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NORTHSIDE NOTES: January 20, 2016 
Pastoral Reflections
by James Lamkin

"I'm Gonna Teach Sunday School!"

     Fred Craddock encouraged all pastors to do as he did: teach Sunday School. Before the worship hour each week at Cherry Log Christian Church, he taught the text he was about to preach.
     I've been pondering that notion for a while; and, though I'm no Fred Craddock, I've decided to give teaching a go.
     The church is the child of the marriage of kerygma and didache. Kerygma is a transliterated Greek word meaning the preaching ministry of the church. Like the Apostle Paul said, "We preach Christ crucified." With that, he is saying more than "Christ was crucified." He is saying that in some mystical way (through the power of the Holy Spirit), preaching perpetuates the mystery and meaning of that theological event. Amazing isn't it, that the execution of a penniless, down wardly mobile, enemy of the state, peasant carpenter...could be the fulcrum of history? As the church reflected upon it, they discovered that by being in the company of Jesus, they experienced the presence of almighty God...and still do! That's preaching. That's kerygma.
     Didache , on the other hand, is teaching. It's what the early church fathers and mothers explained about the forms and functions of the faith. What is baptism about? What is the Holy Spirit up to? What does it mean to be the church?
     I think of kerygma (preaching) as more poetic. I think of didache (teaching) as more pragmatic.
     So, I'm going to give the didache arm of the church, the Sunday School a try; and pray for me as I fit this good opportunity into an already full schedule. Cathy Wooten is the wrangler for the Art and Soul Class. We discussed it and she celebrated the idea. Plus, this will free-up other teachers to be available to other classes from time to time.
     Here are a few particulars:
     1) I will start on January 31.
     2)  The class will meet in the Art and Soul classroom.
     3)  We will use Feasting on the Word curriculum which is lectionary based and already used by the class.
     4)  Class will start at 9:45 sharp.
     5)  Basically, my approach will be plenary. (However, participants are welcome to bring modeling clay for creative expression if they like.)
     6)  Since choir members depart at 10:25, I will stop in time for them to do so. Probably, about 10:20, we will do some Q&A and discussion.
     7)  Since I have another job that starts at 11:00, I will leave the end of the class in Cathy Wooten's hands. She and the group will share prayer requests, and perhaps continue the discussion.
     This approach, along with a few guest lecturers, will get us through May. The class and I will reevaluate at that time, and see if we want to continue in the fall.
     Bottom line: I look forward to this good experiment with the Good Book with our good people.
Thursday Night Study Group
"What Would Jesus Say?"
January 7, 14, 21, February 4
6 PM in Room #202
     Rev. Dr. Michael Gregg will lead a Thursday Night Study Group at 6 PM in the January and February weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday. The title of this study is "What Would Jesus Say?" and will guide the participants into the Lenten season. The topics include: What Would Jesus Say about the Bible? What Would Jesus Say about Poverty? What Would Jesus Say about Discipleship? What Would Jesus Say About Himself?
     What would Jesus say? To address what Jesus would say, we need to discover what Jesus did say. These lessons will attempt to help us understand Jesus' teachings and apply them today.
   If you are interested in this study, contact Mike at mike@northsidedrive.org to reserve your book.
Young Adults/Young Professionals 
January 23 @ 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall
     Do you love to hang out with friends and meet new people? Do you love to eat great food? If you can answer yes to one of these questions join the 20.30 group on Saturday, January 23 at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall at the church. We will spend time together, eat a meal, and discuss the class moving forward. Come with empty stomachs and ideas to share about expectations for the upcoming year. For more information contact Jeffrey Dunkerley, at    jeffrey@northsidedrive.org .
Thursday, January 28, 2015, at 6:45 PM
     The first Church-in-conference meeting of 2016 will occur on Thursday, January 28, 2016, beginning at 6:45 PM in the Fellowship Hall. The agenda for this meeting will include the Finance Committee's presentation concerning any adjustments to the Church's Operating Budget for 2016 that was approved by the Church-in-conference in October. Please come for this presentation and other important matters affecting our Church community.
Souper BowlSouper Bowl Sunday 
       Volunteers are needed to either prepare a pot of soup or chili, or to bake cookies or brownies! If you are not fond of cooking we can always use help with set-up or clean-up. Whatever your talents are, join us that day for fellowship and fun. The donations we collect that day help support the Hunger Fund. To volunteer contact Mona Stines at mona.stines@att.net or 404-936-8812.
Triple E: Valentine Luncheon 
Special Performance by Kurt Thomas
Tuesday, February 9 @ Noon, Fellowship Hall
     We are so lucky to enjoy his music from time to time in Worship. Now we have the opportunity to get to know Kurt even better as he shares with us some of his favorite music as well as stories of his life and songs.
Stations of the Cross 
The NDBC Chapel
February 10-March 27
     The Stations of the Cross represents certain scenes in the Passion of Christ, each corresponding to a particular incident, of the special form of devotion connected with fifteen key events on the day of Christ's crucifixion. A majority of the images represent Jesus's walk through the streets of Jerusalem, carrying the cross.
     The Stations originated in medieval Europe when wars prevented Christian pilgrims from visiting the Holy Land. Thus, European artists created works depicting scenes of Christ's journey to Calvary to help pilgrims make a spiritual journey to Jerusalem even if they could not go physically. The faithful installed these sculptures, paintings, or images at intervals along a procession path, inside the parish church, or outdoors in order to have a devotional route in which to stop and pray at each "station."
     The object of the Stations is to help the faithful make in spirit a pilgrimage to the chief scenes of Christ's sufferings and death by passing from station to station, with certain prayers and devout meditations upon the various incidents of Christ's final days. The Stations of the Cross will be in the NDBC Chapel throughout the Lenten Season. Simply follow the instructions attached to the walls and walk the Way of the Cross.
Ash Wednesday Services
February 10, 2016

"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return."
     Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which is forty days prior to Easter. Lent is a time when Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation, and spiritual discipline. Come and receive this ancient symbol on Ash Wednesday in the Chapel of Northside Drive Baptist Church.

Imposition of Ashes
In the Chapel from 7:30 AM-7:30 PM 
     On Ash Wednesday, the clergy of Northside Drive Baptist Church will impose ashes upon all who wish to participate. Recipients may come at any time during the day to receive the sign of the cross on their foreheads or their hands.

Congregational Worship Service
In the Chapel at 6:45 PM

     Ash Wednesday congregational worship service will begin at 6:45 PM in the Chapel.
Lenten Evening Services 
"Story, Song, & Spirit"
A Lenten Path to Easter
February 18-March 24
6:45 PM in the Chapel (Childcare Provided)
February 10 - Ash Wednesday Service
February 18 - James Lamkin, story
February 25 - Parker Holloway, piano
     March 3 - James Lamkin, story
      April 10 - Steve Sheeley, hammer dulcimer
      April 17 - Kurt Thomas, guitar
      April 24 - Maundy Thursday Service
Baptist Women in Ministry
Celebrates the Gifts of Preaching Women  w/Kristy Bay
Sunday Morning Worship @ 11 AM
February 21, 2016
     Beginning in 2007, Baptist Women in Ministry invited Baptist churches to participate in Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching by having a woman preach during the month of February. This annual event has been a deeply significant source of joy and discovery for many churches as they have celebrated the giftedness of women. This annual preaching month is named for Martha Stearns Marshall, an eighteenth-century Separate Baptist woman. This annual preaching month is named for Martha Stearns Marshall, an eighteenth-century Separate Baptist woman. Our guest BWIM preacher this year is Kristy Bay.
     Kristy Bay earned two undergraduate degrees from Belmont University in Music and French. She received her Master of Divinity degree from McAfee School of Theology. She is married to Zach, the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church of Middlesboro, KY and currently works as the Executive Assistant to the Provost at Lincoln Memorial University where she is an Instructor of Religion for LMU as well.
     Kristy has worked with numerous churches in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky as a preacher, student minister, retreat leader, devotion writer, worship leader, and student pastoral care giver. She has blogged for Baptist Women in Ministry, written devotions for Smith and Helwys' Reflections and NextSunday Resources , and been published in the book This is What a Preacher Looks Like . She was awarded the 2010 Emily Weatherspoon Preaching Award for excellence in preaching, and has been a Martha Stearns Marshall preacher for four years at various churches.
Dennis Covington
Journalist and Author
Sunday, February 28, 2016
Church School at 9:30 AM in the Chapel
McComb Lecture Series at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall
     Dennis Covington is the author of two novels and three non-fiction books. REVELATION: A Search for Faith in a Violent Religious World was recently released on February 16, 2016, by Little, Brown and Company. His classic book Salvation on Sand Mountain was a National Book Award finalist and his articles have been published in the New York Times , the Los Angeles Times Magazine , Lapham's Quarterly , Vogue , and many other periodicals. He was born in Birmingham, AL, and earned a BA degree from the University of Virginia. He earned his MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, studying under Raymond Carver, and teaches creative writing at Texas Tech University.
     Covington will lead a Sunday School class at 9:30 AM in the Chapel utilizing one of his famous books, Salvation on Sand Mountain. He will focus on Appalachian Spirituality covering the trial of Glenn Summerford to experiencing a snake handling church. Covington will then talk about his new book, REVELATION: A Search for Faith in a Violent Religious World, at the McComb Lecture Series at 7 PM in the Fellowship Hall. A book-signing will follow the lecture.
30th Annual Women's Retreat 
April 21-24, 2016
Blue Boar Retreat
Robbinsville, North Carolina
Reservation deadline is Sunday, February 14, 2016.
Make your reservation with a $100.00 deposit
(made out to Joyce Wilson)
& give it to Joyce Wilson or Virginia Gilbert
For more information:
Joyce Wilson (770)773-3333
Virginia Gilbert (770) 333-8933

Volume 8 - Issue 3 

January 24, 2016
Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10
1 Corinthians 12:12-31a
Luke 4:14-21

Dr. Steve Sheeley will be writing devotionals through the Lenten season. If you would like to be on his email list and receive his musings, you may email him at ssheeley4@comcast.net . May the longings of this Lenten season lead us to the resurrected Christ.
Thursday Night Study Group
Souper Bowl Sunday
Triple E: Valentine Luncheon
Stations of the Cross
Ash Wednesday
Lenten Evening Services
Women's Retreat
Daily Lenten Devotional
Church Week
This Week's
 (TLP List) 
  The TLP is a Diaconate ministry. Each week's list contains the rotating names of three or four NDBC senior adults.

Mary Chance
Linda Clark
Aline Cofield
Gordon & Billie Davis

If you would like your name placed on our rotating TLP list, please give the church office a call.
Chelsea Clarke - 1
Len Shelton - 2
Barbara Schroeder - 2
Gary Clark - 3
Jon Bell - 4
Kennedy Molina - 5
Katherine Bryson - 6
Bev Hall - 7
Joyce Wilson - 7
Ruth Kramedjian - 7
William High - 7
Jerry Smith - 8
Don Janney - 9
Cynthia Tunon - 9
Pam Wamberg - 9
Emma Holloway - 13
Charlton Roberts - 14
Libby Martin - 15
Sebastian Almeida-Hall - 15
Jeanne Hill - 16
Anne Ledbetter - 16
Fabio Molina - 16
Jane Jerden - 16
Lewis Bozard - 17
Donna McLarty - 17
Vanita Morgan - 17
Annie Tucker - 19
Gene Bridges - 19
Anna Kate Wilson - 21
Gail Hermance - 22
Harry Mathis - 22
Luke Fletcher - 22
Nancy Hall - 23
Levi Milligan - 24
Will Egan - 25
Jackson Singleton - 25
Stephanie Jones - 25
Michael Hermance - 26
Michael Dyson - 26
Lanier Meeks - 28
Karen Perry - 29
Riley Isakson - 31
We meet weekly at 10:30 AM, in the church's Conference Room. We study the texts selected in the Revised Common Lectionary for the next Sunday. Large print editions are available each week and for the upcoming Sunday. Discussion is deep and wide and lively. All are invited.
Led by Susan Harlan
Every 1st & 3rdThursday
@ 7 PM in the Parlor
For more information call Susan Harlan at 770-377-3869.
(Retired Older Men
Eating Out)
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 12 PM-1 PM
(bring your lunch money)!

Piccadilly Cafeteria  

1715 Howell Mill Rd 

children's choir
The Cherub Choir
Children ages 2 through Kindergarten
Directed by Ms. Amanda
Sunday mornings
from 10:25-10:50 AM
in the Room 103
The Celestial Choir
Children in grades 1-5
Directed by Ms. Mary Lou
Sunday mornings
from 10:25-10:50 AM
in Room 116

Off campus after worship
Meeting at restaurants, at the church and in participants' homes.

Don't want to get up before 9 AM? Join this class of young singles and couples in their 20s and 30s to nosh on the Word in an informal setting at a local restaurant. They will gather around the table during lunch after the worship service every Sunday. This class will examine the lectionary texts, deconstruct the sermon of the day, and fellowship together with food and drink. Teachers: Jeffrey Dunkerley and Brian Knight 

stained glass book



A copy of the book is in the Narthex for previewing and the cost is only $30. To get your copy, call us at 404-237-8621 or email the church.


The Pinnacle is emailed as a link to the congregation and is available on the church website at www.northsidedrive.org.


If you would prefer not to receive the Pinnacle by U.S. mail, please call404-237-8621 or email us
at info@northsidedrive.org to let us know. 



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