Naromi Land Trust                                April 2020       
Forever. Sherman.                                     Vol. 13, Issue 3
Photo by Marty Levick
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West Briggs Hill Trail Map
5 Right Things to Do
Fishing Season Opens Early
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Members, Friends and Neighbors,
What a difference a few weeks make. The coronavirus pandemic has landed in our small town and we worry about our family, friends, and neighbors.   We canceled our March and April events. We have not yet canceled our May bird walk and June Trails Days events, but be sure to check in with our Facebook page or website for updates. Naromi staff is working from home as much as possible, in keeping with Governor Lamont's Stay Safe, Stay Home policy.   
All the while, sure signs of Spring are emerging. Daffodils are blooming. Buds on the maple trees are emerging. Butterflies are even exploring. (See below in "Tell us Your Stories.")
We hope that you are enjoying Naromi's trails (check out the new West Briggs Hill Preserve trail map) and that it brings you some comfort and peace. While there, please practice social distancing and normal trail etiquette.    

Feel free to email us for anything and be sure to follow us on Facebook to hear the latest Naromi news.   

Yours truly,

Amanda Branson
Executive Director
Tell us your stories!
We know all of you are noticing and appreciating the natural world a little bit extra during this new era.  While we can't be together to share stories of our experiences, we can still share them. It is such a terrific respite to connect the Naromi family this way. 

The picture above is of a beautiful tiger swallowtail that somehow made its way inside Marty Levick and Terri Hahn's home.  How did this three-and-a half inch butterfly get inside undetected?  Perhaps a stowaway?  Following guidance to isolate? After enjoying the butterfly for a few minutes Marty and Terri were able to safely chauffeur it out on a newspaper.

Thanks for sharing Marty!  Send us an email with your story and remember we love photos!  
West Briggs Hill Trail Map
We're delighted to share this trail map for West Briggs Hill Preserve. The West Briggs Hill kiosk and parking area is located between #11 & #33 Briggs Hill Road. You can download this and other trail maps from our website.

We are grateful to Eric Hansen of Ferrucci & Walicki for creating this map. West Briggs Hill is part of Audubon Connecticut's Forest for Birds program and Eric was able to make the map while working on the report for Naromi. 
Map by Eric Hansen of Ferrucci & Walicki
Map by Eric Hansen
5 Right Things to Do to Stay Safe Outdoors
Eric Hammerling, Executive Director of Connecticut Forest & Parks Association, offered these tips in CFPA's newsletter:  
 "You probably know the 5 right things to do to Keep Safe Outdoors:
  1. Use appropriate social distancing by staying at least 6 feet from others (when you are passing someone on a trail, make sure to yield and allow for plenty of space);
  2. Go outdoors as a solitary activity or in a very small group (and if you get to a place that is already crowded, find another place to go);
  3. Keep your germs to yourself (cough or sneeze into your sleeve, and if you are not feeling well, stay at home);
  4. Be careful about what you touch (and don't touch your eyes, nose, or mouth); and of course,
  5. Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as often as possible (at least before and after you go outdoors).
Do these "5 right things" every time you go outdoors, or you could get yourself or others sick AND you could lose the access to the outdoors that you currently enjoy."  
Fishing Season Opens Early
In other good news, Governor Lamont issued an Executive Order to open fishing season a little earlier than usual. This was designed to limit the size of crowds that typically develop on the regular opening day.

The usual rules still apply for the sizes, quantities, and possession of a fishing license. DEEP has an interactive trout stocking map. You can purchase your fishing license and your boating certificate online.  
Please check out DEEP's latest guidance before you check out state parks and forests. Earlier this week, they announced the closure of picnic areas and prohibition on walk-ins when the park has reached parking capacity.