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August 2013
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 Georgia Recycling Coalition Conference

August 18 - 21

King & Prince,  

St. Simon's Island, GA

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NRC Board Meeting 

August 25

Louisville, KY 



Annual ROC Meeting 

August 26 

Louisville, KY 



NRC Annual Members Meeting
August 26
Louisville, KY 

Resource Recycling Conference
Marriott Louisville Downtown
Louisville, KY
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President's MessageMark L   
A challenge to you:
Do what you can to get to Louisville in August! 

Friends in Sustainable Materials Management,


I expect our "just around the corner" gathering in Louisville (as detailed in the articles below), to be one of those noteworty moments in the long and storied history of the NRC, and for that matter, recycling as we now know it.

It's a can't miss event. You need to be there, including at our Sunday board meeting!

Starting that Sunday (8/25), and going through the Resource Recycling Conference (8/27-8/28), there are going to be critically important discussions - and actions taken - intended to move the ball on recycling and sustainable materials management.

My personal theme for that August week in Louisville: We shouldn't be comfortable with the status quo - we need to embrace impatience.

Throughout the week, we'll be addressing next-gen issues related to electronic discards, diving into the implications of China's Green Fence policy (and the thorny issues surrounding the current quality of recyclable materials), focusing on product stewardship, and debating Extended Producer Responsibility. We're going to talk about my discussions with the US EPA's leadership and leaders from a number of state agencies about how we can better support them and their efforts to push forward with sustainable materials management (SMM). We're going to highlight our work on recycling jobs, and the value we add to regional economic development.

We'll be focusing on a process we're participating in led by the City of New York, Sims Municipal Recycling, Walmart, and others - one that looks at very serious game-changing strategies intended to overcome current barriers to increasing the recovery of a variety of materials. We're going to develop a structure to better inform sustainable disaster debris management dialogue, and clarify the role we can play to support organizations and projects at the higher-end of the SMM scale, namely reuse and organics composting.

We're going to talk national branding and outreach. We'll look at the recent ad-campaign by KAB and the Ad Council and talk about relating leveraging, and we'll present the NRC's new brand and messaging. Certainly, we'll explore the positive ramifications inherent with the RONA/NRC partnership.

The state - and regional - level recycling organizations, through the Recycling Organizations Council (ROC), will have a very important meeting on Monday (8/26). The ROC has just completed a comprehensive strategic plan and will present its findings. Join in to hear how the ROC plans to help each RO reach its next level of effectiveness. I applaud the ROC and its leaders for its excellent work to raise the bar in this regard.

Join with me and your colleagues at our annual meeting on Monday as I give our "State of the NRC" report, where I'll outline my view of some strategic issues just on the horizon, including the need for more focus on our supply/value-chain (asset management), opportunities for an "Americas" (Western Hemisphere) approach to development of recycling infrastructure, and how essential it is for us all to have a serious and transparent discussion about recycling as it currently lives (building off recent reflections by the Cato Institute, and the work of Samantha MacBride and others, while also recognizing the paradigm shift EPR represents).

And, of course, while its incumbent on the NRC and it leaders to be contemplating and taking action on the important issues facing our industry - including those above - we would be remiss if we avoided realities about the state of the organization and its ability to meet the needs embodied by all the issues above (and more). To that end, we'll have some very pointed discussions about organizational obligations - gaps that need to be filled in order for the NRC to help accelerate the sustainable management of discards and materials.

We can look back more than three to four decades (depending on your view of "modern" recycling's history) and see a series of accomplishments relating to what we in the present consider the broad concept of "recycling." Many of you were instrumental with these successes. Nevertheless, again, my main message is that we can not - must not! - be satisfied with where we are.

Our work has only just begun as it relates to paving the way toward creating a different lens (system) to view discards, materials, packaging, and all the rest. A cliche? Yes. Have you heard this premise before? Yes. So, what do we do differently this time that will lead us to systemic change? Will I see you in Louisville, where your voice is so very important to help answer this?

My very best to all of you!

Mark Lichtenstein
NRC President and CEO
Join us in Louisville, KY!
Important NRC Meetings in conjunction with the Resource Recycling Conference

Sunday, August 25
NRC Board Meeting | Time TBD
Jefferson Community & Technical College Downtown Campus Health Science Building - Community Room (Rm 151)

110 W. Chestnut St., Louisville, KY 40202 

(.6 miles from Marriott Louisville Downtown)
Come join the NRC board and 2013-2014 board candidates as they discuss issues such as Extended Producer Responsibility, Sustainable Materials Management, a new NRC branding campaign, the potential of NRC changing its name, the NRC's plan for staffing, and other important issues. 

Monday, August 26
NRC Annual Members Meeting | 11:00am - 12:00pm
Marriott Louisville Downtown | Filly-Thoroughbred Room

Agenda to include State of the NRC Address by NRC President and CEO, Mark Lichtenstein as well as dialogue with the membership about NRC's priorities (Recycling Jobs, Disaster Debris, Product Stewardship, and Sustainable Materials Management). During the Candidate Forum portion of the Business Meeting each candidate will be recognized.  

ROC Annual Meeting | 12:00pm - 4:00pm 
Marriott Louisville Downtown | Bluegrass 1-11 Room
Come join with other state and regional-level recycling organizations as they engage in intensive discussion about how to better support each other, and as a result, the entire recycling industry.


NRC Board Meeting | 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Marriott Louisville Downtown | Filly-Thoroughbred Room
At this short meeting, the Board will be focusing on organizational development issues. You are encouraged to join the meeting to learn how the NRC is planning for its growth and viability for the years to come.

Tuesday, August 27
NRC Board Meeting | 12:15pm - 1:30pm
Marriott Louisville Downtown | Rose Room
This will be the first meeting of the new Board of Directors. Lunch will be served. 
Call for Nominations: Come Join With Us!  

It is time once again to nominate individuals to serve on the NRC Board of Directors. The Nominations Deadline is 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, August 19, 2013. While the NRC is extremely pleased with the progress it has made since its "rebirth" three years ago, the organization is even more excited about what it can achieve in the coming year. But the NRC needs you to make it all happen. 


Each prospective nominee must be at least 18 years of age, and a member in good standing for at least one year prior to taking office. Membership standing will be verified prior to the election.

Elections will be held during the NRC Annual Members Meeting in Louisville, KY on August 26th, 2013 in conjunction with the Resource Recycling Conference. During the meeting, a candidates forum will be held with the potential for candidates to be nominated from the floor. Although not required, meeting attendance is strongly recommended, to allow candidates the opportunity to participate in the forum and present their ideas to the membership before the time of a vote.


If you have questions about what it means to be a board member, please don't hesitate to contact Mark Lichtenstein, NRC President and CEO at malachite@me.com.

Nomination Form 

Resource Recycling Conference
August 27-28 | Louisville, KY | Marriott Louisville Downtown

The Resource Recycling Conference is your ideal opportunity to network with colleagues, prospective partners, vendors  and industry leaders all in the same location.  Join us in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky on August 27-28 to learn, network and engage with hundreds of your peers from across the country.  Featuring a dynamic agenda packed with key macro-level trends and useful new research, as well as several practical workshops and a bustling exhibit hall, you'll return to the office armed with powerful information and connections to increase your impact in your community.  Check out the full agenda online, including extra trainings happening before and after the conference, and register now for the Resource Recycling Conference! 

Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Time: 1:30-2:45PM EST

Cost: FREE 




This webinar focuses on expanding beyond the basics of leaf and yard waste composting into food residuals, manures, biosolids and other challenging materials.  It will also discuss how a turned windrow system is converted to an aerated static pile system to improve operating efficiencies, reduce off-site impacts from odors and dramatically increase processing capacity. In addition, this webinar provides an excellent opportunity to better understand ASP Composting as an emerging technology to decrease emissions of volatile organic compounds, ammonia and greenhouse gases.



Peter Moon, P.E.
President/Principal Engineer

Price-Moon Enterprises, Inc./O2 Compost Systems 


Technical Complexity - Moderate/High 


This series is a partnership between NRC and the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center (PARMC) in delivering innovative programming to those who are seeking integrated opportunities for materials management.