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NRHS Students Clearly Happy With Glass Works
For Joanna Schomber's sculpture students at New Rochelle High School, here's a project that is different from the rest. Clearly.

Fifteen students visited the Bullseye Glass Co. in Mamaroneck recently to create slightly concave square plates bursting with color. They created the flatware from a wide array of colored pieces - some square, some that they learned to cut - from a spread called "the glass buffet."

"It's a table laid out with about fifty colors of glass," Schomber said.

Students assembled each plate in three layers. One consisted of colored pieces fit together like a puzzle. A second was clear glass, on which students could place a layer of ornamentation using thin glass rods or "frit," which is glass crushed into a gravel or powder.

Junior Caidelyn Joseph built her plate to around the logo from a line of clothing her mother runs, surrounded with bold colors, including orange borders.

"I tried to use brighter colors," she said. "They're more appealing to the eye."

Senior Kyra Grays appreciated the way looking through the clarity and translucence in the layers creates different views. That was appropriate for her plate, based on the Nintendo game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The plate contains representatives of all three houses - Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer. (Finding no gold-colored glass, she said, "I improvised and used yellow.")

The varying views match the spirit of the game, unpredictable as each contest's ending.

"It's like a different world," she said. "It's another way that you can see; another story."

The process includes "quite a bit of chemistry," with the way colors blend, Schomber said. It also creates a bit of suspense. Students assemble their pieces at Bullseye, then leave them for the staff to fire in kilns, waiting several days to see how they turn out.

When they see the finished plates, Schomber said, "It's a happy surprise."
Junior Caidelyn Joseph shows the glass plate she created.
Columbus Plants Tulip Bulbs
In Pan-Continental Project
The Red Emperor tulip bulbs that Columbus Elementary School students planted last week will bring a pop of color to a long-untended patch of earth - and will be watched by climate observers across the continent, from New Brunswick to Alaska.
Columbus kindergarten and third grade students joined schools and citizen scientists across North America in planting the flowers as part of the Tulip Test Garden Project. They will mark the times that the flowers sprout and bloom to learn about seasonal changes, weather and climate.
"Next spring, when plants emerge and bloom, gardeners will report their observations and data," said Columbus Science Coordinator Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn, who spearheaded the project at the school. "One garden at a time, the relationship between climate, geography, and the arrival of spring is revealed."
The Columbus students planted more than 50 bulbs on the northwest side of their school - by the stairs to the playground. The project was part of a program of the organization Journey North, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A map on the Journey North website shows locations where others have planted the bulbs, from Miramichi, New Brunswick, to Dolores, Colorado, to Shageluk, Alaska.
The idea is to track how and when they grow in different regions with different climates.
Kindergarten and third grade students at Columbus have learned about plant needs, discussed how seasons change, predicted when the bulbs may first emerge and collected size data about the bulbs. The two grades were chosen to collaborate because the kindergarteners are studying weather while the third graders study weather and climate.
In this project, the third graders became the teachers, sharing with the kindergartens how to use a balance to measure mass, talking about the bulb parts, using magnifying lenses and discussing what the bulbs would need to grow.  
"That's been a really lovely part of this project," Barrett-Zahn said.
Three classes were involved in the planting. In the coming days, other classes from the same grades will plant more bulbs.
"Then we will wait...and watch," Barrett-Zahn said. "We'll share information from other parts of North America. Where do the tulips first start to grow? When will ours grow? The students will learn by observing, asking questions, and being part of this interactive, continent-wide project."
Sports Schedule
For upcoming New Rochelle athletic competitions, check out*

* This link connects to an outside website
Dates to Remember
Saturday, November 2:  SAT, 8 a.m.
Monday, November 4:  Jefferson Thanksgiving Food Drive
Monday, November 4:  National Honor Society, NRHS Chapter, Fall Induction, room 207, 4 p.m.
Tuesday, November 5:  Election Day. Schools Closed. Staff Only - Professional Development
Tuesday, November 5:  Barnard PTA Bake Sale, 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Wednesday, November 6:  IEYMS Mobile Dentist
Wednesday, November 6:  Area All-State Rehearsal, White Plains High School, 4 p.m.
Wednesday, November 6:  Board of Education Regular Meeting, ALMS, 7 p.m. (Public Portion.)
Thursday, November 7:  Barnard Fall Photo Day
Thursday, November 7:  IEYMS Mobile Dentist
Thursday, November 7:  Area All-State Rehearsal, SUNY Purchase, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Thursday, November 7:  NRHS Financial Aid Night, 7 p.m.
Thursday, November 7:  Area All-State Concert, SUNY Purchase, 8 p.m.
Friday, November 8:  Barnard Fall Photo Day
Friday, November 8:  End of First Marking Period
Friday, November 8:  Ward Popcorn Friday
Friday, November 8:  Columbus Chess Night, 6 p.m.
Saturday, November 9: NRHS College Goal NY, 10 a.m.
Superintendent Dr. Laura Feijóo greets students at New Rochelle High School on her first day in the position.
Welcome, Dr.  Feijóo!
New Superintendent
Started Today
Dr. Laura Feijóo began her first day as Superintendent of Schools today, bringing 30 years of experience in education and administration to the helm of the City School District of New Rochelle.
On her first day, she toured New Rochelle High School, meeting teachers, staff and students. Over the coming week, she plans to visit the other schools throughout the 11,000-student District to continue meeting teachers, administrators, staff and students, and to witness the programs and activities throughout the school system.
Since the summer, Dr. Feijóo has visited the District at least once a week to meet with administrators, teachers and community members in order to hit the ground running. On Tuesday - Election Day - she plans to address the staff.
"I have seen how deeply committed this community is to its students and its schools," Dr. Feijóo said. "I also want to recognize that there is more work to do. I look forward to collaborating with all of you - families, teachers, school leaders, partner organizations, community members and most of all, students - to continue to expand on the successes and to build an ever stronger district."
In her three decades in education, Dr. Feijóo has served as an assistant principal, principal, and senior superintendent overseeing all 46 superintendents in the New York City Department of Education. She also served in the NYC DOE's Office of Equity and Access, where her work focused on ending long-standing racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities by addressing opportunity gaps that exist among historically underserved students.
"I am very excited to welcome Dr. Feijóo into our district as Superintendent of Schools," said Board of Education President Amy Moselhi. "New Rochelle has a wonderful, diverse, educated, passionate and vocal community. This is what makes New Rochelle so special. All of the stakeholders are committed to excellence governed by and built upon common core values supported by our Strategic Road Map."
"I believe that there is much work to be done," President Moselhi continued. "We need to be more innovative, creative, transparent and open about our shortcomings and eager to bridge those gaps in access, outcomes and graduation rates. I believe Dr. Feijóo has the skills needed for that difficult work. She is a smart educational instructional leader and a dedicated, compassionate, hard-working, disarming professional who is able to respect and work with people who hold differing points of view. We are truly at the precipice of thrusting New Rochelle back into the position we know it ought to hold - one of the best school districts in the nation."
Isaac E. Young Middle School students attend STEAM event at Mercy College.
IEYMS Students Learn
In Mercy College
STEAM-a-Thon For Girls
Looking professional in white lab coats, 43 students from Isaac E. Young Middle School participated in the first STEAM-A-Thon for girls at Mercy College recently. 
The IEYMS sixth and seventh graders spent Oct. 18 on the college campus, learning about neuroscience, microcomputers and other topics in STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. They also attended a panel discussion of women in STEAM fields, and got to ask questions about what the work is like and about obstacles the panelists had faced.
"The trip was an amazing opportunity," said seventh grader Farheen Paracha. "It taught me not to be scared of who I want to be. Knowing that women can inspire one another brings me hope. Now I can go become a doctor and not worry."
In all, 166 middle school girls learned about STEAM, including the IEYMS students and girls from Port Chester, Tarrytown and Yonkers. The event exposed girls to the various STEAM areas through hands-on workshops and offered them a college campus experience.

"What a valuable experience this was for our girls at Isaac E. Young Middle School," said sixth grade science teacher Patricia McCue, who attended with the students. "They saw that the sky's the limit for them in STEAM fields!"
Along with McCue, IEYMS science teachers Claudia Gianserra and Pauline Hudson accompanied the students in the informative, inspiring day.

"It was really fun, we had teamwork and thinking activities," said seventh grader Tamia Rhoden. "I learned new things and met new people."

All of the girls received a lab coat through Mercy College's partner in the event, ThinkSTEAM .

"My lab coat will be my forever memory of this great trip," said Candelaria Perez, also a seventh grader.
Students Honored
For Excellence in Italian
Five New Rochelle students studying the Italian language were honored last week at an Italian Heritage and Culture Month celebration at Eastchester High School.
Four of the students received a certificate of recognition for excellence in the study of the Italian language and culture from Westchester County Executive George Latimer. They were:
  • Erica Dubie, New Rochelle High School, senior.
  • Ryan Lipton, New Rochelle High School, junior.
  • Ava Gnagy, an eighth grader at Albert Leonard Middle School, eighth grade. (Also won: $250 scholarship from Ace Endico Corp.)
  • Laila Jackson, Isaac E. Young Middle School, sixth grade.
Sierra Daly, a sixth grader at Isaac E. Young Middle School, won a $250 scholarship from DeCicco & Sons. 
The Oct. 21 event was sponsored by the Westchester County Executive, the Westchester Coalition of Italian-American Organizations and the Eastchester High School Italian Club.
" It was a great evening to spend with the students in recognition of this special achievement and in celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month, " said Carlo Sclafani, co-president of the coalition.
'Exploring Africa' Will be Theme of Black History Month Celebration
The eighth annual Black History Month Celebration in New Rochelle High School next February will feature the theme "Exploring Africa: A Celebration of the Continent," the Westchester Alliance of Black School Educators (WABSE) and the City School District of New Rochelle have announced.
Organizers are seeking artworks from and performances by students throughout the District for the celebration, to be held Feb. 29, 2020, at the Whitney M. Young Jr. Auditorium in New Rochelle High School.
"This year's event celebrates the beauty and wonder of Africa," the announcement of the event says. "Students are encouraged to explore the music, people, geography, and history of the continent that was home to many whom were brought to America as slaves."

The event is a showcase for visual art, spoken word, drama, dance, music and poetry from District students. Performance proposals and artwork must be submitted to Columbus Elementary School Assistant Principal Shelli Owens at  or 576-4401. Deadlines are Jan. 24, 2020, for performance proposals, Feb. 12, 2020, for artwork.
"Every school year affords us a new opportunity to create activities for students that will enrich their lives and educate them about our shared history and the making of America," said Candace Pinn, WABSE president, event chair and a kindergarten teacher at Henry Barnard Early Childhood Center. " The New Rochelle Black History Month Celebration truly celebrates diversity by bringing together the New Rochelle community to have fun, create memories and learn. The year 2019 marks the 400th anniversary of when the first enslaved Africans were forcibly brought to America, via what would grow to become the Transatlantic Slave Trade. In 2020, we thought it would be fitting to explore the continent from whence they came - Africa!"
Cheer For Huguenots
In Football Semifinals
At NRHS Tomorrow
Come out and cheer for the Huguenots tomorrow when the New Rochelle High School varsity football team takes on John Jay-Fishkill in a Class AA Section 1 semifinal match.

Kickoff is 3:30 p.m. Saturday on McKenna Field at NRHS.

The Huguenots finished the regular season undefeated for the fourth time in five years. Last Saturday, they defeated Arlington High School 42-7 in the Section 1 quarterfinals.
Register Online
For NRHS Athletics
New Rochelle High School students can now be registered for athletics on line via FamilyID, a secure, easy-to-use platform. Information needs to be added just once for each student, regardless of the number of teams on which the student participates.
Before you register please make certain that your child has had an updated sports physical.  It will also be helpful to have the following information available:
  • Doctor information
  • Health insurance information
  • Student identification
Reach FamilyID through the District website, Under the "Students" menu, click on "Athletics." There look for " To register, visit this page. "