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January 2, 2013 
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Editorial
Ohio is living within its budget

As always, state spending on the federal-state Medicaid program is a key factor in the status of Ohio's cash box. Kasich and his appointees have managed Medicaid costs well. Counting both state and federal funds, Ohio fiscal-year-to-date Medicaid spending was $6.2 billion. That's only $87 million (1.4 percent) over the comparable 2011 period.

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Cleveland Plain Dealer: Editorial
Expanding autism coverage for Ohioans, Ohio's way

Ohio Gov. John Kasich provided a Christmas miracle for children with autism  and greater flexibility for Ohio on Dec. 21 when he announced a new policy requiring that insurance companies cover autism treatment.

Under the policy, children with the neurological disorder will have early access to therapies that can significantly improve their lives.

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Toledo Blade: Editorial
Covering autism: Gov. Kasich acted properly in moving to close a troubling gap in Ohio's mental-health care and insurance coverage

Children with autism can lead healthy and productive lives, with proper treatment and early intervention. But thousands of Ohio families can't get either, because insurers don't offer adequate coverage.


This month, Gov. John Kasich took a big step toward remedying the problem, when he announced that Ohio will require health-insurance plans to cover autism services for children by 2014. The new policy directive will make such services available to state employees and their 40,000 covered children, after approval by five state employee unions.


Autism services also will be included in Ohio's "essential health benefit" package, which federal law requires in every state starting in 2014. The package outlines minimum coverage that insurers must provide.


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Marietta Times: News
Autism services now covered by insurance in Ohio

Requiring many health insurance plans to cover autism services will provide relief to families trying to make sure their children get the treatment they need, the head of a local autism group said.


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