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E-Newsletter May 2016
Ohio Humanities Chautauqua 2016: The Natural World to Kickoff June 7
They're coming... to each of the four corners of the state. It's a  troupe comprised of a Shawnee chief, "Frankenstein's" creator, a physicist specializing in radioactivity, a former US president, and a primatologist. 

Ohio Humanities, in collaboration with four host communities, is proud to announce the kickoff to the 18th annual Ohio Chautauqua program, June 7-July 2.

Ohio Humanities Chautauqua 2016 Troupe 

2016 Host Communities
  1. Brimfield: June 7-11
  2. Hamilton: June 14-18
  3. Gallipolis: June 21-25
  4. Rossford: June 28-July 2

Host communities can look forward to unique historical presentations by history scholars who are content experts on the lives of the persons they portray.

Pictured, (Left-Right): Novelist and the author of "Frankenstein," Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Susan Marie Frontczak); primatologist Dian Fossey (Dianne Moran); US President Theodore Roosevelt (Chuck Chalberg); physicist Marie Curie (Susan Marie Frontczak), and Shawnee leader, Chief Cornstalk (Dan Cutler).

Ohio Humanities scholar Susan Marie Frontczak will share how Madame Curie, a tenacious and brilliant scientist strove to understand an invisible force of nature we now call radioactivity. Frontczak, will also present the life of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, an English novelist, short-story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, and author of the Gothic classic "Frankenstein."

Scholar Dianne Moran will portray Dian Fossey, an American zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist. Fossey's 1983 book "Gorillas in the Mist" brought worldwide attention to her study of the Rwanda's mountain gorilla groups and her battle to save them from extinction. 

Scholar John "Chuck" Chalberg will introduce audiences to perhaps a different perspective of President Theodore Roosevelt. In addition to being an avid hunter, Roosevelt was also a staunch preservationist.

Scholar Dan Cutler's portrayal of Cornstalk will reveal how Native American practices regarding the natural world changed in the face of European colonization.

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