August 27, 2019
Volume 1 | Issue 34
Your Weekly Commission Update
Community colleges play an important role in educating and training current and future generations of workers,
in addition to providing affordable and responsive higher education to thousands of Pennsylvanians every year.
Community College Vice President Champions Single Mothers
Sydney Beeler, Ed.D., vice president of Enrollment Management at Westmoreland County Community College, has become a powerful advocate for low-income single mothers trying to better themselves and their families through education. She presented the findings of her research at several recent conferences.
Mom with Sick Child Unlocks Options with KEYS Program
While she was working in the banking industry, Trudy Jefferson wasn’t thinking about returning to college. Life changed after her daughter was diagnosed with a serious illness. She found a way to care for her daughter and earn her degree at Montgomery County Community College through the KEYS Program.
With Help from KEYS, Single Mother Finds Success at College 
Valerie Bible, a single mother of two, was inspired by her oldest son to enroll in college and earn a degree. Thanks to the KEYS Program at Community College of Beaver County, Ms. Bible has help with transportation, cash assistance and an advocate who can help her education journey.
Meet Merle: Single Father and Community College Graduate 
When Merle Barkley Jr. enrolled in the Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) program at Westmoreland County Community College, he had lost his house and was raising four children on his own. Thanks to help from the college's KEYS Program, Barkley completed his associate degree
Last Year's Commencement Speaker Inspires with her Story
Last year, Habibah Sulayman Smith spoke at Delaware County Community College's (DCCC) spring commencement. She shared her story - the journey of a 26-year-old, single mother with three kids who was struggling not to become homeless when she came to DCCC. Today she is a project specialist for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Community College KEYS Program Helps Single Parents Succeed 
Butler County Community College interviewed single parents participating in the KEYS Program to learn how the program has helped transform their lives. Please watch the video to learn more about how this PA Department of Human Services program allows single parents on cash assistance to meet federal work requirements by enrolling in one of PA’s 14 community colleges.
Welfare-to-Work Program Helps Single Parents in Pennsylvania
The Keystone Education Yields Success - or KEYS - program allows parents on cash assistance to meet federal work requirements by enrolling in one of Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges. Meet some of the students enrolled at Reading Area Community College , Pennsylvania Highlands Community College , Delaware County Community College , and HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College in this article by the Pennsylvania Capital-Star
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