December 22, 2020
Volume 2 | Issue 51
Your Weekly Community College Update
Community colleges play an important role in educating and training current and future generations of workers,
in addition to providing affordable and responsive higher education to thousands of Pennsylvanians every year.
Editorial: Community Colleges Can Speed Economic Recovery
The Bloomberg Editorial Board recently opined that, with proper state and federal investment, community colleges "can play a key role in helping... workers gain the education and skills necessary to advance their careers." The editorial explained how community colleges are engines for economic opportunity through workforce training.
Scholarship Offers Opportunity for Hundreds of College Students
Through the previously announced Octavius Catto Scholarship, new, first-time college students can now apply for a scholarship that would make tuition free for hundreds of students at Community College in Philadelphia. The scholarship is designed to address many of the obstacles faced by students who are living in poverty and will also provide eligible students with funding for basic needs including food and books.
Continuing Coverage
PA Community Colleges Respond to COVID-19 as Situation Evolves
Pennsylvania community colleges continue to evaluate their response to COVID-19. As guidance changes, the most up-to-date information from each community college is available through the Commission's website.
Warm Winter Wishes
May the magic and the wonder of the season stay with you throughout the coming year. Happy holidays to all our friends and partners in Pennsylvania and beyond!

Editor's Note: Our Birthday column will be on hiatus until the January 5, 2021 newsletter. Thank you for understanding!