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This newsletter is a bit late in its release. In an effort not to bombard you with multiple e-mails, we wanted to have all information gathered. We now have it. We've got a Clint Eastwood theme going here with The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Here we go...
International Meeting
Gothenburg, Sweden

When: April 12-16, 2023
Who: 4 O.F.A. voting Board Representatives and anyone interested in attending
Contact: Eva Lycke at
O.F. Senior
Gothenburg, Sweden

When: July 31-August 6, 2023
Who: anyone over 30. You don't have to be an O.F. Alumn
Contact: Eva Lycke at
O.F. Young Adults

We are still
looking for hosts for the O.F. Young Adult program―if you are a recent O.F.
alumn get in touch!
Please answer this survey
Contact: Julien Cherry
International Updates
International Newsletter
The International Newsletter is distributed each November and can be read by clicking here.
O.F.A. Updates
The Good
We are thrilled to be past the worst of the pandemic and that we're able to host! The U.S. has not hosted since 2019! Can you believe that?

This summer, our Bloomington and Palmer chapters will host France and Germany, respectively. Bloomington has 7 families taking 10 delegates, and Palmer has 5 families hosting up to 9 delegates! Thank you to these two chapters for accepting the number of delegates from your partner countries.
The Bad
Recruitment efforts were not successful for Indy North or Grafton. These two chapters saw their entire roster of delegates age out in 2022. That darned pandemic affected both the momentum and the pipeline for new recruits. Thus, these two chapters are not hosting this summer, leaving two countries with no possibility of sending delegates to us.
The Ugly
O.F.A. is facing a shortage of volunteers and momentum. We have an incomplete board with decreased youth representation due to two of our chapters not having any delegates. This is not in balance with our European counterparts, whose chapters continue to remain steady or grow.

In a break with our traditional patten of host-then-travel, Grafton and Indy North will continue to recruit for 2024, which is a travel year. This means delegates will travel-then-host. If that effort does not work, O.F.A. will be forced to have consider dissolving these chapters.
Our "Ask"
Help O.F.A. Remain Vibrant
We are asking anyone who receives this newsletter to reach out. Reach out to friends or friends-of-friends you may know who might be willing to charter a new chapter. Reach out to people you know in other states! We have all the information they need to charter and prepare for our NEXT hosting cycle in 2025. Help us help them get started.

Remember: the new chapters would have to have children who are a minimum of 14 years of age by September 1, 2025 to host.

We are also asking those in Grafton and Indy North to help us brainstorm some possible travelers for Summer 2024. Remember: travelers must be 15 years old by September 1, 2024 to travel.
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