Office of Health Transformation Update
March 27, 2013 
The Hill
Moody's warns of trouble for hospitals without Medicaid expansion


Analysts with Moody's Investors Service warned that U.S. hospitals will be hurt unless states choose to expand Medicaid under President Obama's healthcare law.


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The New York Times
States urged to expand Medicaid with private insurance


Ohio and Arkansas are negotiating with the Obama administration over plans to use federal Medicaid money to pay premiums for commercial insurance that will be sold to the public in regulated markets known as insurance exchanges.

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Dayton Daily News
Kasich explores alternative to Medicaid expansion

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is negotiating a plan with the federal government to use the money originally intended to expand Medicaid eligibility to about 366,000 Ohioans to instead buy private insurance for new enrollees on state health exchanges expected to go on-line in October.


The money would be used help pay premiums on the health exchanges, officially called Health Insurance Marketplaces, for low-income people at or below 138 percent of the federal poverty rate, or about $15,400 for an individual or $32,000 for a family of four in annual earnings.


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