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69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

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Cruise with Olympus Controls and learn about today's cutting edge technology in the fields of robotics, motion control, machine vision and ID.  


MiRFleet - Setting Up a Fleet

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Employee Spotlight
Lance Douglas, Automation Sales Engineer

From deepwater drilling rigs to NASA rocket engines, Lance brings a unique perspective and a desire to help customers improve their business with automation solutions.

SICK Modular mac4 Safety Light Curtain
Sick Logo
The tailored safety solution

Never before has safety in the workplace been so innovative and customized. The mac4 safety light curtain has a modular design, making its use on different machines flexible and cost-effective.
The new mac4 safety light curtain is based on a modular housing design and innovative combination of base and extension modules (sender and receiver).
Thanks to the modular housing design, only a few components are required to combine different protective field heights. Innovative adjustable brackets for an efficient alignment for mounting situations without suitable machine frame. The electrical connection is reduced to a 4-pin connecting cable.

MiRFleet Centralized Robot Control
Easily program robots for multiple tasks

MiRFleet™ gives you centralized control of robots throughout your facility from a single, user-friendly, web-based interface.

You can easily program and control a fleet of robots, including managing robots with different top modules, hooks or other accessories. Once programmed, the system automatically prioritizes and selects the robot best-suited for a job based on position and availability. SMS or email notifications keep you informed of obstacles or other issues that might prevent the robot from completing a task.

High Performance Barcode Readers
Cognex Logo So much more than just more megapixels

In the race for higher megapixel imagers don't pay for more than you need. Cognex offers a variety of choices, including the 1.3MP DataMan 262 and 2.1MP DataMan 363.  But once you have determined the appropriate resolution for your application, there is so much more that goes into a successful code reading solution.
DataMan's modularity provides field interchangeable optic and lighting options including a liquid lens option for vibration immune high speed dynamic focus capability.  IR lighting options eliminate annoying visible strobing in the workplace.
Powerful algorithms achieve the highest read rates.  1DMax® with Hotbars II™ technology decodes damaged or poorly printed 1-D barcodes as small as 0.8 pixels per module (PPM). Patent-pending PowerGrid™ technology, can locate and read 2-D codes that exhibit significant damage to or complete elimination of the finder pattern, clocking pattern, or quiet zone.

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