April  2019
The following are Obermann or Obermann-sponsored events.
News & Achievements 
Brady G'Sell Awarded Book Completion Grant
Third recipient of inaugural Book Ends manuscript workshop 

Next fall, G'Sell, an assistant professor in Anthropology and GWSS, will meet with two visiting scholars and two senior UI faculty members for a three-hour workshop on her book manuscript, Producing Citizens: Motherhood, Race, and Political Belonging in South Africa as part of the Obermann/OVPR Book Ends Book Completion program. 

Producing Citizens analyzes the livelihood strategies of South African mothers living in poverty across five  decades of political economic shifts. G'Sell demonstrates how the content of citizenship is  created and negotiated at the micro-political scale of interpersonal relationships.

E. Cram (Communication Studies) and Bj รถ rn Anderson (Art History) were awarded Book Ends grants earlier; their workshops will take place this summer.

If you're a tenure-track UI assistant or associate professor in the last stages of completing a book manuscript, we welcome you to apply for the next round of Book Ends awards. The deadline for spring 2020 workshops is September 3, 2019
How to Stop Giving Graduate Students Bad Advice
Two-day workshop for mentors of humanities PhD students

How would mentoring change if we started with the premise that "being a professor" is only one - and an increasingly less likely - reason to undertake advanced studies in the humanities? What if we thought of mentoring as a shared responsibility for faculty, staff, fellow students, alumni, and potential community partners or employers? 

This workshop on May 17 and 18 will ask formal and informal mentors of graduate students in the humanities to take stock of the short and long term impact of the advice offered by departments, faculty members, and others. After collectively deciding what good mentoring is not, we'll explore alternatives. The workshop will offer resources and models. We'll also consider the promise of public scholarship and other experiential pedagogies that help students find meaning, commitment, and purpose on the path through their graduate studies.

The workshop will be led by Bruce Burgett, Professor and Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell, and Miriam Bartha, Director of Graduate Programs and Strategic Initiatives of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell. The two are also the founders and directors of a certificate program in public scholarship at the University of Washington-Seattle.
National Experiments in Career Diversity
A conversation is launched

Participants in the March 8 symposium on career diversity for humanities PhDs included representatives from national organizations, including the Council of Graduate Schools, as well as from both elite and regional universities. During the packed day of panels, we explored alternative dissertations, the need for students to have a team of mentors, curricular changes in the face of budget cuts, and much more.

We've collected a rich collection of audio, images, and blog posts from the event and hope that you'll spend some time with this material in advance of our next symposium, tentatively scheduled for September!
Not Distracted
Aiden Bettine balances traditional scholarship and publicly engaged projects

Aiden Bettine, the first Humanities for the Pubic Good (HPG) Graduate Fellow, is already embodying the goals of this grant. A historian with a strong commitment to public scholarship, Aiden is pushing the boundaries of his discipline into experimental and collaborative directions.  With funding and support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Office of the Vice President for Research, and the UI Graduate College, Aiden has clearly made the graduate research fellow an important support player and advisor to the HPG project.

In addition to successfully completing his comprehensive exams and holding his dissertation prospectus meeting, Aiden has also presented at five conferences, garnered a major teaching award, and created a statewide oral history project to recognize, collect, preserve, and celebrate the lives and stories of transgender and gender non-conforming people across the state of Iowa. Rather than being distracting, he says this project and others like it can be considered as "an asset on the job market but also as creating happier, healthier, and more thoughtful graduate students."
HPG Advisory Board Announced
A Collaboration of UI Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

This fall, a new Humanities for the Public Good Advisory Board will plunge into the first year of planning a new interdisciplinary, experiential humanities PhD for students who are pursuing advanced studies in preparation for diverse careers. With representation from 11 departments, the Graduate College, the Office of Outreach and Engagement, the Center for Teaching, the Library's Digital Scholarship & Publishing Studio, the Pentacrest Museums, and the Stanley Museum of Art, the Advisory Board will work together and in break-out groups to host alumni visits and workshops; explore exciting experiments across the country, including humanities labs and project-based learning; oversee our new internship program; and more. We'll share our progress on the HPG website and in a new newsletter edited by our HPG postdoctoral fellow and graduate fellow. Congratulations and welcome to our new Advisory Board members!
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