Office of Health Transformation Update
July 8, 2013 
Columbus Dispatch
Medicaid merits a vote


When Gov. John Kasich vetoed a state-budget provision that would prohibit expanding Medicaid, he kept alive the effort to provide health insurance to 275,000 Ohioans who currently lack coverage, with premiums largely paid by the federal government.


Cleveland Plain Dealer
Prioritize Medicaid expansion in Ohio


The General Assembly needs to get cracking on a reasonable Medicaid expansion framework for Ohio. 


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Akron Beacon Journal
Summer job

John Kasich signed a budget bill a week ago that did not include a proposal for Medicaid expansion. Regardless, the issue remains a live wire.


The governor vetoed language in the bill that blocked expansion of the health program for low-income families. And justly so; there is a great deal at stake. It involves a federal offer that represents billions of dollars for health care in Ohio. It relates to how state lawmakers structure health policy to accommodate tens of thousands of residents who lack health coverage in a system undergoing swift transition. The controversy also illuminates the push-and-pull between the demands of public policy and partisan ideology.

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