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The harvest for Pacific Biodiesel's first sunflower crop on the Valley Isle was a sight to see as the combine, the first of its kind on the island, worked its way up and down the Central Maui crop site removing the heads from the dried blooms and threshing the seeds from each head. 
July 2017

In This Issue
  • Pacific Biodiesel Grows Its Sustainable Ag Operations
  • Big Island Refinery Reports Mid-Year Highlights
  • Enhancing Our Safety Focus
  • Jenna Long Selected as one of "40 Under 40" Leaders in Hawaii
  • Companywide Employee Recognition Program Launched
  • Company Employees of the Quarter Named 
  • Maui Sunflower Crop Continues to Inspire
  • Buzzworthy Blooms
  • Industry News and Trends
  • Around Town and In the News
  • Upcoming Events

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Staff Writer & Layout: Beth Mathias, Marketing Associate
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Our Mission:
To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels. 
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On Earth Day 2016, the Pacific Biodiesel plant on the Big Island became the first biodiesel facility in the United States to earn certification by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance for showcasing sustainable biodiesel production and distribution practices.   

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Pacific Biodiesel Grows Its Sustainable Ag Operations               
Experience and experimentation bring company closer to large scale analysis      
At the beginning of June, Pacific Biodiesel harvested its first sunflower crop on Maui over a two-day period. The harvesting combine, the first of its kind on Maui, mechanically cuts the
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King, at the wheel of the combine, gets a birds-eye view of the field.
sunflower plants below the head and threshes the grain from each head.
The combine, purchased from a family farm in northern California, operates on 100% biodiesel as does all other equipment on the Pacific Biodiesel crop site. The seeds are then dried on site using a biodiesel-powered generator before being shipped to our refinery on the Big Island to be pressed into oil at our crushing mill. 
     "It was exciting to use the combine harvester on the first sunflower crop.  We did well, learned lots, and confirmed some thoughts we had for improvement on the next harvest," said Bob King, President of Pacific Biodiesel. "The combine certainly gets attention here on Maui!"
     The second sunflower crop planted in April in an adjacent plot will be ready for harvest in early August, while the third crop nearby was planted earlier this month and will be in full bloom in mid-September.
     The company has already seen interest in the sunflower oil for cosmetic use and as food-grade vegetable cooking oil for use by local restaurants. The oil produced from the harvest will be used for these high-value products in addition to being used as feedstock in the production of our biodiesel.
     "The farming team is having fun implementing many new ideas," King said. "Starting with our own research and field trials over the past years, talking with experts in the industry, and adding more acreage and equipment, we are learning new things and getting closer to a large scale economic analysis of oilseed farming in Hawaii. Watch for new crops and well as more sunflowers in the future as we push this project forward."
The combine harvested the first sunflower crop in two days.
The second sunflower crop blooms in Central Maui. 
New and Improved Crushing Mill
     With the additional volume of agricultural feedstock now being farmed by Pacific Biodiesel, the company has invested in a new, more versatile expeller press that can handle a large variety of oil seeds and produce excellent quality oils, marketed under the company's Maiden Hawaii Naturals brand. The press is located in the recently upgraded and expanded crushing mill production facility located next to the company's refinery on the Big Island.
     According to Crushing Mill Manager Chris Long, "The sunflower we grow on Maui is easy to crush and makes a great product. The new mill has been streamlined and has proven effective for processing these sunflower seeds in large volumes."
     The Pacific Biodiesel team is developing a variety of products from this source, including food grade cooking oil and sunflower meal. The high-protein meal that results when the oil is expelled from the seeds is currently being tested by a local cattle farmer.
      The operation continues to refine the crushing parameters for macadamia nuts. "Mac nuts have always been a challenging feedstock to master with every press we have used," said Long. "We are currently making some changes to the internal components of our press to further improve our output."
Bob King, Jenna Long and Chris Long recently toured a prospective customer through the company's newly upgraded Maiden Hawaii Naturals production facility on the Big Island, demonstrating the equipment and processes use to create macadamia nut oil and other cosmetic oils produced by the company.
Big Island Refinery Reports Mid-Year Highlights
Improvements result in increased production

The Pacific Biodiesel refinery on the Big Island has been extremely busy this year with increasing production, implementing new processing equipment, and improving existing systems. By the end of June, the Big Island team has increased production 27% compared to this time last year.  
     "We are currently projected to exceed the plant's designed capacity of 5.5 MGY to approximately 6 MGY.  This achievement is largely due to the additional resources that the company continues to
Pacific Biodiesel's Big Island refinery, operating three shifts a day, experiences increased efficiency and productivity. 
invest into its operations," said Tony Pastrama, Plant Manager.
     Some of these resources include purchasing additional equipment for quick replacement of worn-out items such as pumps, valves, motors, etc. Other resources include a new pressure leaf filter press system that will be used to removed high amounts of polyethylene from a variety of rendered feedstock, mainly tallow. This will also help remove a variety of contaminates from Hawaii's grease trap oil collections for smoother processing at the refinery. In addition, a new trough system will be placed to filter out debris from locally collected oils with better efficiency. Other plant upgrades include additional lighting in the load-bay, safety lighting for chemical transfers, larger pumps for multiple systems, three new reactor vessels to arrive in September, and a back-up generator that will be arriving by next month.
     "These upgrades implemented at the Big Island facility will ultimately result in increased production and reduced stoppages. With the dedication and perseverance of the maintenance, engineering, and operations team, they've been able to reduce down-time by 33% from this time last year," Pastrama said. "This is a great achievement by some of the hardest-working people I've worked with in this industry."
Enhancing Our Safety Focus
Company welcomes Dave Guinn, as new Environmental, Health and Safety Manager   
This year Pacific Biodiesel has added a new position to our management team to strengthen our operation as we continue to grow. Dave Guinn, our new Environmental, Health and Safety Manager (EHS), is responsible for developing, monitoring, and enforcing safety programs and compliance systems for all operations
Pacific Biodiesel's new Environmental, Health and Safety Manager Dave Guinn.
     According to Director of Operations Jenna Long, "The company created this new position because we feel strongly that attention to safety is at the heart of all of our operations. It's very important to us to make sure every employee goes home to his or her family safely every day."
     The company's investment in this position also helps protect the company from liability, "which makes all of our jobs more secure," Long continued.  
      With Masters degrees in both Biology and Environmental Engineering, Guinn comes to Pacific Biodiesel with over 25 years of experience in chemical manufacturing, environment and safety. Previous positions include Industrial Hygienist, Environmental Engineer and work with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.
      "Liz and I have wanted to live in Hawaii since our first visits," reported Guinn. "And I want to work for an organization I believe in. Pacific Biodiesel provided an opportunity to do both of those things, and we feel so fortunate to finally be here. It just gets better every day."
      Long added, "Our operations team has worked very hard over the past years to provide safety trainings and put together the robust safety program that we currently have. We're very glad that Dave was able to take on this new EHS role, as his extensive safety background in refineries and elsewhere is invaluable in helping us to improve and expand our safety program to our new departments. We do still need everyone's help and participation in our safety program, but now we will be able to use everyone's input more efficiently."
Jenna Long Selected as one of "40 Under 40" Leaders in Hawaii
Pacific Business News honors Pacific Biodiesel Director of Operations    

Director of Operations Jenna Long was selected from more than 160 nominations to be part of the Pacific Business News "40 Under 40" class of 2017. According to the publication, this annual event features 40 individuals under the age of 40, who demonstrate success and strong business excellence in their respective organizations and disciplines. This year's honorees represented a variety of industries in the local economy such as tourism, healthcare, realty, education, banking and renewable energy.
     Jenna personally invited to the June event those Pacific Biodiesel coworkers who had been with the company the longest saying, "We've been working together for so long and I feel that your contributions not only helped me receive this award but have contributed a lot to the company's success overall."
     Click here to read the article in Pacific Business News.

Fellow employees and family attended the awards event at the Four Seasons Resort at Ko'olina as Jenna Long was named to the 2017 Class of
"40 Under 40" Leaders in Hawaii by Pacific Business News. Jenna can be seen second row, center as the honorees posed for a "class photo".

Companywide Employee Recognition Program Launched
Employees statewide encouraged to create and recognize "Shaka" moments

In June, Pacific Biodiesel launched a new, companywide employee recognition program with monthly, quarterly and annual recognition opportunities.
     "Having a companywide recognition program says to all our employees that we truly appreciate them and we realize the positive impact that can be made by even simple acts of gratitude," said Director of Operations Jenna Long. "This recognition program will reinforce our company values - the same characteristics we look for when hiring new employees and evaluating the performance of our employees."
     During each month employees submit recommendations for "Shaka Shoutouts," some of which are chosen for publication in the monthly employee newsletter, "Laulima". Recommendations are based on the qualities that reflect Pacific Biodiesel's values:
  1. Sustainability - Making a positive impact on the environment, economy or community; reflecting our recycling and zero-waste practices; showing respect for the 'aina.
  2. Innovation - Helping to continually improve our products, processes or services; generating new ideas or new ways of doing things.
  3. Relationships - Building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, our community, our industry and each other; reflecting our "community-based" value by volunteering or lending a helping hand inside or outside the company.
  4. Walk The Talk - Having an action-oriented, get-it done, "be the change" mentality; willing to roll up your sleeves, take the initiative and get involved even if it takes you outside your comfort zone. We have each other's back and we put safety first at all times.
  5. Ohana - Our company does not have a "big corporate" personality; we are team that's close-knit, know-you-by-name, approachable, humble and genuine. We work together as an 'Ohana and we live the Aloha spirit. We are fun-loving, friendly and we make people feel appreciated.
Company Employees of the Quarter Named
Ethan Jackson and Keali'i Kaahapea Earn "Top Shaka" Honors for 2nd Quarter
Congratulations to our company's first "Top Shaka" Employees of the Quarter -  dual winners from the Big Island, Fleet Mechanic Ethan Jackson and Supply Chain Coordinator Keali'i Kaahapea.
     This duo was nominated for a Shaka Shoutout in February by Tony Baduria, Supply Chain Manager, who explained how they, "stepped outside their normal responsibilities to put customer service at the top of their list. When an emergency pumping call came in, Keali'i overheard and knew that all the drivers were already on the road." That's when he and Ethan offered to help.
     "They did such a great job," said Baduria, "that the next time we had an emergency and no driver available, the dynamic duo headed out once again to save the day!"  
     "I am really impressed by how Ethan and Keali'i have shown outstanding dedication to building relationships with our customers and 'walking the talk' by jumping in and doing something so far out of their job description," said Jenna Long. "This award is well deserved. On behalf of all the managers, we say MAHALO to both of them!"  
     Long added, "We are thrilled to see all of the excellent Shaka stories of Pacific Biodiesel team members statewide stepping up in different ways. What a great way to start off this new program!"

Operations Director Jenna Long presented Top Shaka Awards for the 2nd Quarter of 2017 to Fleet Mechanic Ethan Jackson, at left, and Supply Chain Coordinator Keali'i Kaahapea. As part of the company's new recognition program Ethan and Keali'i will be eligible for Employee of the Year honors.

To better facilitate the many requests for educational and informational visits to the biofuel crop site, Pacific Biodiesel will be designating specific "tour days" each month. For information please contact Public Relations Associate Kim Sloan at 808-280-5634 or email [email protected].

In the Spotlight
Account Executive Rob Robinson greets Chef Dean Lui of UHMC's Culinary Arts Program.
Pacific Biodiesel Around Town 
Hawaii Hotel, Lodging and Food Service Expo - July 12-13    
Account Executives Dana Shinsato and Rob Robinson, along with Drain Cleaning Technician Tony Addision represented Pacific Biodiesel at the food service industry's largest event of the year.    
Hawaii Farmers United United Meeting - July 13
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King was the guest speaker at the Hawaii Farmers Union meeting held at Maui Tropical Plantation.    
Industry News & Trends 
  • July 5, 2017 - EPA Issues First Renewable Fuel Standard Proposal  Under New Administration
Click here to read the current article from Biodiesel Magazine
  • June 22, 2017 - Deal Signed for Biodiesel Fueled Trains in Florida  
Click here for the Biofuels International article

Upcoming Events  
  Chamber of Hawaii
August 1 - Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii Annual Meeting and Expo       
Representatives from Pacific Biodiesel will be networking with Oahu's business executives at the annual me   eting of the State's Chamber of Commerce and spreading the word about our recycling services and the premium quality biodiesel we produce right here in Hawaii.  
August 5 - Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and All At Once Village 
Pacific Biodiesel along with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance will be at the Waikiki Shell with Jack  Johnson on his 2017 Summer Tour and All At Once, a social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community and promoting sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives.

August 12 - Maui Huliau Food and Film Festival

Pacific Biodiesel is a lead sponsor for the Maui Huliau Food and Film Festival at Sugar Beach Events
  Maui Huliau Logo on Maui. Proceeds benefit Maui Huliau Foundation's environmental education programs for Maui youth.

August 29-30 - Hawaii Agricultural Conference 

Farm Manager Jamie Twigg-Smith and Crushing Mill Manager Chris Long will attend the Hawaii  Ag Conference held this year at the Hawaii Convention Center. This year the conference has a renewed focus on farm to table and other sustainable agriculture initiatives, directly in line with Pacific Biodiesel's agricultural goals.

August 2017 - Let's Talk Energy
Pac MECOific Biodiesel will be featured as a Maui Electric Company Energy Partner on Akaku, Maui's  public access TV station. Check our Facebook page for information on date and time.

September 13-15 - Hawaii Transportation Association Annual Conference and Expo

The Pacific Biodiesel team will attend this year's HTA Conference and showcase at the Friday night exposition. The event is a good opportunity to meet with fleet managers and mechanics as well as county and state officials involved with the transportation industry.

September 16 - Maui Electric Fair
Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center is the venue for the 2017 Maui Energy Fair. We encourage all of Maui to stop by the Pacific Biodiesel table to learn about the many new projects that support our mission of sustainable, community-based renewable fuel. 

Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is Hawaii's award-winning and internationally recognized producer of renewable fuels and the only commercial biofuel producer in the state. This Maui-based company established and operated the very first retail biodiesel pump in America and for the past two decades has built a solid reputation as a leading pioneer in the renewable energy industry. Throughout its history, Pacific Biodiesel's mission has remained constant: to promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels. Today, with more than 80 employees statewide, Pacific Biodiesel excels in constructing and operating biodiesel processing plants, advancing process technology, and producing and marketing quality fuels. The company is also involved in many sustainable agriculture-related projects - including testing sunflowers as a potential year-round feedstock for producing biodiesel and exploring innovative ways to turn agriculture waste into useful products that can create new revenue streams for farmers, such as recycling waste papaya to grow algae for use in farm fertilizer and as feed for local aquaculture and livestock. With a nameplate production capacity of 5.5 million gallons annually, Pacific Biodiesel's Big Island plant utilizes state-of-the art distillation technology to produce the highest-quality biodiesel in the country.
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