Office of Health Transformation Update
August 27, 2013 
MetroHealth Care a Plus for Cuyahoga residents 
The MetroHealth System in Cleveland extended Medicaid coverage in February 2013, with significant positive results for 30,000 Cuyahoga County residents.

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Medicaid is better than being uninsured
A recent report from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs concludes that,  "when properly comparing people on Medicaid to people with other sources of health coverage, the general and inevitable conclusion is that having Medicaid coverage is better than being uninsured."

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Ohio makes dramatic gains in community DD services 
Ohio moved up 26 places - more than any other state - in the United Cerebral Palsy Association's community inclusion ranking. Ohio increased the share of individuals (to 83% from 63%) and resources (to 80% from 50%) supported in the community, and decreased (by 24%) the number of residents living at state operated institutions.

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Integrated Eligibility and Business Intelligence
The Ohio Departments of Administrative Services and Medicaid recently clarified how they will work together to simplify and automate Ohio's income eligibility determination systems.


Interagency Operating Protocol 

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