May 2017

Welcome to In the District: news from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. 
Art-A-Whirl® is almost here. What kind of event will this year bring? We are asking for reports from your vantage point to tell us important news, sighting of notable art and  happenings.  We want to hear your thoughts about what Art-A-Whirl® has become. Please post photos of what you find interesting.  This is our art event so make it memorable.

2017 Dates and Hours:
Friday, May 19th -  5:00-10:00 p.m.
Saturday,  May 20th -  Noon-8:00 p.m.
Sunday, May 21st -   Noon-5:00 p.m.

Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Board 


Three outstanding artists and community activists who have shaped the flavor and strength of our thriving Arts District were honored at the 2nd Bi-Annual Vision Awards April 17 at Chowgirls by Solar Arts. 

Dougie Padilla,      Aldo Moroni, and   James Brenner were lauded for their significant contributions to our creative community.

Presented by the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Board of Directors, the Vision Awards celebration included presentations by Walker Art Center Executive Director Olga Viso, Cameron Keith Gainer, conceptual artist and publisher of " The Third Rail," Minneapolis, and Arts District Board members.

2017 Vision Award Winners
Videos produced by Flyover Films

Aldo Moroni Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Vision Award Winner
Aldo Moroni

Moroni has been a stalwart fixture in NE Arts District for many years. His sculptures are actively collected world-wide, as well as being integrated into many Twin Cities neighborhoods. Moroni says that he finds great value in being a "link in the chain of artists." He enjoys advising younger artists and gets a big kick out of belonging to the neighborhood.

James Brenner Northeast Minneapolis Arts District (NEMADD) Vision award winner.
James Brenner

Brenner's work includes large-scale, interactive steel sculptures, collaborative, public art projects, and synergistic iron casting events around the United States. A major contributor to the public art experience in Northeast, his work in Jackson Square Park is one of many examples where his cast iron and glass sculptures bring artwork into everyday lives.

Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Vision award winner Doug Padilla
Northeast Minneapolis Arts District Vision award winner Doug Padilla

Dougie Padilla
Padilla, along with Moroni, is a contributing founder of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. It was his dogged commitment to create a supportive community for artists that was instrumental in guiding the Minneapolis City Council to define the Arts District's boundaries. Exhibited worldwide, Padilla credits a lifetime of extraordinary experiences that inform his work, which ranges from painting to sculptures to music. Padilla describes the District as "entering middle age, having grown from the gangly youngster it was when started."

Contributed by: Heather Tinkham and Betsy Gabler

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Art-A-Whirl® 2017
NEMAA Directory 2017
NEMAA Directory 2017

Pick up your 2017 directories at the NEMAA office in the California Building. 
 Office hours are Monday - Wednesday and Friday 9:30 - 3:30pm

The Draft House
Crouser has taught at The International Center of Photography in New York, The Minneapolis Photo Center and The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. When not on the road he lives in his hometown of Minneapolis, MN.  Visit .
From the ongoing series _Mountain Ranch_ _Michael Crouser 2016
From the ongoing series Mountain Ranch Michael Crouser 2016

Three Main Goals 
of  Arts District Planning

1. Continue to discuss who we are as a community. 
2. Continue to define the v ision of the next 10 to 15 years, in order to drive the decision making.
3. Start a framework on how we can finance the goals of the district. This goal is only possible to discuss if the other two goals can be met.
Recent studies to consider reading: 
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