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The summer has flown by this year.  And the Autumn too! This summer  Paul offered his Way to Harmony workshops in Idaho. Phyllis was busy with a project to sort, translate, and archive the papers and items left to her by Hawayo Takata. Paul and Phyllis both attended the Brietenbush gathering in August along with Ben Haggard.  September started with the Board meetings of the Reiki Foundation International and The Reiki Alliance.  

The program in Europe this Autumn included the Sanctuary of Reiki offering in the UK with Phyllis. Paul visited Germany, France, and Russia.  Did they say they were going to stay at home more?  When Reiki and life calls, it is difficult to say "No!"

Paul will be in Mexico in February with a new offering with Laurence Fontaine:  Illuminating the Path:  Our Spiritual Life in Reiki.  Phyllis and Paul are also offering another Succession Weekend at the Kenyon Ranch in February, an Usui One Intensive in Arizona in February, and a Master Candidate with Masters Retreat near Portland, Oregon at the end of May.  The Reiki Alliance is preparing their annual gathering in Oregon in May 2015. Phyllis and Paul are both going to attend this conference. And the next OGM Retreat will be at Kenyon Ranch August 17-22.  All of the events will be announced through the Constant Contact emails. 

Many things are happening!  If you would like to know more about these events and others that are planned, please connect with  

Ben Haggard, Phyllis Furumoto, Jessica Palin


Reiki for a Better World  


For the last two years, Ben Haggard, Phyllis Furumoto, and Jessica Palin have worked together to bring the Reiki Community a new way of being with our Reiki Practice.  This began with an invitation from the Reiki Foundation International Board of Directors who felt they needed to shift their understanding of how Reiki Home might impact the way in which they held "Reiki Practice" as well as how they might work together.  This was a successful partnership for everyone.  


From this time together, Ben, Jessica, and Phyllis realized that they shared a common commitment to Reiki Home and to the vision of a Reiki Community that could mobilize itself to participate in making the world a better place.  


What does it mean to make the world a better place? In the 1980's the wish for world peace was on the top of the list for many Reiki students.  The premise was if each of us had inner peace, then this would extend to our environment and family.    


Making the world a better place starts with each of us. Our work in Reiki for a Better World is to highlight the connection we have with each other and, through Reiki, become more conscious of how we can commit to extending the practice to more and more of our immediate environment.  


Practicing conscious listening, restructuring thinking patterns, and making a commitment to change result in our taking Reiki into our environment.  


The next step is to come together as a group and find our service to the world we live in now and to the legacy we will leave for the future generations.  


Resources!  Our community is rich with resources. Using these resources can enhance our understanding and benefit those on the Reiki path.  See the right hand column for one Resource, Elaine Andres and spiritual direction.  The practice of spiritual direction comes from many religious communities, however when applied to Reiki students,  the practice can serve as a light along the path as questions and challenges of a spiritual nature arise.
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Reiki for a Better World


Spiritual Direction is a journey shared between Reiki, you, and your director. It is a time to explore your sacred story as you discover connections between events, emotions, thoughts, Reiki, and the Mystery of Life we name God. It is my experience that the energy of Reiki and the energy of God are the same expression of transforming love.

Spiritual Direction supports you in experiencing clarity, releasing thought and emotional patterns that no longer serve, and living with more inner freedom.

In a monthly session, you are offered a safe place to reflect upon your relationship with Reiki, to enrich your spiritual path, and to experience the movement of Reiki in your life.

You are invited to deepen your Reiki path through this practice. If you have questions, or want to set an appointment for a session, please contact me.

Rev. Elaine Andres
Phone: 541-543-3181
1430 Willamette #504
Eugene, OR 97401

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