Office of Health Transformation Update
February 11, 2013 
Columbus Dispatch: Editorial
Kasich's Medicaid plan makes sense

In pursuing an expansion of Medicaid under the federal health-care overhaul, Gov. John Kasich wisely is putting pragmatism before party and ideology.

Kasich has made his opposition to the Affordable Care Act plain, but he understands that it is now a fact of life. Any responsible leader also can see that the terms of the expansion will benefit Ohio. It will mean health-insurance coverage for 275,000 Ohioans who have none now. Because the federal government will cover all of the cost of coverage for new enrollees through 2020, an academic study has estimated the expansion will mean a net gain to Ohio of $1.4 billion through 2022.


Youngstown Vindicator: Editorial
Billions in federal Medicaid funds will go to Ohio families and health-care providers

There will be considerable debate over various elements of Ohio Gov. John Kasich's budget, but one part of it makes such perfect sense that it ought to sail through the General Assembly. That's Kasich's proposal to expand Medicaid coverage in the state under the Affordable Care Act.


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