Post-International Meeting Edition
Live and In-person!
Countries represented this year: Bavaria, France, Hungary, Scotland, Sweden, Ukraine, and U.S.A.
The International Meeting was hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden April 12-16. Though O.F. has managed to meet virtually over the past two years, nothing replaces gathering in person. The sensation of hugging, laughing with, an sharing meals with others is priceless. Gathering affords an opportunity to have conversation beyond "business" talk, fostering an environment conducive to friendship. After all, isn't that at the very core of our organization's mission?
Representing O.F. America:
Julien Cherry, Kristina Riley, Karen Canning
O.F. Young Adults Group
O.F.Y.A. is motivated, having formed a WhatsApp chat group to stay connected and plan for 2024.
International Meeting Highlights
Operation Friendship is turning 60!
This means next year's International Meeting will be extra-special!

O.F. America Updates
It's Almost Time to Host!
Background Checks
Hosting Assignments
2023 Hosting Families:

Beth Theile, our Delegate Protection Agent, will be reaching out to you soon for you to complete your background checks. When she does, you'll have one week to complete it. Watch for that e-mail.
At the International Meeting, packets of applications were delivered from the traveling countries. It won't be long before you learn who you're hosting! Sit tight, we're almost there!

Your chapter chair will be working to do this after background checks are completed.
Make our 60th Anniversary special!
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