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Travel Channel
Things To Do in the Area
Looking For My Furever Home
2018 Outlook
Popup For Sale
BMX Bike Jam 2017
Food Truck Weekend Nov 3-5
Guest Code of Conduct
Birthdays and Anniversaries


Cleaning Your Camper Awning
Cleaning the camper canopy isn't always the most fun activity, but in order to ensure the durability and safety of your awning, it's a necessary chore. With basic maintenance, cleaning can be kept to a minimum. This means inspecting your canopy after each use for dirt buildup or stains, and making sure not to store the canopy while the fabric is still wet: this ensures that you won't have any mold or mildew growing! But for deeper cleaning, follow these easy tips!
Basic Cleaning:
-Choose a shaded area that is free of debris and accessible to a water supply.
-Begin cleaning by hosing the canopy down with water to remove any loose dirt and leaves.
-Fill a bucket with water and a small amount of dish soap. Around two tablespoons of soap is usually enough to clean a canopy.
-Using a soft brush, begin scrubbing the canopy with the soapy water until the entire area is covered with soap.
-Rinse the canopy with the hose until there are no visible suds.
-Allow to air dry.
Cleaning Difficult Stains:
-For stubborn stains such as grease, try a commercial cleaner. Canopies come in various materials such as acrylic or canvas and many are treated with fabric protection so make sure the cleaner you purchase and use is made for your canopy type.
-Never use harsh chemicals or bleach to clean your camper canopy since they can affect the fabric's durability and lead to damage.
-Tree sap can be cleaned from a camper by using the ice cube method. Place ice cubes on the area where tree sap is present, then once they adhere to the spot, gently begin chipping them off. Be careful not the ruin the finish on the canopy.
For the original post and more great tips, follow this link! 

Happy Camping! :)

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Travel Channel 
Tune into the Travel Channel on Sunday, August 13th at 2pm to see Normandy Farms featured on RV Top 3: Manatees to Mansions.  
Things To Do In the Area   
Our Concierge has assembled a list of things to do in the area. Click here to check out some of the things to do!
Looking For My Furever Home 
Meet Al Bundy! Who can resist a man with such soulful eyes!  He is a 5-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is on the hunt for his forever home.  He is new to our group but quickly has become a favorite! He does well with all dogs, and is a real sweet boy.  Hurry and get that application in before it's too late!
With your help we've been finding home for these amazing dogs.  Please share this with someone who may be interested in adopting!  #adoptdontshop
Click here to view more beautiful dogs looking for their forever home.
2018 Outlook   
Reservations for next year are filling up fast!  Check out our activity schedule and call today to reserve a spot!
Popup For Sale
2016 Viking 2108ST for sale.  Click here for more details.

BMX Bike Jam 2017   
Tons of fun shredding the Bike Park at our Annual Bike Jam!  We had the biggest turnout yet with some amazing riders!
Food Truck Weekend Nov 3-5   
Our first Food Truck Weekend was such a huge success, that we've  added another!  Join us November 3-5, 2017 for an event you don't want to miss! In addition to some amazing food trucks, we'll have musical entertainment and a bonfire. What more could you ask for?
Guest Code of Conduct    
We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment so we are presenting a Code of Conduct designed to enhance the experience of all our guests.
Guests are responsible for their conduct and are prohibited from the following:
  • Exhibiting behavior that is unruly, disruptive, irresponsible or illegal in nature, which is a distraction to the enjoyment of other guests.
  • Using foul or abusive language or making obscene gestures.
  • Interfering with the enjoyment of others, an event or activity.
  • Engaging in public drunkenness.
  • Verbally or physically harassing any of our guests or Team Members.
  • Engaging in any solicitation.
  • Failing to follow campground guidelines including but not limited to adherence to quiet hours and family friendly attire.
Based upon the discretion of Management, Guests who violate these provisions may be ejected from the campground without a refund and may be issued a letter of disinvite, prohibiting future visits to the campground. We thank you for adhering to our Code of Conduct, we hope this directive will enhance the camping experience for all guests.
If you or a member of your camping party is affected by another guest due to a violation of the Code of Conduct, please contact our Reception Center at 866-673-2767 x1 or Hospitality Station if after hours at x312.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
August Birthdays
Timmy Morgan Jr 8/1, Judy Mitchell 8/4, Bambi White 8/7, Bryan McLean 8/9, Ryan Doyle 8/9, Tom Clifford 8/12, Patrick Malala 8/12, Corrinne Daniels 8/14, Patsy Daniels 8/16, Kayla Thomas 8/16, Janelle Gasson 8/17, Marcy Kelly 8/20, Marcia Galvin 8/24, Jim Pendergast 8/25, Lincoln Thyng 8/26, Faye Shurdut 8/28, Heather Curley 8/29, Paul White 8/29, Janis Pendergast 8/30, Duce 8/30, Sandy Favaloro 8/31.
August Anniversary Celebrations
Bob & Lorraine Frechette 8/2, Faye & Hill Shurdut 8/13, Bob & Sue Latuga 8/17.
We look forward to providing you and your family with the finest services and amenities for a truly memorable camping experience.



The Daniels Family