Potato Bytes 07.26.2022
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Jeff Miller Repeats as NPPGA Golf Open Champion

Jeff Miller from Grafton (photo) has won the NPPGA Golf Open for the second straight year. He shot a one-under par 71.

The 44th annual tournament was held last Thursday at the Fair Oaks Golf Course in Grafton, it attracted 69 entries.

NPPGA would like to thank all of our sponsors, with a special shout-out to our major sponsor BASF. Also the Potato Associates for their very popular hospitality tent and Jeff Lazur and his crew for manning it. We need to also recognize Todd Phelps and Jacey Kuersteiner from NPPGA for running the tournament and the staff at Fair Oaks for a job well done.

All profits will help fund our college scholarship program.
The Potato Associates hospitality tent was a popular stop for golfers.
ND State Seed Commissioner Ken Bertsch shows off a sweet swing on the #1 tee box.
Potato Crop Progress Catching Up Rapidly as Growers Report Potential for a Nice Crop

The grower mood was very good at last week's golf tourney in Grafton with growers talking about the potential for a very good crop.

Below is the USDA Potato Progress & Condition Report for the week ending 7-24-2022 that shows the crop's progress nearing season norms.

NORTH DAKOTA - Potato condition rated 0% very poor, 6% poor, 34% fair, 50% good, and 10% excellent. Potatoes blooming was 88%, near 87% last year and 89% average. Rows closed was 35%, behind 47% last year, and well behind 58% average.

MINNESOTA - Potato condition rated 0% very poor, 0% poor, 4% fair, 69% good, and 27% excellent. A progress report for Minnesota potatoes was not published.

USDA Crop Progress & Condition Report for all crops: ND - MN
Oakes Irrigation Site Field Day Set for August 4th

Remote irrigation management utilizing drip tape, white mold in soybeans, bio-stimulants to supply corn nitrogen and new potato varieties are some of the main topics that will be covered during this year’s field day at the North Dakota State University (NDSU) Oakes Irrigation Research Site - Robert Titus Research Farm on Thursday, Aug. 4.

The approximately 40-acre site, which is 4.5 miles south of Oakes on North Dakota Highway 1, is a substation of the NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC).

The field day will begin with refreshments at 8:30 a.m. The tour will run from 9 a.m. to noon, with lunch following.

Topics that will be covered and the presenters are:
  • Overview of the Oakes site’s projects – Kelly Cooper, agronomist at the Oakes Irrigation Research Site
  • New potato varieties - Susie Thompson, NDSU potato breeder
  • Automated irrigation using drip tape – Uday Vaddevolu, graduate research assistant, Oakes Irrigation Research Site
  • Bio-stimulants for nitrogen in corn – Szilvia Yuja, CREC soils research specialist
  • Drought-tolerant corn varieties and soil moisture sensors - Dean Steele, associate professor, NDSU Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, and Mike Ostlie, CREC director and agronomist
  • White mold studies in soybeans - Michael Wunsch, CREC plant pathologist
  • Outdoor roundtable discussion

Tour participants also will have the opportunity to review the site’s irrigated corn hybrid and soybean performance tests.

For more information, visit https://www.ndsu.edu/agriculture/ag-hub/events/oakes-irrigation-research-site-field-day, or contact the NDSU Oakes Irrigation Research Site at 701-742-2744.

NPPGA's Potato Field Day is scheduled for August 25th at Larimore, Forest River Colony and Hoople.
IFPA Joins Call to Demand Senate Action on Farm Labor Shortage

IFPA CEO Cathy Burns (photo) joined the call to demand Senate action on farm labor shortage. The Press Conference included national and state agricultural leaders and legislators highlighting the impact that Congress’s failure to pass agricultural immigration reform has on rising food prices. Also announced at the press event was the recent release of a report by Texas A&M commissioned by the American Business Immigration Coalition, titled “The Link Between Consumer Prices, Labor Costs, and Immigration in the U.S.” A copy of the analysis by Texas A&M can be found here.

Burns stated, “Without immigration reform, we know that American consumers will continue to experience higher prices and fewer options at the grocery store, threatening food security and availability. Any threat to the availability of fresh produce undermines the health benefits of fruits and vegetables in combating the chronic diseases that cost our economy billions.”
Aphid Numbers are Up but Still Lag

Aphid vector captures are up this week over last week, but still behind last year's numbers. This may be due to the wetter spring, which probably gave a boost to the fungal pathogens that often control aphid populations early in the year. Last year, the dry conditions likely precluded the establishment of these natural controls in many areas. 
The increasing flights may indicate that the late July movement of aphids that we encounter in this region is underway. The regional distribution of Soybean aphid is slightly increasing. Cotton/Melon and Buckthorn aphids are both well-distributed across the region, Potato aphids were recovered at 6 locations as were Buckthorn aphids.   

Overall, our numbers are below where they were this time last year, but higher than 2020 or 2019.  It appears that our aphid numbers are following the standard pattern for our region, with populations starting to grow in mid-late July and peaking through August (see graph below). If this is the case, we'll see increasing aphid populations over the next few weeks.

Check out all the data at:

Dr. Ian MacRae - Professor & Extension Entomologist UM-Crookston
Potato Bytes Landmark Trivia
Last Week's Famous Landmark

Last week's Trivia landmark was the Louvre Museum (and glass Pyramid) in Paris. It is the world's most-visited museum and a historic landmark, established in 1793. It is the home of some of the best-known works of art, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. 

It was answered correctly by Brett Miller, Vicky Boyd, James Staricka, Dorothy Viker, Duane Maatz, Geoff Price, John Lundeen, Karen Radke and Darcy Blazek.

Name this Famous Landmark

Send your answer in by clicking on the red tab below.

All those answering correctly will be recognized in the next Potato Bytes.

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