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Olympus Controls Semiconductor Features

Olympus Controls Semiconductor Features

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Olympus Controls - Feedback
3D Profiler recommendation from Bruce Hagerty

"The Gocator from LMI should be the first product any one looks to for 3D and profile measurements. The Gocator is extremely cost effective, and it comes in a wide variety of resolutions and fields of view. With powerful onboard tools for profile measurements or 3D surface measurements already calibrated in metric units, the Gocator can be setup running an application in minutes. Also its development software resides on the sensor and accessed through a web browser which makes servicing it a breeze. To top it all off, it can communicate Ethernet/IP which makes deploying it into industrial applications very straight forward. "
  Bruce Hagerty
  Sales Engineer, Olympus-Controls
LMI Gocator 2410/2420
All-in-one 3D smart sensors

Measure micron level features with the 2400's 2 megapixel camera and large field of view. Scan parts for even the smallest defects and achieve superior results for 3D quality inspection.
Gocator 2410 and 2420 3D smart sensors are designed for the exacting demands of electronics and medical component inspection. With the latest 2 MP imaging technology and a new processor, these sensors achieve fast scan speeds, the highest X resolution in the industry and excellent Z repeatability (0.2 ┬Ám). Plus, their use of blue lasers means they generate "cleaner" data and highly reliable results even on shiny surfaces

Parker's New Compact Servo Drive - P Series
Parker Logo
Operates with a variety of machine control architectures

Parker P Series servo system combines compact, flexible, advanced functionality drives with high performance motors for a superior servo system, providing unique value to machine builders. The P-Series drives operate with a variety of machine control architectures and offer sophisticated servo capability. 

A number of different feedback types are supported to drive a wide range of linear and rotary servo motors. The best matches are the P-Series motors, which include absolute encoders and populate motor nameplate data back to the drives for simplified commissioning. 

Robotic Arms Bring Manufacturing Back to the U.S.
UR5 opened up 30% more capacity

California-based RSS Manufacturing and Phylrich, who manufacture plumbing fixtures and fittings for faucets, needed to meet a new monthly order of 700 valves.

By adding a UR5 to their production setup RSS increased the production speed significantly and also opened up 30% more capacity on existing machinery. As a result the US manufacturer is now competitive with overseas competitors.