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                                                                                               December 2018 
                                                                                         Vol. 9, Issue 12       

A group of Grosbeaks gathering around a bird feeder.  Photo by Dennis Larkin.
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NY Times Article
Upland Pasture Poster at Old Store
Year End Giving
High Energy Suet
Wear Blaze Orange!
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Members, Friends and Neighbors,
As our 50th Anniversary year begins to wind down, I have been reflecting on how far this organization has come and all of the people that have contributed their time, talents and support to make our accomplishments a reality.

From our Board of Directors who dedicate many hours to manage our organization's vision and operations; to our land monitors who ensure our properties are protected and exactly as they should be; to our event leaders who help us connect people with the importance of what we do at Naromi Land Trust.  Now multiply that by 50 years!   

These efforts would not be successful without the generous support of our donors, neighbors and friends. This terrific group chooses to support Naromi because they value everything Naromi works for - clean air and water, wildlife habitat, agricultural lands, unspoiled vistas, and places to enjoy nature.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us this year, participated in our activities and events and volunteered their time to help Naromi maintain and protect what has taken 50 years to build.  Here's to another 50 years!  Cheers!

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and healthy holiday season.

Amanda Branson
Executive Director
Naromi Shout Out in Sherman NY Time Article
Many of you may have read the New York Times article "Sherman, Conn.; A Quiet Town With A Medley of People"  published on November 28th by Rikki Snyder.  

If not, it is a wonderful tribute to how a small town like Sherman can be a place of peace and tranquility. Naromi is very proud to contribute to the rural character and charm that they reference in the article!
Great Holiday Gift!
Our 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Poster of Upland Pastures is now on sale at the Sherman Historical Society Old Store - Framed & unframed!  Great gifts for the holidays!  Stop by and show someone who loves Sherman that you love them and support two organizations at once.  Old Store Hours are Wednesday - Sunday 12:00 - 4:00 pm!  

Reminder:  Donations Before Year-End
We would just like to send a gentle reminder to support Naromi Land Trust with your Annual Appeal contribution before the end of 2018 so you can include it in your tax deductions this year.  

Every donation goes directly to maintaining the 1500 acres that we have preserved here in Sherman and will help us to continue to preserve more land as it becomes available to us (yes there is more to conserve!).

And there are many ways to give or enhance your contributions!
  • Gift of cash - check, cash, or Paypal (
  • Securities
  • IRA contributions provided you are at least at least 70 ½ years old, you decline goods or services, and your rollover may not exceed $100,000
  • Employer Match
  • Amazon Smile
  • Gift in memory of or in honor of someone
  • Leave a lasting legacy through a bequest by including Naromi Land Trust in your will and estate plans
  • Naming Naromi Land Trust as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust and/or a qualified pension plan or IRA
Contact your financial planner or employer to find out if any of these options will work for you.  We appreciate your support!
High Energy Suet For Winter
We came across an really good vegetarian version of suet through the National Audubon Society  newsletter that we thought was fantastic.  This would be a great activity for you and your children and will make our feathered friends very happy and healthy during the colder months.  This suet is perfect to attract and feed woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmouse and wrens.    

Click HERE to get the recipes and details about the birds that you will see at your suet feeder!  And, check out the other activity below the recipe using oranges to attract and feed Orioles.
Wear Orange in the Woods!
Photo by Paulette Walker Smith
Deer hunting season continues in Connecticut. Hunting is allowed by permit only from September 15 through January 31.  

Please be sure that you are staying on all preserve trails.  There is private property around our preserves so please be considerate of our hunters. 

And, as always, be sure to wear blaze orange to be visible whenever in the woods!