to the Gaga pit. We've already collected quite a lot of compost and thanks to the efforts of Rachel Afshari and Taylor Minore from Lemon Press, our garden is already in the beginning stages of planting. In addition to working on this garden project, Torch Club members have been very busy helping with club events, selling popcorn on Popcorn Fridays, and cleaning up around the club. The Torch Club members have also been very inspirational to our younger club members, who want to start their own Torch Club. Thank you to Mariana Silva, Dakara Turner, Numa Solano, Nick Feare, Jetta Grangrade, Natalie O'Brien, Danielle Lewis, Addison Patnaude and Rory Murrary for helping set up, serve guests, and clean up at our last Family Fun Night!
The Photo Club has been busy with field trips around the island.  Members have been exploring new places and learning more about photography. The Photo Club has been working with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit their photos.  
 Are you concerned about your child's reading, or would you like to see them receive more reading instruction? You should encourage them to join BookNook!
 BookNook is a fun, web-based reading app that tests your members reading level and selects short books and vocabulary words for them, based on that reading level. The lessons mix games and interactive questions with the reading and adapt in difficulty as your child learns, teaching them different reading standards as they progress towards the next reading level. BookNook sessions usually last about 20-30 minutes and take place in the Learning Center from 4:00-5:45 on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 4:00-5:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
 Whether your child is a struggling reader who could use some help catching up to their grade level, a strong reader who would like to improve, or somewhere in between, BookNook can help! If you're interested in signing up your member or finding out more about the program, please visit Danny in the Learning Center or send an email to
Power Hour
 The Power Hour Homework Club has been busy, as always. Over 40 kids a day come into the Learning Center to do their homework and over 130 different members have come in to do homework so far this year. Members who sign a Power Hour contract and attend Power Hour enough times are invited to a Power Hour Party! Power Hour is held Monday through Thursday from 2:30-4:00 and our next Power Hour Party will be held on February 15th.
LEGO Robotics
LEGO Robotics is running again on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-5:45 for the rest of the 2018-2019 school year! We are looking to add new members to our team, and will be having relaxed sessions where both experienced and inexperienced kids can come to learn and practice their Robot Programming skills. Our LEGO Robotics team has traveled to Worcester each of the past 3 years to participate in the F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League competition!    Members in third grade and above are invited to stop in to the Learning Center and try it out.
On Fridays we have been taking up to 15 members to Kids on Ice. Everyone who has been going has been really enjoying going skating and many of the kids go every week. There are more permission slips to attend skating at the front desk and we would be happy for other kids to join us.
The Teen Room continues to stay busy with active teenagers participating in various monthly tournaments. The attendance at Teen Nights continues to grow. Our members are excited for the Middle School Valentine's Day Dance this Friday night!  

Family Fun Night was a BLAST! From igloo making in the Art Room to pin the nose on the snowman, our members and their families had a great time. Thank you to everyone who helped make the night a success. A huge thank you to Torch Club for serving the food all night.  





Stay connected with the Club and all the exciting programs we will be offering this year. Check out our calendar on our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! You can also stay up to date with our text alert system- simply text NANTUCKET to 84483.

Boy and Girl Athlete of the Month

Burke Lombardi-3rd Grade

Burke, a two sport athlete here at the Club, lives and breathes football and basketball. Burke excels in these sports and from the moment he comes through the doors, you can find him either on the football field or in the gym playing basketball. Burke played for the Division II Football Champion Cowboys this past fall and now is a leader for our 3rd and 4th grade travel basketball team, along with playing up a league in Division I for the Hawks. Burke not only is a role model on the court but also off the court. Burke is always willing to help Joe and Matt in the gym and also assisting at the scorer's table for games. Burke has now finished up his travel season finishing in 2nd place in the Cape Cod youth league and will continue his in house season for the Hawks going forward.  
Congratulations Burke!

Rowan Paul -3rd Grade
Rowan, a multi-sport athlete here at the club, participated in cheer-leading, soccer, and field hockey this fall and is currently participating in basketball for the winter season. Playing basketball for her third consecutive year, Rowan has become an avid basketball player and showing it on the court, leading the Division II Liberty to a great start to the season. She is not only becoming a great player on the court but also does a great job off the court. Rowan is always someone you can find with a smile on her face. She is continuously  helping Matt and Joe with tasks that they need done and also at the scorer's table whenever help is needed. Rowan continues the rest of her season with the Liberty this winter and then it's only a question of which sport Rowan will play next.  
Congratulations Rowan!

Another successful season has come to an end for our travel basketball teams. Collectively our teams had the best season to date with our 4th grade boys team earning the second seed in the playoffs. Our travel teams will conclude their seasons by playing in the 19th annual Barnstable Youth Basketball Tournament on March 8th-10th in Hyannis and surrounding cities.

We would like to thank our coaches and parents for their guidance and support as none of this would have been possible without them. Our in house program has had some tightly contested battles in every division and with the DIII playoffs only a couple of weeks away we can only think that the contest will intensify. Please check our website for game dates and times.

Garden Project
We have an awesome group of volunteers working to promote sustainable practices for the youth of Nantucket through education and hands on activities.
The group donated their time to clean up the garden area at the Club. Old irrigation was removed, walking paths were dug, garden beds were shaped, and wood-chips and compost were put down. Not only was hard work done outside, but inside the Club, volunteers were having a bake sale to raise money for seeds, mini green houses, shovels, gloves, and other materials needed for the project.  
A HUGE thank you Rachel Afshari, from Lemon Press, for taking charge of this incredible project and dedicating your time.    
Thank you to the other amazing volunteers and donors!  
Taylor Minor- Lemon Press
Mirabai Perfas- Big Hug Dumplings
William Martin- Martin Masonry
Alden Lenhart- Sand Castle Construction
Pumpkin Pond Farm  


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