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May 2015

The Power of Oral Tradition


I had the pleasure of being in Belgorod Russia, a small city near the Ukrainian border, with about 250 Reiki students from several countries.  We came together to explore the Power of Oral Tradition. I wanted to share my experience of holding Oral Tradition as a vital part of Usui Shiki Ryoho and explore the possibility that they too could share in being a "Tradition Keeper."


After an introduction to Oral Tradition and a slide show about the history of Japan at the time of Mikao Usui's life, I told the story of Mikao Usui asking them to listen for the lessons in the story.


Katja: If you have a strong question inside and really go for it, you will be fulfilled.


Victoria: I need to follow the light, to find the light, to carry this light.


Tatiana: When we are receiving knowledge it is not enough just to take it in but to pass it on.


Vera: If you are not ordinary and are different from others, you will be alone.


Olga: When you ask for something, the answer can be quite different than expected and even feel like it might hurt you.


Alona: All the questions and answers are inside of yourself. You have to look deeply for them.


Svetlana: When you are searching for an answer, you can use physical deprivation to elicit the answers.


Yulia: Somethimes when we go on a search we may find something different, even opposite.


Svetlana: In order to find the right way for you, you just have to start.


Ludmilla: When you search for spirit you can give up your life for this search.


Svetlana: To have the courage and boldness to take the challenge and go until you find it.


Tatiana: I felt the power of the story because you trust it.


Sandra: Everyone of us lives according to our own choices and I have made the right choice.


Victoria: If Jesus healed with his hands then he knew about Reiki....why was this knowledge not kept? (A question from a very interesting perspective)


Irina: To hear and follow the inner voice and go until you are fulfilled.


Sergei: Our path crosses Mikao Usui's in different places but the end of the path is different.


Natalia: Doubts can be helpful.


Natalia: We follow the path of Usui inside. Everyone will find what they are looking for.


Tatiana: Same actions can bring very different results.

The history of Usui talks about the unity of opposites in life. The ability to take challenges and at the same time to follow your path.


A week later I was in the Netherlands at the Reiki Festival offered by Rolf and Lili Holm. The theme was the same and we had one day to work together. It was a beautiful day with such engagement. I was touched again by the power of the individual's stories.  

As in Russia, participants paired up. One person told their Reiki story to the partner. Then the partner gave feedback about the teachings in their story. Then they switched roles. The energy field was enormous in both events and I had the honor of being witness to Oral Tradition becoming a personal experience, one in which everyone was involved.


Many time I hear masters say they don't tell their own story in classes. It is this sharing that brought me to focus on Oral Tradition as more than a definition. Oral Tradition is a quality of being that we all, as Reiki students, were introduced to in our First Degree class. It is time that each of us live our part of this Oral Tradition and strengthen the legacy of this practice.


Teachings from the Reiki Festival in the Netherlands after hearing the story of Mikao Usui: (this is a sample of the long list!)


Melvin: Mikao Usui's dedication as a teacher to the questions of his students is inspiring.


Egbert: When you are disappointed, don't stop searching.


Desiree: Despite being called crazy, he had the courage to follow his beliefs


Inge: Be clear about what you need.


Elle: Trust that there will always be abundance. Mind and Body cannot be separated from the Soul.


Brigit: Come out of your comfort zone!


Anita: Keep on learning from others no matter how wise you are.


Charlotte: You have to believe it yourself to spread the word.


Inek: Listen to the miracles that are happening in your life.


Tell your story to someone who is willing to listen with their whole body. Ask them to share with you the teachings that are in your story.   Are they teachings that you received from your path? Are these teachings a surprise? Can you integrate your place in oral tradition?


Look for places and situations in your life in which oral tradition is still the basis for relationship.


Imagine that your self treatment time is also time for quiet and resting your ears, so that you "reset" your ears strengthening the ability to listen for the quiet voice of Reiki.


from Phyllis Furumoto....her travels in April 2015

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