February 16, 2017
Pastoral Reflections 
"Presents and Presence"
By James Lamkin
     Five years ago, I walked across Spain. The sky above, the soil below, and the Camino's long path pulled me as far as the eye could see...to where the Earth curved. This celestial sanctuary gave me space and time to remember and to hope; but most of all, it gave me a place to practice the presence of God.    
     It is hard to be present. At least, it is for me. My addiction to either dwell on the past, or obsess on the future, cheats me out of the only time I really have: the present.    

     You know the cartoonist, Bil Keane, creator of The Family Circus? He is credited with the insight: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift. That's why it's called the present."

He's right. Whether bright blue skies or wet rain drops, the present always is a present.   We don't earn it. It is a gift.
     The Camino de Santiago taught me. It's 500-miles allowed steeping time. As the flavor of faith permeated each pilgrim, some mantras emerged. 

     Here is my list:
First be present to my own life.

Second, give my life as a present.

Third, attend to and articulate the presence of the sacred in the world.

Fourth, live responsibly in my chosen relationships.

Fifth, lean into my playful curiosity.

Sixth, let the love in.

     I mentioned, "let the love in," during this past Sunday's sermon. My best friend, Chris Graham, gave it to me. He knew I needed it. So did he.
     Among our families, with our colleagues, through our church, and in God's world...we offer this gift. Our own presence is a present we give to each present moment.
     This is year-long job description. It will take us all the way...from Valentine's Day to Thanksgiving Day! Ah, grateful love! It doesn't get any better than that.
    Would you like to provide the Sanctuary flowers for a Sunday in 2017? Now is the time to sign up. The price is $100, or you can share the cost with someone. If you are interested, please call Nancy F. Davis at 404-252-9154.
Young Adults
At the Table: February 19, 2017
In the Balcony of the Narthex after Worship
     Don't want to get up before 9 AM? Join this class of young singles and couples in their 20s and 30s at the big table in the balcony of the Narthex after the worship service in an informal setting for snacks and coffee. We will gather around the table Sunday, February 19, to briefly examine the lectionary texts, deconstruct the sermon of the day, and fellowship together. Teachers:   Jeffrey Dunkerley

Encore Reflection
February 12, 2017
     It seems that youth are getting busier and busier as the years go by. Thankfully, we are able to set aside one Sunday a month to join each other around a table and a meal. I am continually thankful for all the youth do here at Northside Drive. Their willingness to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with me. We recently ventured out to Grub Burger Bar. We experienced unique burgers, some that had Mac and Cheese on them, others onion rings. Nonetheless, we shared laughter, stories, and love for one another.
~ Jeffrey Dunkerley, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Youth Group
Youth Lock-In:  February 24-25

    On February 24 th, pray for the youth and adults that will be participating in our first lock in of 2017. We will make some food, probably dessert, and watch movies as we partake in the first lock in of the year. Over the course of 12 hours, we will play games, have fun, and get far too little sleep while doing so. More updates will come as the date gets closer. But, go ahead and mark your calendars! If you have any questions please contact Jeffrey at jeffrey@northsidedrive.org

February 26 
Tired Parents Breakfast and Family Lunch
     Join us for a Tired Parents Breakfast during the Church School hour on February 26th for fellowship and a time to relax, and then following worship we will have a family lunch at Zoe's. We invite all families and parents to join us!

  ~ Anna Kate Wilson, Director of Children's Ministries 
Oglethorpe University Singers
will be our Guest Choir 
Sunday, February 26, 2017
     The Oglethorpe University Singers under the direction of Dr. W. Irwin Ray will be our featured guest choir during worship on Sunday, February 26. The ensemble provides for the study and performance of significant choral literature with the liberal arts context of the University and is open to students of all disciplines. The auditioned concert choir, which is in frequent demand for performance in the community, rehearses three hours each week for one hour of academic credit. Repertoire includes scared and secular literature, both accompanied and unaccompanied, ranging from the fifteenth century to the present. Mark your calendar so that you do not miss the opportunity to share the worship experience with these talented musicians.
Young Adults 
Growing Young Session 1  
February 26, 2017
     In the midst of stereotypes about young people and their church commitments, Growing Young by the Fuller Youth Institute aims to break down those stereotypes and offer suggestions on how churches can reach young adults. Throughout the spring, there will be three sessions that offer information about the book, their suggestions, and evaluations of their suggestions. The first will be February 26th. If you have any questions please let me know. Join us as we explore ways Northside Drive can extend its ministry to young adults.

    ~Jeffrey Dunkerley, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Ash Wednesday 
Imposition of Ashes March 1, 2017
in the Chapel from 8:30 AM - 7:30 PM 
Congregational Worship Service at 6:45 PM religious_cross_glowing.jpg
     On Ash Wednesday, Northside Drive Baptist Church will impose ashes upon all who wish to participate.  Recipients may come at any time during the day to receive the sign of the cross on their forehead or their hands.  Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent, which is forty days prior to Easter.  Lent is a time when Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation, and spiritual discipline.  The Ash Wednesday congregation worship service will begin at 6;45 PM.  Come and receive this ancient symbol on Ash Wednesday in the Chapel of Northside Drive Baptist Church.

Youth Group Series
ENCORE, March 5, 2017    
     Sunday, March 5th, the youth are communing together around a table at a local restaurant. In the midst of a busy school life and work, we are intentionally taking time to be in fellowship with one another. Invite your friends to join us immediately after the worship service on March 5th. We will gather in the Narthex and ride together. If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Dunkerley at jeffrey@northsidedrive.org
Starting March 4, 2017 through Easter Sunday!
Sunday School Class
Art & Soul Classroom
9:30-10:45 AM 
All are invited! 

Lenten Studies based on the book Forgiveness A Lenten Study.

More details to follow!
Amanda Tyler 
Executive Director of
the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
Preaching: March 12, 2017, at NDBC   

     Amanda is brand new at the BJC, having recently followed Brent Walker as the Executive Director.  She leads the organization as it upholds the historic Baptist principle of religious liberty, defending the free exercise of religion and protecting against its establishment by government. A native of Austin, Texas, Tyler grew up hearing about the cherished Baptist principles of religious liberty and the separation of church and state as a member of Highland Park Baptist Church. Because she was committed to these principles, Tyler sought out the Baptist Joint Committee when she moved to Washington to attend Georgetown University, and she began volunteering in the office as a student.   She will be lecturing at McAfee School of Theology the following week.  We welcome her on this day.

Amanda Tyler will give a short presentation,
March 12, 2017, during the Art & Soul,
Sunday School Class.
Thursday Evening Lenten Services

"Rogues 'Round the Cross"

Beginning March 9 - April 6
6:45 PM in the Chapel

March 14
Landscapes for the People
~Ren and Helen Davis

     This year marks the centennial of the National Park Services, one of our nation's treasures. Though his name is largely unknown, George Alexander Grant was the first chief photographer of the National Park Service. In Ren and Helen Davis' new book, they introduce us to the work and the story of this man who traveled ceaselessly, capturing more than thirty thousand images and documenting a crucial moment when the park system underwent tremendous growth and transformation.
NDBC Book Club

March 15
When Breath Becomes Air

Author: Paul Kalinithi
Facilitator: Nancy F. Davis
Hostess: Helen White
     The NDBC congregation will be celebrating James Lamkin's 20th Anniversary at the church, Sunday, March 19, 2017, after Worship service. We will be having a barbecue luncheon.

More details to follow!

Movie Night:  March 19
     Need a break from school work? Well, on March 19th, come see a movie! The youth are venturing out to a local theater to see a movie as we spend time with each other. The movie is not picked yet, so suggestions are encouraged. Invite friends to join us as we splurge on movie theater popcorn, candy, and soft drinks. The time is yet to be determined and will vary based on the movie selection. More information will be communicated as the date approaches. If you have any questions, contact Jeffrey Dunkerley at jeffrey@northsidedrive.org .
31st Annual Women's Retreat  
 April 28-30, 2017
Blue Boar Retreat
Robbinsville, North Carolina    
Reservation deadline is Sunday, February 22, 2017 
Make your reservation with a $100.00 deposit
(made out to Joyce Wilson)
& give it to Joyce Wilson or Virginia Gilbert
For more information:
Joyce Wilson (770) 773-3333
Virginia Gilbert (770) 333-8933
Missions Ministry

Rev. Posey Starkey 

374 Manning Villas Drive, SW
Marietta, Ga  30064

Welcome NDBC Newcomer
Melissa Johnson 
6640 Akers Mill Road, Apt. 1521
Atlanta, GA  30339

Welcome NDBC Member
Church Week 
SUNDAY, February 19
  9:30 AM - Church School
10:25 AM - Children's Choir Rehearsal
11:00 AM - Morning Worship
12:15 PM - At the Table
  4:00 PM - Betty Colson's Memorial Service 
  7:00 PM - Handbell Practice
TUESDAY, February 21
10:00 AM - Staff Meeting
12:00 PM - ROMEOS
  7:00 PM - Church Council 
WEDNESDAY, February 22
10:30 AM - Pastor's Bible Study
THURSDAY, February 23
  6:10 PM - Yoga in the Fellowship Hall
  7:30 PM - Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
SATURDAY, February 25
12:30 PM - Oglethorpe Concert Rehearsal 
Volume 9 - Issue 7 
February 19, 2017
Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18 
1 Corinthians 3:10-11, 16-23 
Matthew 5:38-48 
Pastoral Relfections
At the Table
Encore Reflection
Youth Lock-in
Tired Parents Breakfast
Oglethorpe University Singers
Growing Young Series
Imposition of Ashes
Lenten Studies
Amanda Tyler
Thursday Evening Lenten Services
Triple E
NDBC Book Club
20th Anniversay
31st Annual Women's Retreat
Missions Ministry
This Week's
 (TLP List) 
The TLP is a Diaconate ministry. Each week's list contains the rotating names of three or four NDBC senior adults. 
Louis Davis
Nancy F. Davis
Mary Dutton 
If you would like
your name placed
on our rotating TLP list, please give the
church office a call.
Janie Joyner-1
Lindsay Cadaret-4
Rhonda Harris- 4
Dalia Ferrer-5
Barrett Boekhaus-6
Virgil Herndon-6
Tanner Stines- 9
Mary Dean-10
Cindy Bell-11
Blythe Goodhead-13
Mike Almeida-13
Cate Denham-14
Letty Denham-14
Bo Thomas-24
Linda Dyer-14
Mary Ann Hickman-14
Jeanne Hicks-14
Van Thomas-18
Marshall Dewell-20
Harry Morgan-20
Taylor Janney-21
Susan Dew-21
Gloria Smathers-22
Dee Davis-23
Levon Thomas-24
Maggie Johnson-25

Namaste Y'all! Yoga is Back!
Thursday's from
6:10 - 7:10 pm
in the Fellowship Hall.

     The instructor is Shelia Cooper.  Her children are in our weekday preschool. Free childcare will be provided in the nursery area of the building. 
$10.00 per person
Retired Older Men
Eating Out 
    Every 3rd Tuesday of the month our "Retired Older Men" eat lunch together at Piccadilly Cafeteria from 12 PM-1 PM. It's a time to visit with friends, tell stories and eat good food (bring your lunch money)!

Piccadilly Cafeteria
1715 Howell Mill Rd.
Wednesday @ 10:30 AM
Conference Room

     We meet weekly from 10:30-11:30 AM, in the church's Conference Room. We study the texts selected in the Revised Common Lectionary for the next Sunday. Large print editions are available each week and for the upcoming Sunday. Discussion is deep and wide and lively. All are invited.
  led by Susan Harlan
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM

      Come join us on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM, in Room 207, the Parlor, to knit or crochet a prayer shawl. If you are not sure how, no problem, there will be plenty of people to help you get started. This group is open to anyone who would like to join! For more information call Susan Harlan at 770-377-3869.
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