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Olympus Controls - Feedback
Universal Robot recommendation from Jordan Schwarz

The Universal Robot is a great robot, because the robot is fast to setup, easy to program, flexible deployment, collaborative and safe, and the fastest payback in the industry. If the customer needs a robot that can achieve their application with very little development time, the UR is a great choice! My clients also find great value in the accessories that Olympus Controls designed for the UR robot like the cable management, pedestals and t-slot tables." 

Jordan Schwarz
Robotics Specialist , Olympus-Controls
Get Remote Access to Your Universal Robot
Get in touch with your UR robots, Anywhere, Anytime - From any device

Industry 4.0 is here; now you can access a UR robot from anywhere with any device using Airgate's new ARCS rm solution.
ARCS  rm is UR certified software that provides an encrypted VNC connection between the robot and any internet-connected device that the robot owner has granted access to.
 ARCS rm (remote management) provides you with an extra communication dimension to your collaborative robots. The easy to install and easy to program solutions enables you to be in touch with your robots through a secure link, which works any time of the day and independently of your location. The solutions reduce overall production costs, improved quality, minimized downtime and increased operational efficiency

Highly Configurable and Adaptable Components
Parker Logo
Flexible machine design for the twenty-first century

The days of waiting months for design, configuration and delivery of a machine have passed. Now, Parker automation solutions can deliver components quickly, with flexibility in stroke capacity, scalable performance, drive train options and modularity. Resolution and encoder protocols offer a variety of choices.
Parker's highly configurable and adaptable components means flexibility for slight variations without demanding major design changes.
  • Scalable performance 
  • Drive train options
  • Modularity
  • Performance
  • Selectable resolution and encoder types
  • Digital design, 3D CAD models 
  • Integrated and optimized complimentary products
Low-Cost NEMA 17 SmartMotorâ„¢
Providing the same features found in
high-end SmartMotor line

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the release of its new, low-cost NEMA 17 SmartMotorâ„¢,model SL17406D. 
The SL17 SmartMotor is described as "low-cost," but it certainly isn't lacking in features or performance. In fact, the robust design of the SL17 model provides many of the same features found on our high-end SM SmartMotor line, including: 
  • Integrated drive and controller, which reduces wiring, increases reliability, simplifies installation and reduces setup time 
  • Torque, position, velocity and contouring modes 
  • Encoder feedback with trapezoidal six step and Field oriented Control (FOC) commutation modes
  • Powerful AniBasic (BASIC-like) language with over 200 commands: IO, program flow, dat handling, math and motion
  • IEEE-754 single precision-floats 
  • Dual trajectory generators