June 2017

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 photography of Leslie Parker at Casket Arts _304
Photography of Leslie Parker at Casket Arts #304
Art-A-Whirl® run by NEMAA finished up its 22nd year. There are many stories to be told: this year the rain wiped out much of the outside street festivities and drove people to the buildings. Overall, the larger buildings responded with positive comments and more art buying stories, but smaller studios had trouble from many accounts. A few oversights and due diligence on the directory proofing created some controversy. But what is Art-A-Whirl® with out controversy?  Luckily,  Art-A-Whirl®--the biggest event in the Arts District--is only one event.  Most artists don't depend on it the way we did a dozen years ago. The commitment of the artists and the community to be the driving force to embrace and support the arts throughout the Upper Midwest and beyond is deeply embedded in our psyche. We look forward to highlighting its adventures and amazing work being created in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District throughout the year. 

"Art-A-Whirl® is an open studio tour in Northeast Minneapolis showcasing the work of NEMAA members.  Art-A-Whirl® is a federally-registered trademark of NEMAA."


Josh Blanc
The Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Board 

Shelly Mosman - Iconic Photographer
By Josh Blanc

Shelly Mosman Mother Child - Lady with ferret
Mother Child - Lady with ferret

  Shelly Mosman had a thriving wedding photography business for over a decade. She loved what she was doing: traveling to great locations and capturing people in joyful moments. In the height of her business she was photographing 50 weddings a year. She estimates there may have been 8 wedding photographers in the Twin Cities in the '90s and early 2000s; "then digital photography and i-phones became all the rage and it seemed like there were 800 wedding photographers." Her business dropped off significantly and she was down to a handful of weddings annually. The prices for wedding photography plummeted and she had to come up with a new way to survive.

Sister Child Shelly Mosman
Sister child

     She decided to teach herself digital photography. With years of portrait photography experience, Mosman started to expand her knowledge through the study of arrangement, depth of light, and personality of her subjects. She says she has a penchant for style and "playing dress up." Her studio has a closet full of background textures, old-fashioned wallpapers, as well as unique and different types of clothes. 
   "I tend to be very fast with subjects to create spontaneous moments. Especially with children, you have only a short window to work with. I have to be ready for that image that tells a story."  

Animal Child - Brutus and the bird
Animal Child - Brutus and the bird

   Shelly Mosman's work has achieved what few artists can: an iconic status. We don't say that lightly about anyone with a camera in their pocket. She has surged to a level of seeing through the lens that reveals her subjects' feelings, thoughts, and even life story. 
   With her work, you know you are looking at a Mosman image; it is distinctive and powerful. They draw you in and make you study all the details of the person and environment. Her work is evolving fast and she is now taking on film to express her newest ideas. We look forward to seeing her take off as she becomes a national figure in the art photography field.

Northeast P.E.E.P.s
(People, Events, Exhibits, Places)

Creative Sustainability Update
Arts District Work Groups Underway

Eighteen community members have signed up to discuss new strategies and formulate action plans for the Arts District. Last year's public hearing on Creative Sustainability presented by the NE Minneapolis Arts District Board launched four working groups:
  • Establish a Cultural Art Center for art education, production and exhibition.
    Meetings at Art Force. Group leader: Leslie Palmer Ross. 
  • Create Marketing Strategies for the District to attract more affordable housing, businesses and consumers to the area. Group leader: Tom Borrup. 
  • Improve Artistic Quality through education, public recognition, and increased exhibition and performance opportunities.
  • Establish Zoning Laws and Tax Incentives for affordable live/work spaces for artists and flex spaces for larger short term projects. Group leader: Tom Dunnwald. 
It's not too late to join in the discussion to shape the future success of the Arts District! Please contact us for more information.

Vivid Relics

Vivid Relics
Rosalux Gallery presents "Vivid Relics" - a new exhibition featuring the dynamic paintings of Shawn McNulty and folk-inspired works by Michael Sweere.  Each artist creates work that commands the attention of the viewer, and both McNulty and Sweere are featured in the U.S. Bank Stadium art collection.

NE Influential
Please join us for the First Annual Northeast Influential Artist Potluck Picnic! Presented by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Wednesday, June 21st, 4 to 8pm Location TBA Please RSVP here: Northeast Influential is a chance for the artists who work and live in NE Minneapolis to come together with family and friends to mingle and to share our stories. While The District is host to numerous events throughout the year in which the artist is tied to their personal studio, this potluck is an opportunity to come together in celebration of all things NE arts! You are encouraged to bring a dish to share. An aerial group photo will be taken promptly at 5pm
Three Main Goals 
of  Arts District Planning

1. Continue to discuss who we are as a community. 
2. Continue to define the v ision of the next 10 to 15 years, in order to drive the decision making.
3. Start a framework on how we can finance the goals of the district. This goal is only possible to discuss if the other two goals can be met.
Recent studies to consider reading: 
5.   Take the survey for the  CREATIVE MINNESOTA
Issue: 62
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