Office of Health Transformation Update
April 19, 2013 
Statement on the House Budget

Rob Nichols, Press Secretary, Governor's Office: "We are pleased that the House backed away from its initial position and has listened to the governor and many, many others who have clearly demonstrated the advantages to businesses, Ohio's economic recovery and the health of our state of providing health care to low-income, working Ohioans. The process continues, and the governor is totally committed to extending health coverage to people who are battling mental illness and addiction, 26,000 veterans and other Ohioans for whom health care is a ladder up and out of poverty. We look forward to continuing our work with the House and Senate on this issue and to advancing the rest of our Medicaid and health-system reforms, which have already improved care and saved $2 billion."


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Health Transformation directors testify in the Ohio Senate

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Hannah News Service
Moody: Governor supports Medicaid expansion to mitigate effects on business


Greg Moody, director of the governor's Office of Health Transformation, laid out the various rationales behind the administration's support for expanding Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the proposed budget for FY14-15, HB59, telling the Senate Finance Committee Thursday that the "primary reason" Gov. Kasich recommended the expansion "was to mitigate the effects on businesses." He said in Ohio alone businesses that choose not to provide health care coverage beginning in January 2014 face $88 million in penalties -- penalties that would be avoided if Medicaid were expanded.


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