July 13, 2018

Commission Update
Sharing how PA's community colleges are responsive to the needs of the local communities they serve.

Pennsylvania CC News

Montgomery County businesses interested in applying for training grants through WEDnetPA, the Workforce & Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania, can attend an upcoming information session at  Montgomery County Community College on July 18. WEDnetPA provides training to upgrade current employee skills to be more effective thus making companies more competitive. The session hosted by the college's Workforce Development Division will feature advice on applying for the workforce training grants, including developing effective proposals to meet eligibility requirements and program benchmarks.  Pennsylvania community colleges are an approved WedNET partner.  In FY2016-17, more than 22,000 employees were trained by PA Community Colleges through WEDnetPA .    

Bucks County law enforcement, K-12 education, and human services leadership gathered at  Bucks County Community College  to share how they are working collectively to combat the opioid epidemic. Congressman Fitzpatrick, who serves as Vice-Chair of the national Bipartisan Heroin Task Force invited PA state lawmakers and a fellow Texas Congressional member who chairs the Homeland Security Commission to the Bucks campus in Newtown Township. PA State Representative DiGirolamao related his family's own personal experience battling addiction during the roundtable discussion. Middletown Township Representative Frank Farry noted the concerns of members of his district as the forum explored solutions to the crisis, such as education and prevention.

This summer, students in Monroe County won't go hungry due to a partnership between  Northampton Community College and the United Way. The Pocono Mountains Hunger Coalition provides a healthy breakfast and lunch Monday through Thursday to students age 18 and under, regardless of socio-economic status. In its first year, the program is proving to be popular and the college plans to continue again next year.
Did you know? Most community college students are part-time. Most are female, as noted by  HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College President John "Ski" Sygielski. Tuition cost for high-tech curriculum instruction is more expensive than teaching general education courses.
Community colleges throughout the Commonwealth and the nation must address these challenges recently raised in a discussion on social media. The good news is students at community colleges reflect the overall demographics of American higher education and are working harder than ever to overcome their own personal challenges to succeed.

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