June 22, 2017
Summer in the Chapel
Rev. Daniel Headrick
Associate Pastor
Northside Drive Baptist Church
     June 25 th will be Daniel's first Sunday with us in worship. He and his wife, Jenney, will close on their new house off Atlanta Road in Smyrna on June 22 nd.  Their furniture in on a moving van; and the promised delivery date is sometime next week.  When the furniture arrives, all of the family, including their kids, Mary Frances and Joseph, will move in.  We will keep you posted as to some possible "Welcome Home" celebrations. 
     Daniel traveled to Taliaferro County, GA, one day this week.  He was eager to get a taste how we "do church."  He even had an acting part in our "Joseph in Egypt" play. 
     We give thanks to God on this good day.
2017 Summer
Sermon Series
Sibling Rivalry, Stressed
Parents, and Anxious
Families in the Bible*
in the Chapel 
June 25
James Lamkin, Preacher
Being Blessed is a Mixed Bag
(Genesis 12: Abraham and
the burden of being a blessing.)

July 2
James Lamkin, Preacher
The Tale of Two Sisters
(Mary and Martha)
July 9
Jeffrey Dunkerley, Preacher
A Certain Mother Had Two Sons
(Genesis 25-27, Esau and Jacob)

July 16
James Lamkin, Preacher
Wherever You Go, There You Are
Genesis 28 (Jacob's Ladder)
July 23
James Lamkin, Preacher
There Are Many Kinds of "Biblical Families"
(Ruth and Naomi)
July 30
Hymn Sing-A Worship Service of Song
Keith Walker, Director of Music Ministries
August 6
Jeffrey Dunkerley, Preacher
The Spiritual Gift of the Limp
(Jacob wrestles God...and loses.)    
August 13
James Lamkin, Preacher
You're My Favorite
(Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers.)
August 20  
James Lamkin, Preacher
God's Grace is Greater than Siblings are Mean
(Joseph forgives his brothers.)
August 27
James Lamkin, Preacher
Deacon Ordination 
When Pharaohs Forget...the Anxiety of Production
(The times of Moses.)
September 3
James Lamkin, Preacher
Collect Call
(Moses and the vocation of liberation)   
*I will be consulting with Daniel Headrick about preaching occasionally.  Also, some of the sermon titles and topics may shift over the summer.

Reflections on Last Sunday's
Church School

Impressions and take away from our art teacher, Jordan Clark:
  • The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, completed in 691, is the center of the earth for Islam. Muhammed was escorted by Gabriel from this rock to heaven where he met with Allah.
  • Early Islamic architecture is an engineering marvel that was not made in western architecture until more than 400/500 years later.
  • Calligraphy in its highest form is used to decorate both religious and secular objects and architecture.
  • Since human and animal imagery is forbidden in sacred art, the use of abstract, floral and geometric images is prevalent, with much use of tiles and ceramic art.
  • The image of thousands of the white clad, kneeling in prayer around the Ka'ba in Mecca gives new meaning to the idea of the faithful in community prayer.
Next Sunday, Dr. Jim Mahaffey with a surprise presentation - see you them.
~Ruth Kramedjian 
Summer Lecture Series 
Now till August 27, 2017 at 9:30 AM 
Fellowship Hall   

June 25: A Physicist Presents...
With a Surprise Lecture
Dr. Jim Mahaffey
July 2: No Church School
July 9: Study of Islam
A personal Look at Islam
Imam Plemon El-Amin
July 16: Study of Islam
A personal Look at Islam
Imam Plemon El-Amin
July 23: Study of Islam
A Personal Look at Islam
Imam Plemon El-Amin
July 30: A Physicist Presents...
With a Surprise Lecture
Dr. Jim Mahaffey
August 6: Jesus and the Subversive Gospel:
Matthew 5 - Subverting Moses
Dr. Steve Sheeley
August 13: Jesus and the Subversive Gospel:
Matthew 6 - Subverting the Priests
Dr. Steve Sheeley
August 20: Jesus and the Subversive Gospel:
Matthew 7 - Subverting the Pharisees
Dr. Steve Sheeley
August 27: A Physicist Presents...
With a Surprise Lecture
Dr. Jim Mahaffey
September 3: No Church School

Young Adult Pub Theology
     We had an incredible time last Thursday night Pub Theology. On our first attempt, we had 15 people total! It was great to see familiar faces, as well as new ones there to discuss theology. We explored how we approach theology as a whole. Do we approach it as a playground where we are able to explore, or do we approach theology as a fixed set of ideas in which we are not willing to budge? I enjoyed hearing the different perspectives people offered in their theological journey. Even though I go to school for theology, I am always surprised and pleased to hear how others approach their faith and theology. Please continue to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. Our next Pub Theology will be Thursday July 20, from 7-9 at Five Seasons Westside.
     ~Jeffrey Dunkerley, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Summer Experience So Far:
     It's hard to believe, but my summer internship has reached the midway point. I feel like I just started yesterday. Time has gone by so fast, but it has been a great experience so far. The first meeting I had with the "Growing Young Team" was a couple of weeks ago. Garrett Ray, Caitlyn Cook Furr, Brian Knight, Kay Braswell, JB Gilbert, Anna Kate Wilson, and Jayde Rasband have all agreed to work with me this summer as I learn and grow in my ministerial journey. Our first meeting consisted of setting the foundation. We discussed trends seen in young adults, as well as trends that often get misconstrued in some fashion. Through this, we started defining what "young adult" means at Northside Drive. From here on out, even after the summer, we are looking to focus on three areas found in young adult ministry: empathizing with young people, prioritizing young people in all aspects of the church, and fueling a warm community. We could spend several weeks talking about those ideas alone, but I encourage you all to have conversations about what that looks like for you. I'd be more than happy to meet with you to hear ideas, as this is a process that involves the entire church. Thank you for your continual support and I look forward to continuing ministry with you.
      ~Jeffrey Dunkerley, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Concert Saturday, June 24

     The Festival Singers of Atlanta, an a cappella chamber choir, will present a summer concert Ease on Down the Yellow Brick Road on Saturday, June 24, at 7:30 p.m. in Wade Hall at St. Mark United Methodist Church, 781 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA 30308. The program features music from The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, and Wicked. Desserts and soft drinks will be served. Tickets are $20 per person and available through our website and at the door. Proceeds will help fund future concerts and commissions of new choral works.

For more information, visit our website www.festivalsingersofatlanta.org.
~ Dr. Keith H. Walker, Director of Music Ministries 
The CBF is Coming!
The CBF is Coming!
     The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) is one of our Baptist families to which NDBC connects and financially supports. This year, their annual meeting is here in Atlanta, June 28-30.
     You will see from the advertisement, there are many venues and learning opportunities. Plus, the annual Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty Luncheon will take place of Friday, June 30.
     Among all the workshops, one will be: Welcoming the Refugee: How Churches Practice Hospitality in 2017. One of our NDBC members will help lead it: Caitlyn Cook Furr! She is a Masters of Divinity/Masters of Public Health Candidate at Emory University; and she is a CBF Vestal Scholar. She will discuss how churches can walk alongside refugees in the resettlement process in the United States, and how such mission work impacts individual and congregational health.
Register for free at www.cbf.net/assembly.
Y'all come!
Prayer Shawl Ministry shawl
Summer Schedule
Our Summer Schedule is as follows:

June 29th - We will meet at 4pm at Whole Nine Yarns,  

826 Main St. Woodstock, for shopping and then dinner in downtown Woodstock.


July 20th - We will meet at 12pm at Eat, Pray, Knit,         

6400 Highland Pkwy, St.1, Smyrna for shopping and then lunch in Smyrna.


August 17th - We will meet at 4pm at Cast-On Cottage,      

860 Marietta Hwy, Roswell for shopping and dinner in Roswell.


 Then we should be back to our regular schedule in September.
      ~ Susan Harlan
Day 1 Ministries
Invites You to Attend...
"An Evening of Laughter and Grace with Susan Sparks"
August 25, 2017
7:30 PM 
Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
         Day 1 is long-time radio ministry of preaching, preachers, and sermons.  It was formerly called The Protestant Hour; and now it has a significant internet and podcast presence. 
         Northside Drive Baptist Church has several connections to this ministry.  James Lamkin has preached and been interviewed by Day 1 host, Peter Wallace.  Also, our own Walter Grant has served as Treasurer on the Day 1 Board of Directors.  Tony Callaway, a former NDBC Youth Director, was in charge of development.  Plus, Melissa Bryson and Don Janney currently serve on their board.
         The speaker for this fund (and "fun") raising event is Rev. Susan Sparks.  Rev. Sparks, the only female comedian in the country with a pulpit, is senior pastor of the historic Madison Avenue Baptist Church in New York City and the first woman in its 160 year history. Susan's work has been featured in the New York Times, in O (The Oprah) Magazine, ABC, CNN and in numerous comedy clubs, including Caroline's, New York City's premier comedy club.
         Susan is the recent recipient of an award from Intersections International for her interfaith work to promote justice, reconciliation and peace among diverse communities.  Prior to attending seminary, Rev. Sparks was a trial attorney with Smith, Currie and Hancock.
Her book, Laugh Your Way to Grace: Reclaiming the Spiritual Power of Humor, was released in May 2010.
         A reception will follow in the fellowship hall where Rev. Susan Sparks will be available for questions and book signing. To learn more about Rev. Susan Sparks and her work visit http://susansparks.com .  All proceeds go to support Day1 Ministries.
Also, there is an link explaining more about the event: An Evening of Laughter and Grace with Susan Sparks
Read All about It!
Pinnacle Publication Schedule,
Summer 2017
     A brand new electronic/digital version of the
Pinnacle will continue to come out every week.
Watch for it in your email Inbox (and make sure it doesn't go to your Junk or Bulk mail).  Usually it is emailed on Thursday morning.
     The hardcopy version of the Pinnacle will come out every other week (with the exception of the July 4th holiday) and will be available at the doors of the Chapel each Sunday.  In addition, we postal mail this hardcopy of the Pinnacle to our "homebound" members and those with limited mobility.  If anyone wishes to receive a hardcopy, let the church office know, and we will put you on the postal mailing list.  The Pinnacle will be printed on: June 8, June 22, July 13, July 27, August 10 and August 24. 
     Read all about it!  And be a part of our learning, serving, worshiping community...all summer long.
Flowers in the Chapel
this Summer 
     Would you like to donate flowers for the Sunday services in the  Chapel this summer? The price is $100, or you can share the cost with someone. If you are interested, please call Nancy F. Davis at 404 252 9154.
     ~Virginia Gilbert, Flower Ministry Team Chair
Missions Corner pencils.jpg
School Supplies
     School may be out for the summer, but it's time to prepare for "Back to School" projects this summer.  NDBC is collecting supplies for the children served through Agape (Bolton Road area), Edgewood Church (Memorial Drive) and Taliaferro County. Check the ads for great sale prices and help us collect notebook paper (wide ruled), pencils, pens, colored pencils (12 count), erasers, crayons, etc. so that children have the materials needed to begin a new school year. Collection baskets will be at the entrances to the Chapel.
     ~Barbara Atchley, Missions Ministry Team  
4th of July Holiday
JULY 3 - 4, 2017
Church Week 
SUNDAY, June 25  
    9:30 AM - Summer Lecture Series in the Fellowship Hall 
11:00 AM - Morning Worship in the Chapel
TUESDAY, June 27
 10:00 AM - Staff Picnic
THURSDAY, June 29 
  4:00 PM - Prayer Shawl meeting off-site
Volume 9 - Issue 25
June 25, 2017 
  Genesis 12:1-4
Hebrews 11:8-10
Matthew 10:37-39  
Morning Worship in the Chapel
Welcome Rev. Daniel Headrick
Summer Sermon Series
Reflection on Last Sunday's Church School
Summer Lecture Series
Young Adults
Jeffrey Dunkerley
Festival Singers Concert
The CBF is Coming!
Summer Schedule Prayer Shawl Ministry
Day 1 Ministries
Publication Schedule
Missions Corner
Holiday Schedule
This Week's
 (TLP List) 
The TLP is a Diaconate ministry. Each week's list contains the rotating names of three or four NDBC senior adults.
Gerry Humphries
Wilton Looney
Helen White
Louise Davis 
If you would like
your name placed
on our rotating TLP list, please give the
church office a call.
  Steve Konenkamp - 1
Jolene Thomas - 1
Caitlyn Cook Furr - 2
Barney Moore, Jr. - 3
Nancy Davis - 4
Jackie Poole - 5
James Gilbert - 6
Myrtie Cope - 8
Maria Schroeder - 8
Larry Prince, Jr. - 10
Graham Mudd - 10
Sandy Smith - 13
Rose Hidlay - 15
Micah Nelson - 16
Gene Hill - 18
Joleen Neel - 18
David Fletcher - 21
Barbi Avery - 22
Dorsett Davis - 24
Melissa Boekhaus - 25
Joann Warmack - 26
Lisa Bridges - 26
Steven McAllister - 26
Henry Hurst - 27
Jim Nicol - 27
Lois Pickering - 30  
Retired Older Men
Eating Out 
    Every 3rd Tuesday of the month our "Retired Older Men" eat lunch together at Piccadilly Cafeteria from 12 PM-1 PM. It's a time to visit with friends, tell stories and eat good food (bring your lunch money)!

Piccadilly Cafeteria
1715 Howell Mill Rd.

No Bible Study during Summer Break 
June - July 2017

Wednesday @ 10:30 AM
Conference Room

     We meet weekly from 10:30-11:30 AM, in the church's Conference Room. We study the texts selected in the Revised Common Lectionary for the next Sunday. Large print editions are available each week and for the upcoming Sunday. Discussion is deep and wide and lively. All are invited.
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