The Pinnacle:
January 26, 2017
Pastoral Reflections 
"An Inaugural Congregation"
By James Lamkin

     Since it's been on our minds lately, I thought I'd dig around into the etymology of inauguration. Here is some of the research: The word comes from a French term from the 1560's meaning, "to install or consecrate under good omens." A similar word in Latin means "take omens from the flight of birds."
      An augur was an official in ancient Rome who looked at nature and then made a prediction for good or ill. (Like, "Rain means God's blessing.") Augur comes from a word meaning increase or maybe avis (as in bird...noticed for their singing, flight, and available entrails for divination).
      This bird thing has some echoes in the Hebrew/Christian story. 'Twas a dove Noah kept launching from the Ark to see when they could abandon ship.   When Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the Temple, they sacrificed two turtledoves, because they were poor people. When Jesus came out of the Jordan River from his baptizing, what happened? The Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove!
      Plus, there's a legend that early Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit, a Wild Goose ( Ah Geadh-Glas ). They took their cues from John 3 about the Spirit blowing and going where it chooses, and from Acts 1 where the Spirit blows in with fiery and frightening power that cannot be tracked or tamed. In fact, we all ought to go to the annual Wild Goose Festival. It will be July 13-16, 2017, Hot Springs, NC. It is, "an art, music, and story-driven transformational experience grounded in faith-inspired social justice." Look it up.
      Since consecrate is part of the etymology of inaugurate, Baptists jealously claim consecrate for the church vocabulary. This is what we are up to on Sundays...and Mondays, for that matter. To consecrate, is to declare something as sacred. God made the world; it's sacred. Each of us has a limited lifetime; that's sacred. Community embodies one of the ways God is at work, and at play; this is sacred.
      My hope is, as NDBC gathers weekly for worship and study, we watch for God. We don't give in to our fickleness; but, we watch for God's faithfulness.
      As an inaugural, consecrating congregation, we don't have to swear on Bibles, make big promises, give speeches, sing songs, or sacrifice birds. But we do have to watch humbly for God...among us, between us, above us, beyond us, around us, and with us.  Amen. 
Please join us this evening! 
 6:45 PM 
Thursday, January 26, 2017 
     The first Church-in-conference meeting of 2017 will occur on Thursday, January 26, 2017, beginning at 6:45 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  The agenda for this meeting will include Finance committee's presentation concerning any adjustments to the Church's Operating Budget for 2017 that was approved by the Church-in-conference in October.  Please come for this presentation and other important matters affecting our church community. 
New Year's Lunch Celebration 
for 20.30 Group 

     The 20.30 group enjoyed a delicious meal at Taco Mac this past Sunday after worship. We shared laughter, stories, and great food. Our first At the Table was a great way to invest in each other's lives as we continue to build relationships. As we gathered with one another, we also gathered with half of Atlanta, it seemed like, to cheer on the Falcons while with friends.
Our Annual Souper Bowl Sunday
Sunday, January 29, 2017 
Souper Bowl
     Volunteers are needed to either prepare a pot of soup or chili, or to bake cookies or brownies! If you are not fond of cooking we can always use help with set-up or clean-up. Whatever your talents are, join us that day for fellowship and fun. The donations we collect that day help support the Hunger Fund. To volunteer contact Mona Stines at or 404-936-8812.
Young Adults
At the Table: February 5 & 19, 2017

In the Balcony of the Narthex after Worship
     Don't want to get up before 9 AM? Join this class of young singles and couples in their 20s and 30s at the big table in the balcony of the Narthex after the worship service in an informal setting for snacks and coffee. We will gather around the table Sunday, February 5, to briefly examine the lectionary texts, deconstruct the sermon of the day, and fellowship together. Teachers:   Jeffrey Dunkerley

Youth Group Series
ENCORE, February 12, 2017
     Don't want to get up before 9 AM? Join this class of young singles and couples in their 20s and 30s at the big table in the balcony of the Narthex after the worship service in an informal setting for snacks and coffee. We will gather around the table Sunday, February 5, to briefly examine the lectionary texts, deconstruct the sermon of the day, and fellowship together. Teachers:   Jeffrey Dunkerley
Alliance of Baptists Sunday 
February 12, 2017, 11:00 AM
       NDBC is a founding church in the Alliance of Baptists.  30 years ago, Tom Conley, Jim Strickland, Buddy Shurden and others met in our sanctuary.  Out of their discussion and passion, the Alliance of Baptists was born.
     James Lamkin will be preaching on February 12; however, Jim Strickland will speak a good and grateful word on behalf of the Alliance.  Betty Conley, also, has been invited to the service that day.
     Jim Strickland and Rachel Lackey, a husband/wife team, have been the managers of Sabbath House in Bryson City, NC, since its inception, construction, and five years of operation. They are well aware of the demands of contemporary culture on everyone and the unique demands our culture makes of clergy, laity leadership, and caregivers.  They possess a combined total of 60 years of parish ministry experience. Both are ordained Christian clergy and have been trained in pastoral care.  Jim holds a Doctorate of Ministry Degree in pastoral care and counseling from Columbia Theological Seminary, and Rachel holds a Masters Degree in Religious Education and has worked in Clinical Pastoral Education.  
Triple E 
You are cordially invited to the annual
Valentine Luncheon
Honoring NDBC retired members
Tuesday, February 14, 2017,
12 o'clock noon, in the Fellowship Hall 
Special Performance by Kurt Thomas
   We are so lucky to enjoy his music from time to time in Worship. Now we have the opportunity to get to know Kurt even better as he shares with us some of his favorite music as well as stories of his life and songs.

RSVP by February 9 
to Barbara Atchley
770-436-0709 or
Oglethorpe University Singers
will be our Guest Choir 
Sunday, February 26, 2017
     The Oglethorpe University Singers under the direction of Dr. W. Irwin Ray will be our featured guest choir during worship on Sunday, February 26. The ensemble provides for the study and performance of significant choral literature with the liberal arts context of the University and is open to students of all disciplines. The auditioned concert choir, which is in frequent demand for performance in the community, rehearses three hours each week for one hour of academic credit. Repertoire includes scared and secular literature, both accompanied and unaccompanied, ranging from the fifteenth century to the present. Mark your calendar so that you do not miss the opportunity to share the worship experience with these talented musicians.
Thursday Evening Lenten Services

"Rogues Around the Cross"

Beginning March 9 - April 6
6:45 PM in the Chapel
Amanda Tyler 
Executive Director of
the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
Preaching: March 12, 2017, at NDBC   

     Amanda is brand new at the BJC, having recently followed Brent Walker as the Executive Director. She leads the organization as it upholds the historic Baptist principle of religious liberty, defending the free exercise of religion and protecting against its establishment by government. A native of Austin, Texas, Tyler grew up hearing about the cherished Baptist principles of religious liberty and the separation of church and state as a member of Highland Park Baptist Church. Because she was committed to these principles, Tyler sought out the Baptist Joint Committee when she moved to Washington to attend Georgetown University, and she began volunteering in the office as a student.   She will be lecturing at McAfee School of Theology the following week.  We welcome her on this day.
31st Annual Women's Retreat  
 April 21-23, 2017
Blue Boar Retreat
Robbinsville, North Carolina    
Reservation deadline is Sunday, February 12, 2017
Make your reservation with a $100.00 deposit
(made out to Joyce Wilson)
& give it to Joyce Wilson or Virginia Gilbert
For more information:
Joyce Wilson (770) 773-3333
Virginia Gilbert (770) 333-8933
Minister Search Committee 
Progress Report 
     After extensive discussions with church groups and individual members, the Minister Search committee finalized a job description for the new Associate Pastor position in December. The job description summarizes a broad role across all ministerial and pastoral duties with particular emphasis on ministry to young families and their children including a strong passion for membership development for NDBC. You can find the description on the church's website.
     The Minister Search Committee would like to thank everyone who had a hand in creating the preferred qualifications for the new Associate Pastor position.
     In early January, the Associate Pastor job opening was publicized and advertised to a broad range of sources to qualified applicants. It is our hope that we will receive a significant number of expressions of interest, and that the Search Committee will be able to begin reviewing applications and scheduling interviews with the most promising candidates in late January and February. When a preferred candidate is identified, the Church-in-Conference will be presented with a final candidate for consideration.
     For more information please contact the Search Committee. We welcome your thoughts.
    ~Jack Guynn for the Search Committee
Church Week  
SUNDAY, January 29
  9:30 AM - Church School
10:25 AM - Children's Choir Rehearsal
11:00 AM - Morning Worship
12:00 PM - Souper Bowl Sunday
  7:00 PM - Handbell Practice
TUESDAY, January 31
10:00 AM - Staff Meeting
WEDNESDAY, February 1
10:30 AM - Pastor's Bible Study
THURSDAY, February 2
  6:10 PM - Yoga in the Fellowship Hall
  7:30 PM - Prayer Shawl Ministry
  7:30 PM - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Volume 9 - Issue 4
January 29, 2017
 Micah 6:6-8
1 Corinthians 1:22-31
Matthew 5:1-12 
Pastoral Relfections
20.30 New Year's Luncheon
Souper Bowl Sunday
At the Table
Alliance of Baptist
Triple E
Oglethorpe University Singers
Thursday Evening Lenten Services
Amanda Tyler
31st Annual Women's Retreat
This Week's
 (TLP List) 
  The TLP is a Diaconate ministry. Each week's list contains the rotating names of three or four NDBC senior adults.

Gerry Humphries
Wilton Looney
Helen White

If you would like
your name placed
on our rotating TLP list, please give the
church office a call.
Michael Hermance-26
Lanier Meeks Yi-28
Karen Perry-29
Riley Isakson-31
Janie Joyner-1
Lindsay Cadaret-4
Rhonda Harris- 4
Dalia Ferrer-5
Barrett Boekhaus-6
Virgil Herndon-6
Tanner Stines- 9
Mary Dean-10
Cindy Bell-11
Blythe Goodhead-13
Mike Almeida-13
Cate Denham-14
Letty Denham-14
Bo Thomas-24
Linda Dyer-14
Mary Ann Hickman-14
Jeanne Hicks-14
Van Thomas-18
Marshall Dewell-20
Harry Morgan-20
Taylor Janney-21
Susan Dew-21
Gloria Smathers-22
Dee Davis-23
Levon Thomas-24
Maggie Johnson-25

Namaste Y'all! Yoga is Back!
Thursday's from
6:10 - 7:10 pm
in the Fellowship Hall.

     The instructor is Shelia Cooper.  Her children are in our weekday preschool. Free childcare will be provided in the nursery area of the building. 
$10.00 per person
Retired Older Men
Eating Out 
    Every 3rd Tuesday of the month our "Retired Older Men" eat lunch together at Piccadilly Cafeteria from 12 PM-1 PM. It's a time to visit with friends, tell stories and eat good food (bring your lunch money)!

Piccadilly Cafeteria
1715 Howell Mill Rd.
Wednesday @ 10:30 AM
Conference Room

     We meet weekly from 10:30-11:30 AM, in the church's Conference Room. We study the texts selected in the Revised Common Lectionary for the next Sunday. Large print editions are available each week and for the upcoming Sunday. Discussion is deep and wide and lively. All are invited.
  led by Susan Harlan
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM

      Come join us on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM, in Room 207, the Parlor, to knit or crochet a prayer shawl. If you are not sure how, no problem, there will be plenty of people to help you get started. This group is open to anyone who would like to join! For more information call Susan Harlan at 770-377-3869.
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