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Adept Lynx Cart Transporter
Self-navigating, safely avoids people and obstacles

The Adept Lynx® Cart Transporter is an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) designed to attach to moveable carts and transport them from a pickup location to a drop off location.
 The Lynx Cart Transporter leverages Natural Feature Navigation to autonomously find a path through the facility without the need for any facility modifications. The Lynx Cart Transporter is safe to operate in existing doors and aisle ways as it can sense and avoid people, fork trucks and other objects in its path

LVS - Label Vision Systems
100% Print Quality Inspection Systems

LVS® products provide print quality inspection and barcode verification systems including in-line process control systems; off-line verification systems; and vision technology for thermal printers.
LVS Barcode Verifiers are simple, offline solutions for complete label quality that put the full power of standards-based barcode verification at your fingertips. LVS barcode verifier uses include:
  • Scan and verify barcodes to GS1 and ISO/IEC standards.
  • Verify linear and 2D barcodes.
  • Verify all codes in a single scan, in any orientation.
  • Prevent reclaims/fines due to poor or incorrect barcodes.
Plug+Play Vision for Universal Robots
Breaking down barriers to vision/robotics integration

Robotiq launches a new vision-guided pick and place solution for Universal Robots that can be setup on a shop floor in 5 minutes. No external PC is required to setup, program or run the Camera. Everything is done right from the robot user interface.
The compact camera design fits perfectly on the UR wrist and offers direct connectivity to the controller. Moreover, the Robotiq Camera's user friendly software is seamlessly embedded within Universal Robot's graphical user interface.
5-Minute Setup
Teach the workspace, then teach the object. You're done. No coding required
Perfect fit for UR
Fits on all UR wrists and connects directly to the robot controller
No external controller
No external PC required to setup, program or run Camera

SurfaceFX Technology
Cognex Logo
Solving difficult applications by differentiating between shape and shading

SurfaceFX, is an algorithm which highlights surface features regardless of whether they are engraved, etched, embossed, dented, punctured, stamped, or raised. Once contrast is created in the image, Cognex's industry leading vision tools (OCRMax, PatMax RedLine, Blobs, InspectEdge, etc.) can easily inspect the part.
SurfaceFX utilizes a 4-segment quadrant controlled light and a Cognex IS8000 or IS5705 Series camera.  It uses reflections and shadows from the different angled lights to determine the surface structure.  The Cognex algorithm combines images from different light sources to create the resulting image