April 27, 2017
Pastoral Reflection
by Rev. James Lamkin
"Baptism: Right Now, but Not Yet"
     When I stand in the baptistry, I do so on the congregation's behalf. I am waist-deep in water, representing your love, your commitment to accountability, your theology of "Jesus Christ is Lord," and your ritual that marks a moment in time when a person says, "God, count me in."
     Following Will Ervin's baptism this past Sunday, I thought of a scene from Robert Duvall's movie, Tender Mercies. Duvall plays a country music singer who is down on his luck. He has lost a lot; and he has drunk a lot.
     Redemption emerges slowly when he meets a young widow named Rosa Lee, and her young son called Sonny.   They fall in love and get married.
     One day, Duvall and Sonny get baptized...on the same Sunday. Riding home in the pickup, the boy says to his step-dad, "Well, we done it. We were baptized."
     Duvall pats him on the leg, "Yeah, we were."
     Boy says, "Everybody said I was going to feel like a changed person. I guess I do feel a little different, but I don't feel a whole lot different. Do you?"
     Duvall pauses and ponders. The wife/mother sits quietly, witnessing an intimate moment between a man, and a man-to-be. She loves both; and her heart warms.
     "Do you feel different?" is the question. Duvall finally says, "Not yet."
     There's a lot of honesty in naming the not yet. Redemption is an ongoing thing. Our journey as Christians, always, is two steps forward, one step (at least one) back. There's backsliding, pratfalls, stepping on toes, and a host of other stumbling dance steps. But, there's only one dance floor; and it belongs to God.
     Baptism is the first step. Baptism wraps the story of our burial and our birth into one moment, one ritual, one life lived within the life of God. It is a claiming of faith...and being claimed by The Faith and the faithful. The way we Baptists do it, it is a surround-sound ceremony of naming that we are surrounded by the love of God.
     "Not yet," said Duvall to the boy about feeling different.
     But the scene didn't end there. After another long pause, the boy says, "You don't look any different."  Then asks, "Do I look any different?"
     Another silence, followed by a big Robert Duvall grin, and then he repeats his wonderfully winsome words: "Not yet."
     May the right now, and the not yet of Easter...and baptism... dunk you deeply into God's grace.
Associate Pastor Search Committee 
Announces Recommendation 
Daniel Headrick, wife Jenney,
and their children Mary Frances and Joseph
     The Northside Drive Baptist Church Associate Pastor Search Committee, appointed by the Nominating Committee in October of last year, has completed its search and recommends that NDBC "call" Daniel C. Headrick to be the church's new Associate Pastor.   Daniel and his family will be visiting NDBC on May 20-21, 2017. There will be opportunities for the church to meet them; and he will assist in leading worship. The "call" will be subject to a vote of the congregation in a special Church-in-Conference meeting following worship on May 21, 2017.
     Daniel is a 38-year old native of Tennessee, currently living in Woodway, Texas, just outside of Waco.   He has served as Senior Pastor at Willow Grove Baptist church in Moody, Texas; and over the last five years, has been a teacher and leader of college student Sunday School classes and young adult bible studies at Seventh and James Baptist Church where he will be ordained next month. Before that, he was an active lay leader in the First Baptist Church of Knoxville.
     Daniel came to the ministry after a number of years in the practice of law in Knoxville, where he specialized in the areas of product liability, employment, and other civil litigation matters.   Just before being named a partner in the firm of Paine Bickers, LLP, Daniel felt God's call.
     He graduated Magna Cum Laude in his Bachelor of Arts in Religion program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and later earned his Master of Arts in Philosophy, with a religious studies concentration, at UT. He earned his Juris Doctor degree, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2007, and will complete his Masters of Divinity at Baylor's Truett Theological Seminary in May 2017.
     Daniel and his wife Jenney have two young children, Mary Frances (9) and Joseph (6).   Jenney is a physician with an internal medicine practice in Waco, and intends to continue her medical career after relocating to Atlanta.
     It is the unanimous view of the Search Committee members that Daniel has the background and the personal characteristics to be a very effective Associate Pastor and a strong partner for James Lamkin across the full spectrum of ministry work at NDBC.   He has a special interest in working with the young singles and families and he demonstrates special interest and skill in pastoral care. It is also clear that Daniel is comfortable and very supportive of NDBC's commitment to inclusiveness. He's anxious to work with James and to continue to learn and grow as part of our ministerial team. Perhaps equally important as Daniel's training and preparation for the ministry, he and Jenney are warm, approachable, and develop new relationships easily-"our kind of folks".
     Over the coming weeks there will be further information on the events associated with Daniel's "call weekend" at NDBC, May 20-21, when he and his family will come to meet everyone. We anticipate they can relocate and be ready to begin ministry with us by about July 1.
Associate Pastor Search Committee:
David Bell, Jack Guynn, Graham Mudd,
Elizabeth Sheeley, George Taylor,
James Lamkin, Liaison
Preaching this Sunday 
April 30, 2017, 11:00 a.m.
Northside Drive Baptist Church
Dr. Karen Massey 
     Karen is the Associate Dean for the Masters Programs at the McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University where she teaches courses in Worship, Faith Development, and Christian Education.  Prior to joining the faculty at McAfee, Karen served as the Associate Pastor of Christian Education at NDBC, 1990-1998.  She has been a member at NDBC for 26 years.  Karen enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Musical Performance

The NDBC Men's Ensemble 
Sunday, April 30, 2017

    The men's ensemble
will sing during Sunday morning worship on April 30.

     ~Dr. Keith H. Walker, Director of Music Ministries
April 28-30, 2017
     T his year marks the Alliance of Baptists' 30th anniversary. At this gathering, we will celebrate the good work of the Alliance in the world, while embracing ever more deeply, the challenging work of justice and love ahead of us. Collaborating with our host church Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and its annual Finlator Lecture in Faith and Social Justice series, we welcome William Barber as one of our featured pro-claimers. 
31st Annual Women's Retreat  
 April 28-30, 2017
Blue Boar Retreat
Robbinsville, North Carolina    
For more information:
Joyce Wilson (770) 773-3333
Virginia Gilbert (770) 333-8933
Spring Picnic 
May 2, 2017 
11:30 AM - 2:00 pm 
Jordan & Patti Clark's 
3000 Rivermeade Drive NW 
Atlanta, GA  30327-2014
Have you seen the Bulletin Board 
by the Fellowship Hall, lately? 

Take a look; and thank Gail Hermance.
Attention Families of Graduates ! 
       Do you know a church or family member who will be graduating from High School, College, or Graduate School this year?  If so, we will announce his or her accomplishments in the
May 1 issue of the Pinnacle.  Please submit a picture along with the graduation date, school name, type of diploma, and their next step (education or work).  You may submit electronically to info@northsidedrive.org to the attention of Audrey Clark; or stop by the church during business hours. 
Summer Celebration: Saturday, May 6  
     Mark your calendars as the youth plan to bring in the summer months in style! On Saturday, May 6, we will go to a trampoline park to jump, flip, and share some laughter. It is a great time for the youth to enjoy time together before everyone leaves for vacation and before we celebrate them in worship the next day. More information will come in the future, but go ahead and mark your calendars. If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Dunkerley at jeffrey@northsidedrive.org.
"Celebrating Leonard Bernstein"
May 7 @ 4 PM in the Sanctuary
NDBC member ticket price is $10

     The Choral Guild of Atlanta concludes its 77th season with an early start to the celebration of Leonard Bernstein's 100th birthday
https://leonardbernstein.com/at100.  The program will feature several of his popular and enduring works, including Chichester Psalms and his Missa Brevis, which was completed in honor of the retirement of Robert Shaw, with its world premiere held here in Atlanta. Reflecting Bernstein's varied styles, the program will conclude with selections from two of his musicals - West Side Story and Wonderful Town.  
What to Expect on Youth Sunday
Youth Sunday: May 7
     We are fortunate that, at our church, Youth Sunday isn't the one time each year for teenagers to lead, be seen, or be celebrated. Instead, we get to showcase what is for us a week-in and week-out reality: students aren't merely objects of ministry. They are agents of ministry. Join us Sunday, May 7 as the youth lead us in morning worship. Come experience the different ways youth have grown in their leadership over the past year. Come ready to celebrate their presence in the church today. We hope you will join us to support and empower our young people.

~Jeffrey Dunkerley, Director of Youth and Young Adults Ministries 
Youth Sunday Luncheon

 Youth Sunday Luncheon:  May 7
     Immediately following Youth Sunday, lunch will be served after the worship service! On the menu: traditional Mexican food. To make a reservation for the luncheon, use the Welcome cards in the pew rack, call the church office at 404-237-8621, or email your reservation to
info@northsidedrive.org no later than Wednesday noon, May 3. This is a time to connect with the Youth and their families while celebrating their presence in the church. For more information contact Jeffrey Dunkerley (jeffrey@northsidedrive.org).
Young Adult:
Braves Game: Date to be determined 
     Are you a baseball fan? Want to sit in a brand new baseball stadium? Well, the perfect opportunity for you is coming up! The young adults are going to a Braves game at the end of May. The date will either be May 19 or May 21, depending on people's availability. As the date gets closer, the day and time will be announced, but go ahead and mark your calendars! If you have any questions, contact Jeffrey Dunkerley at jeffrey@northsidedrive.org.
Children's Ministry
May 13, 2017
     On May 13 th the Children's Ministry will be having a Flower Pot Painting and Planting Party as well as choir practice! The children will sing in worship on Mothers Day, May 14 th and will practice the Saturday before. Prior to choir practice, we will decorate flower pots and plant flowers in them to take to our home bound members. We'll have watermelon, pineapple, and juice boxes to snack on and some time to play as well! We will gather in the Chapel at 10 am before heading outside to paint and plant. We hope you will join us for this fun Spring activity!
  ~Anna Kate Wilson, Director of Children's Ministries 
NDBC Inducted into 
Mercer University 
President's Club

     In 2016, NDBC's giving to the McAfee School of Theology, which is part of Mercer University, topped $100,000. This is the cumulative amount of 21 years of giving, which started with the Kent and Dianna Anglin Scholarship in 1996.
     NDBC received the recognition at this year's gathering of the President's Club. Receiving the award for the church were: Larry and Sue McSwain, Barbara Atchley, Ann White Morton, Karen Massey, and James Lamkin.
Missions Ministry  

New Congregational Directory 
Now available in Narthex 
Church Week 
SUNDAY, April 30 
   Spring Women's Retreat, Robbinsville, NC  
   Alliance of Baptists, Raleigh, NC 
10:25 AM - Children's Choir Rehearsal
  9:30 AM - Church School
11:00 AM - Morning Worship
12:00 PM - Memorial Committee
TUESDAY, May 2    
11:00 AM - Triple E Picnic  
10:30 AM - Pastor's Bible Study  
  7:00 PM - Prayer Shawl Ministry
  7:30 PM - Sanctuary choir Rehearsa l
FRIDAY, May 5 
  7:30 PM - Choral Guild Rehearsal 
Volume 9 - Issue 17
April 30, 2017 
Acts 1:14, 36-41
Luke 24:13-16; 28-32
Luke 24:33-40 
Pastoral Reflection
Search Committee
Karen Massey Preaching
NDBC Men's Ensemble Musical Performance
Alliance of Baptists' 30th Anniversary
31st Annual Women's Retreat
Spring Picnic
Bulletin Board
Attention Graduates!
Summer Celebration
Choral Guild Concert
What to Expect on Youth Sunday
Youth Sunday Luncheon
Young Adults
Children's Ministry
NDBC Inducted into Mercer University
Missions Ministry Retreat
This Week's
 (TLP List) 
The TLP is a Diaconate ministry. Each week's list contains the rotating names of three or four NDBC senior adults.

Greg Colson
Louise Davis
Nancy F. Davis
Marjorie Reeves
If you would like
your name placed
on our rotating TLP list, please give the
church office a call.
Laura Seay - 1
Kate Pearson - 1
Afton Milligan - 2
Caroline Singleton - 2
Jeffrey Dunkerley - 4
Irwin Ray - 5
Aidan Collins - 5
Gene Ledbetter - 6
Missy Lester - 7
Nathan Hermance - 9
Gigi Collins - 10
Turner Warmack - 11
Garrett Ray - 11
Randy Korando - 14
Hadley McClure - 15
Fulgencio Ferrer - 16
Susanna Schleicher - 17
Wilma Underwood - 18
Sam Egan - 18
Judy Schneider - 19
Avi Anantaraman - 21
Beth Singleton - 23
Amy Hurst - 23
Kenneth Dean - 25
Valerie Hardy - 26
Melissa Bryson - 26
Cameron Sardone - 27
Jay Mudd - 29
Sandra Price - 30
Jerry Poole - 30
Amy Taylor - 30
Kristofer Schleicher - 30
Shannon Moore - 31
Josh Davis - 31
Retired Older Men
Eating Out 
    Every 3rd Tuesday of the month our "Retired Older Men" eat lunch together at Piccadilly Cafeteria from 12 PM-1 PM. It's a time to visit with friends, tell stories and eat good food (bring your lunch money)!

Piccadilly Cafeteria
1715 Howell Mill Rd.
Wednesday @ 10:30 AM
Conference Room

     We meet weekly from 10:30-11:30 AM, in the church's Conference Room. We study the texts selected in the Revised Common Lectionary for the next Sunday. Large print editions are available each week and for the upcoming Sunday. Discussion is deep and wide and lively. All are invited.
  led by Susan Harlan
Every 1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM

      Come join us on the first and third Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM, in Room 207, the Parlor, to knit or crochet a prayer shawl. If you are not sure how, no problem, there will be plenty of people to help you get started. This group is open to anyone who would like to join! For more information call Susan Harlan at 770-377-3869.
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