Office of Health Transformation Newsletter


March 2011

Recent News

Medicaid is 30% of state budget and growing (Dayton Daily News)
Ohio's cuts to mental health are among U.S. highest (Dayton Daily News)

Gov. John Kasich targets nursing home lobby in speech (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

Kasich lays out program for reform (Columbus Dispatch)

Ohio must arrest prescription drug abuse: editorial (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

'You ain't seen nothing yet' on cuts, Kasich says (Toledo Blade)

Chart Book

Medicaid overview 

Medicaid "hot spots"

Executive budget proposals (coming soon)

OHT overview 


Upcoming Events
March 15, 2011
Ohio Town Hall Meeting
Executive Budge Introduction
6:00 pm

March 17, 2011 
House Finance Committee Hearing
OHT Testimony

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