Ontario Shores embraces the opportunity to raise awareness of mental illness, educate healthcare practitioners and nurture the next generation of mental health advocates.

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In this edition we introduce you to our newly appointed Physician-in-Chief. We encourage you to visit focusedonrecovery.ca to learn more about Ontario Shores and how we are helping our patients on their journey of recovery. We invite you to start following our new #MindVine podcast, and to submit abstracts to our 2016 Mental Health Conference. Finally, we ask you to share our Self-Harm and Thoughts of Suicide conference with parents and teens who are in need of support.
Ontario Shores Appoints New Physician-in-Chief

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ilan Fischler to the role of Physician-in-Chief. Dr. Fischler joined Ontario Shores in 2007 and is currently the Medical Director, Clinical Informatics. During his tenure he has made many significant contributions to both his patients and the organization.

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Mental Illness Awareness Campaign

Mental Illness can stop you from reaching your full potential, but it does not have to. Ontario Shores has launched a new awareness campaign sharing the successes of our patients. You may have already seen "My mental illness didn't stop me" on local billboards, buses, bus shelters and Go Transit.
Visit  FocusedOnRecovery.ca to meet some of our patients, and learn more about how a donation can help those suffering with mental illness to succeed in reaching their goals.
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Conference: Self-Harm and Thoughts of Suicide: Stories of Recovery and Hope

We invite you to join us Friday October 14th when we will be raising awareness of interprofessional treatment approaches and sharing resources for families and teenagers who have emotional distress, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Please share if you know someone who could benefit from this one-day conference.

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Introducing the #MindVine Podcast

This podcast serves as another tool to bring news, views and interviews around mental health together. Recent episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and YouTube, with others to follow. We recently attended the 2016 Mental Health For All Conference in Toronto where we interviewed keynote speakers and presenters.
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Call for Abstracts now open for 6th Annual Mental Health Conference

A call for abstracts is now open for our 6th Annual Mental Health Conference: Innovation and Technology in Mental Health Care. The two-day conference, Tuesday, February 28th, and Wednesday, March 1st will focus on themes of recovery, informatics, quality, measurement, research and evaluation, apps and games, clinical advancements and systems change.

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