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November 2015                                                                 Volume 11 Issue 8

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National Diabetes Month

9th Annual
  Southern Obesity Summit
November 15-17, 2015
Jackson Marriott Downtown
Jackson, MS

Happy Thanksgiving 
November 26, 2015
The Oliver Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity.

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Annika Gandhi
Teen Board 
Co-Events Coordinator


Pumpkin Pie 
Overnight Oats

1/3 cup old fashioned oats
1/3 cup low fat milk
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
2-3 teaspoons maple syrup
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Optional mix-ins: 1-2 tablespoons raisins or dried cranberries, 2-3 teaspoons of flaked coconut.
Optional toppings: granola, sunflower seeds, pepitas or chopped nuts of choice.

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl or jar, add mix-ins as desired.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Enjoy cold or gently warm, add toppings of choice.
Oatmeal mixture will last approx. 3 days in refrigerator.

Bradlee Few
Co-event Coordinator

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The 7-10 Pound Season

Most Americans tend to gain that much weight between Thanksgiving and New Years, but that does not need to be the case with planning. Now is the time to plan- not December 23rd.  Did you know that the average American consumes more than 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day?
So rather than being part of the 7-10 pound club lets do some planning and take a look at the foods and beverages you may consume.  
1. Remember to stay with your normal portions.  No sense in          being miserably full.
2.  Holiday food is heavy in hidden fats like butter, oils and cream, which are a concentrated source of calories.  Take a look at what is added to the stuffing, creamed vegetables, cream soups, mashed and sweet potatoes and lighten it up.  This will save hundreds of calories.
3.  It's also a time of increased sugars in food, desserts and drinks. Moderation is the key.
4.  Have a plan for the entire day of what you plan to eat and drink. You will be successful.
5. Plan exercise into your day and Thanksgiving weekend.

            More tips to come for December.

Judge Vanessa Gilmore

Judge Vanessa Gilmore, United States District Judge, was the guest speaker at the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board Meeting on October 11, 2015. Her presentation, "Staying Your Path" was extremely informative and enjoyed by all.

The Women's Fund Rockin' Resilincy 2015 Luncheon
Teen Board Members
Nikita Ghosh, Jahnvi Jain and Bradlee Few
Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board Members Nikita Ghosh, Jahnvi Jain and Bradlee Few presented a panel discussion Creating Change for a Healthier You at The Women's Fund Rockin' Resiliency 2015 Luncheon. 

Meet the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board
The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member organization represented by students across the Houston area. 
Each month you'll meet a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.  

Jahnvi Jain, Treasurer
Clements High School - Sugar Land, TX
Teen Board Member 2013 - Present
Jahnvi is a senior at Clements High School where she has maintained rigorous coursework which involves all AP and Honors cclasses. She serves as Co-President of her school's DECA organization, the ninth largest chapter globally. Recently, Jahnvi won 4th place in the Food Marketing category at the DECA International Career and Development Conference, competing against participants from twelve countries. In her school's Varsity Choir she has won at District and Region competitions. She is the Treasurer of the Spanish National Honor Society and has studied up to Spanish V in school.  Outside of school, Jahnvi is an avid dancer having completed her Arangetram at the age of 13, the highest achievement for a Classical Indian Dance student. Jahnvi is a senior member and instructor for the Bollywood dance troupe, Rhythm India. She hopes to pursue a Spanish major on the Pre-Med track in college in order to gain more insight into medicine in a global context. 

Healthy Tips from Jahnvi
Thanksgiving is a major holiday in my family. The entire day is spent preparing a fantastic meal of Tofurkey (tofu turkey), homemade tomato basil soup, and succulent mashed potatoes. Our vegetarian Thanksgiving is always one of the days I look forward to most in the year. For many families, the month of November brings the excitement and anticipation of Thanksgiving. Everyone prepares to splurge on their normal diet in the festivity of the holidays. However, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits. WebMD states that a person carries an extra pound permanently each year as a result of the holiday season. Below are a few tips to make sure that this Thanksgiving; only the turkey will be stuffed.

1. Portion Control - It is so easy to overload on all the goodies of Thanksgiving, but try to limit yourself to only one plate for Thanksgiving dinner. Fill up the majority of your plate with colorful veggies: carrots, spinach, butternut squash, etc. Have a small section dedicated to meat and a small section for your mashed potatoes. Filling up on veggies, which are less caloric and more nutritious, leaves a satisfied feeling in your stomach. Instead of the usual bloated feeling you get after eating a large meal, you will feel less tired and more satiated because veggies are less dense than meat and potatoes.

2. Eat Normally - Many people neglect to eat during the day on Thanksgiving in order to have enough "space" to gorge on a huge Thanksgiving meal. This unhealthy habit could be very detrimental to your bodily functions and mental health that are used to regular meals. Eating normal meals throughout the day encourages you not to overindulge yourself when the time comes to eat that Thanksgiving meal. Make sure to eat a normal breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving Day to ensure you're following healthy eating habits.

3. Smart Substitutions - Making simple substitutions could help shave off several hundred calories that will benefit you in the long term. Instead of using butter, use chicken broth, herbs, or roasted garlic to flavor your mashed potatoes. Glaze the sweet potatoes instead of baking them with marshmallows in order to use more natural sugars like honey or agave instead of processed and refined sugars. Replace red meat dishes with fish dishes, which are far leaner and contain healthy oils and proteins.

At the Oliver Foundation, we strive to help children maintain healthy eating habits from childhood into adulthood. Every child deserves a holiday meal that is satisfying, yet doesn't jeopardize his or her health. By following these few simple tips, you are already making a difference in your family's health. Thanksgiving is a holiday of appreciation and being grateful for those who have a positive impact on your life. 

The members of the Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board would like to thank those of you who help us achieve our mission to diminish childhood obesity. We wish all of you a safe Thanksgiving. 

For additional information about the Oliver Foundation Teen Board go to the Oliver Foundation website .

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