Office of Health Transformation Update
June 3, 2013 
USA Today
Ohio governor: Reagan's compassionate Medicaid expansion


Leaders in the states that have decided against expanding have often invoked Reagan conservatism as the reason to oppose extending Medicaid health care coverage to more people. After all, doesn't Reagan embody modern conservatism? He cut taxes, cut government red tape and fought the growth of entitlements. Yes, he did all those things. However, he also expanded Medicaid, not just once but several times.  

Columbus Dispatch
Expansion hope lives


A bill to enact the expansion of Medicaid to cover 275,000 uninsured Ohioans gives hope that the idea still has some life in the Statehouse.


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Akron Beacon Journal
Medicaid Works


On a host of health measures - including a regular source of medical care, dental and vision care, prescription drugs, quality of care - the OSU report shows clearly that Ohio Medicaid patients fare far better than their uninsured counterparts. As policymakers seek to separate facts from assumptions, it bears repeating the unequivocal conclusion of the report: The research indicates Medicaid on the whole is effective.      


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Toledo Blade
No more excuses

The version of the next state budget just introduced by the Republican-controlled Ohio Senate ignores GOP Gov. John Kasich's sensible proposal to expand the Medicaid program of health insurance for working-poor and disabled Ohioans.

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