Office of Health Transformation Update
April 10, 2013 
Governor Kasich's Statement on the House Budget


Medicaid Reform: "It's clear that support isn't there right now among House Republicans to extend Medicaid coverage, but it's the right decision for Ohio.  Not doing so will hurt our economy, make Obamacare's impacts worse and hurt vulnerable Ohioans who need care.  The House's proposed funds for mental illness and addiction addresses part of the problem but it's not enough.  Ohio's support for this needed change is diverse and broad and the governor will see this through to get it done." 
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Keep Medicaid expansion plan in Ohio: editorial

Ohio House Republicans are acting with gross irresponsibility in rejecting Republican Gov. John Kasich's bid to expand Medicaid coverage for poor Ohioans. Even more perplexing is the lack of vocal opposition from some Cleveland-area GOP lawmakers for a decision that -- if it stands -- will gravely damage Greater Cleveland.

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