NORTHSIDE NOTES: July 13, 2016 
Pastoral Reflections 
Rev. James Lamkin

"It Happens"
     A few weeks ago, Liz and I were at church with her Aunt Dot near Mars Hill, NC. Aunt Dot is a matriarch at Bright Hope Laurel United Methodist Church. It serenely nestles amid the ancient mountains of Wolf Laurel; and the old school house (now a community music venue) is the lifelong neighbor next door.
     We were there to hear Kate Campbell sing that night; but that morning we went to worship.
     The congregation is generally a snowbird bunch. These are migratory Methodists. They travel up from Florida in the summer and return home to nest after the leaves change. That morning, we sat among this good gathering of retirees...seasoned with a few visiting grandchildren here and there.
     After the first hymn, the congregation sat down. A moment of silence was next, so as to prepare our hearts for the pastor's prayer. But that is when, "It happened."
     In the quietness, a car alarm blared out in the parking lot just a few feet away. Beeeeeep! Beeeep! Beeep! Even we who are hard of hearing could hear that! At first, folk chuckled; then they laughed out loud. The woman next to me whispered, "Someone sat on their car keys."
     But that wasn't the funniest thing. The funniest thing was when the pastor said, "Please check and see if that is your car." And they did. That's when two more car alarms went off! This was followed by even a larger wave of laughter.
     Finally, silence, then some sighs, and then we grinned our way into the grace of prayer. Yes, "It happened."
     But here's the thing: I noticed, during the chaos, that everybody was smiling, some seemed to shake off the weight they were carrying, others spoke to friends with a forgiving grace and grateful humor. What I'm saying is: you can't convince me that God wasn't behind the whole thing...playfully, wonderfully, intervening in our well prepared liturgy with gentle joy.
     My only regret? We didn't check the car key buttons for fingerprints.
A Thank You Note from Len... 

Dear Northside Drive Baptist Church,
     It was a real joy to be back with you during the recent interim time. It was great reconnecting with so many of you, both choir members and congregation. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with James and Mike as we planned worship together. I enjoyed watching Anna Kate grow into her role as a beginning minister to children. My great joy was working with such a fine choir once again. I had forgotten just how good they are. Collaborating with Jeff each week to make good music together for worship proved to be truly serendipity.
     The love and support you gave both Marty and me as we returned was overwhelming. I knew coming in that my role was to serve as a bridge to the new person being called as your Director of Music Ministries. As my time drew closer to an end upon finding the person to direct the Music Ministry, I was saddened that we would be ending our time together. At the same time I am excited about the church's selection of the person to lead the music ministry forward to new heights.  
     My thoughts and prayers will always be with you as you move forward and carve out new directions in music. Thank you for letting me share the past eleven months as your interim. Thank you too, for the very nice gift you gave me on my last Sunday. May God bless you all. Don't be surprised to see us in the service from time to time.
     Soli Deo Gloria!

     Len Willingham
Missions Corner
School Supplies
     It's almost "Back to School" time and NDBC is collecting supplies for the children served through Agape (Bolton Road area), Edgewood Church (Memorial Drive) and Taliaferro County. Check the ads for great sale prices and help us collect notebook paper (wide ruled), pencils, pens, colored pencils, erasers, crayons, etc. so that children have the materials needed to begin a new school year. Collection baskets will be at the entrances to the Chapel.
From the Touching Taliaferro with Love Mission Team
     THANK YOU to the Meeks and Konenkamps for sharing your Lake Oconee homes with the Taliaferro County mission team. Your generosity provided tired workers with serene settings where we could revive our spirits and bodies in preparation for another day with 40 very active children. We sincerely appreciate your valuable contribution to the success of the 2016 Touching Taliaferro with Love mission trip.  
Missions Lunch-n-Learn
Sunday, July 24
Fellowship Hall from 12:15-1 PM
     On Sunday, July 24, Rev. Corita Blanco, pastor of Shalom Baptist Church in Boca de Mariel, Cuba will worship with us. She is also in charge of Christian Education for the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba, with which the Alliance is connected. She will bring a greeting at the end of the service and then join us for a light lunch in the Fellowship Hall. All are invited to participate in this conversation to learn more about fellow Baptists in Cuba. Please make reservations by contacting Barbara Atchley at 770-436-0709 or .
Summer Lecture Series
Family, Gender, and Sexuality in the Bible
Sundays, June 5-August 28 @ 9:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall
July 17 - Dr. Nancy L. deClaisse-Walford
A Feminist Reading of Psalms 90-92

July 24 - Rabbi Judith R. Beiner
Dreamgirls of the Bible: Women Who "Worked It"
A Look at Tamar and Ruth

July 31 - Rabbi Judith R. Beiner
Dreamgirls of the Bible: Women Who "Worked It"
A Look at Miriam and Esther

August 7 - Dr. Tina Pippin
Heavenly Women

August 14 - Dr. Steven M. Sheeley
Watching What We Say and Sing:
Committing to Inclusive Language

August 21 - Dr. Tina Pippin
Family Values in the Bible

August 28 - Dr. Steven M. Sheeley
Are We Really Reading Scripture?

Summer Sermon Series
Not-for-Profits Prophets
Sundays, May 29-September 4 @ 11 AM in the Chapel
July 17 - Jonah 1  
Jonah: The Rest of the Story
July 24 - Micah 6 
Micah: Let Justice Roll Down
July 31 - Zephaniah 1 
Zephaniah: The Man with the Lamp
August 7 - Isaiah 6 
Isaiah: Finally Comes the Poet
August 14 - Habakkuk 1 
Habakkuk: Daring to Ask Why?
August 21 - Ezekiel 37 
Ezekiel: Between Times
August 28 - Joel 2 
Joel: A Theology of Entomology
September 4 - Jeremiah 18
Jeremiah: The Potter's house
Northside Kids' Event
Family Lunch & Water Play
Saturday, August 13
at the Gilbert's from 11 AM-2 PM
     What better way to escape the summer heat than with a Water Play Day! The Gilbert's have opened their home to us again to have a fun day playing in sprinklers, having water balloon fights, sliding down the slip n' slide, and so much more! We hope you and your family will join us on August 13 from 11 AM to 2 PM. Lunch will be provided and fun is promised.
Church Week
SUNDAY, July 17
  9:30 AM - Children's Church School: Music & Missions
  9:30 AM - Adult Summer Lecture Series
11:00 AM - Morning Worship
12:15 PM - Northside Kids' Family Lunch
TUESDAY, July 19
10:00 AM - Staff Meeting 
12:00 PM - ROMEOS
  7:00 PM - Prayer Shawl Ministry

Volume 8 - Issue 28

July 17, 2016
Jonah 1:1-17
Colossians 1:15-20
Luke 10:38-42

Summer in the Chapel
NOW thru September 4
Pastoral Reflections
A Departing Note from Len
Missions Corner
Missions Lunch-n-Learn
Lecture Series
Sermon Series
Northside Kids'
Church Week
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August 27, 2016
11 AM
Northside Drive Baptist Church Sanctuary
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Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 12 PM-1 PM
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Piccadilly Cafeteria  

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Prayer Shawl Ministry
Led by Susan Harlan
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@ 7 PM in the Parlor
June 2-Sept 1 the Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet in members homes. For more information call Susan Harlan at 770-377-3869.

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