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These people all made a difference to NECWA in 2011......
now YOU can too!  
Welcome to NECWA



2011 is fast coming to a close and we need your help. We are asking you to make a year-end donation to NECWA to help us continue to protect and conserve New England's coastal marine wildlife.  


Your donation will help us to conduct research on whales, ocean sunfish, basking sharks and other marine wildlife. We use this information in our educational outreach activities and in our conservation efforts. These types of connections are vital making our efforts meaningful and successful. 


Please take a moment to read what we have been up to in 2011 and then make a donation to help us continue our important work. 


Thank you from all of us at NECWA.

Carol "Krill" Carson 
New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance

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Crystal, the humpback whale     
2011 A Successful Year 

This year was a busy one for NECWA and we thank you for your continued interest and support.  


Highlights from this past year include: 

  • Conducted whale research aboard Captain John Whale Watching vessels in conjunction with Brigewater State University (BSU) and the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies. 
  • Identified over 171 humpback whales, including 12 mother and calf pairs. Each identification helps us better understand the lives of these rare and endangered marine mammals.
  • Linnell Landing mola ship strike
  • Responded to over 15 ocean sunfish strandings, including 3 live strandings where the animal was successfully released to deeper water. This work is in collaboration with MA Audubon at Wellfleet Bay and BSU. 
  • With the help of NECWA friends, David Clapp and Sam McGee, created the first portable weighing scale for ocean sunfish.  
  • Established collaborations with 3 different scientists in Europe who study ocean sunfish in other parts of the world. 
  • Worked with 11 high school and college interns teaching them field and lab techniques in the field of marine science. Also worked with them on educational outreach activities. This work was in collaboration with CJB and BSU.
  • blubber glove activity
  • Provided 40 presentations on various topics related to marine wildlife to school children, civic organizations and the general public.
  • Provided an information table that included hands-on activities at 7 community events in the NE area. 
  • Belinda and kids picking up tire
  • Conducted 2 beach cleanup efforts as part of the State's Coastsweep program. Partners included CJB.

All of this was done with the support of an active group of terrific volunteers and with donations from people like you who are as passionate about the oceans and the creatures who live in them as we are.  


Thank you from all of us at NECWA! 


basking shark open mouth Matt Dube 

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Calling All Year End Donations 

We Need Your Help!


As you are making your year-end donations, please consider sending a donation to NECWA. Every donation makes a difference as we work hard to keep our education, research and conservation programs as vital and comprehensive as possible.


NECWA is run completely by volunteers, so all of your donation goes directly to the important work that we do on behalf of coastal marine wildlife.  


Donation Needs:

$10: 2 video tapes for video-taping whales

$75: Necropsy Kit (sample bag, preservative, tubes, knives and labels for samples)

$150: GPS Unit to help with scientific data collection

$200: Binoculars for spotting marine wildlife offshore or stranded

$300: Wet suit, liner, gloves and booties for rescue work for 1 researcher


We are also looking for the donation of a 13 foot Boston Whaler and trailer to help us with our research and rescue work. Please contact Krill Carson directly at 508-566-0009 or if you can help us out. 


To donate, please visit our JustGive site by clicking HERE.


Or, mail your tax deductible donation to: NECWA, 11 Clarence Soule Dr Middleboro, MA 02346

Holiday Shopping to Support NECWA



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Marine Wildlife Adoption

Need a beautiful, educational and personalized gift for kids of all ages? Then check out our Marine Wildlife Adoption program that allows you to adopt 1 of 10 unique coastal marine animals that are seen off our Cape Cod shores. 


To learn more, go to the adoption page on the NECWA website by clicking HERE


Gray seals on Jeremy Point
Harbor and Gray Seals off Great Island
Greater Shearwater
Greater Shearwater
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Surface Feeding Humpback Whale
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Educational Outreach Activities
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Humpback Whale Breaching
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