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Biodiesel customers, advocates and supporters toured the central Maui sunflower field, heralding the start of biodiesel-fueled farm tours, before heading to Maui Tropical Plantation for the second stop of Pacific Biodiesel's Earth Day Celebration.
May 2018

In This Issue
  • Pacific Biodiesel Announces Earth Friendly Initiatives
  • Community Comes Out in Force to Support Biodiesel
  • Oahu Facility Upgraded for Speed and Efficiency
  • Pacific Biodiesel Accepts "Best Places to Work in Hawaii" Award 
  • Company Employee of the Quarter Named
  • Industry Updates
  • Pacific Biodiesel Sponsors Excellence in Sustainability Award
  • Generating New Customers
  • Around Town
  • Spreading the Message of Sustainability
  • In the Spotlight
  • Upcoming Events

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Staff Writer & Layout: Beth Mathias, Marketing Associate
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Our Mission:
To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels. 
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On Earth Day 2016, the Pacific Biodiesel plant on the Big Island became the first biodiesel facility in the United States to earn certification by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance for showcasing sustainable biodiesel production and distribution practices.   

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Pacific Biodiesel Announces Earth-Friendly Initiatives on Earth Day                   
Maui Earth Day celebration featured sunflower farm tour, tastings and demos  
In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Pacific Biodiesel announced two Earth-friendly initiatives: the official launch of Kuleana® - the company's new line of Hawaii-made, natural beauty products - and, new daily tours of its Maui Sunflower farm utilizing vehicles powered by the company's locally made 100% biodiesel. The announcements were
President Bob King addressed the Earth Day gathering of biodiesel customers and advocates at the Central Maui sunflower field.
Pacific Biodiesel announced daily tours will be initiated by private tour operator TPT, using B100-fueled vans as shown above. 
made during a special farm tour on Earth Day at Pacific Biodiesel's biofuel crop in Maui's central valley followed by a reception at Maui Tropical Plantation. This Earth Day also marked Pacific Biodiesel's two-year anniversary of becoming the world's first "certified sustainable" biodiesel producer.
     "At Pacific Biodiesel, we're committed to initiatives that make a positive impact in our communities and contribute to a healthier environment," said Kelly King, Vice President. "Our company's innovative spirit and mission of sustainability led us to create these all-natural skincare products made with locally sourced ingredients - including our Maui Sunflower oil. These products harness the power of plants, provide health benefits to the consumer and support our core values. The farm tours are another way to share sustainability with the community. We've seen firsthand how people are inspired by our Maui sunflowers - or "blooms of sustainability" as we like to call them - and they're excited to learn about our diversified agriculture and renewable energy operation."
     Pacific Biodiesel announced it is working with private tour operator, TP Transportation (TPT), who will incorporate the Maui Sunflower farm as a daily stop in its new "Maui Made Fresh Tour." The tours, scheduled to begin in May, will utilize shuttle vans powered by biodiesel. "With these tours, we're thrilled to support agri-tourism in our state while we showcase our locally made 100% renewable fuel," King added. For information on TPT's "Maui Made Fresh Tours" visit  
     During this Earth Day event, invited guests included biodiesel customers and sustainability advocates such as Trilogy Excursions, Malama Maui Nui, Extended Horizons, and Kupa'a Farms. Guests took part in the first official biodiesel-powered farm tour of Pacific Biodiesel's Maui sunflower farm. Following the informative tour, guests were transported to Maui Tropical Plantation for a "preview" tasting of new sunflower and macadamia nut cooking oils in development by Pacific Biodiesel; the company plans to launch the food-grade oils this summer. Guests also enjoyed farm fresh cocktails and appetizers prepared by The Mill House Restaurant, incorporating the macadamia nut oil, sunflower oil and other locally grown ingredients. Kuleana hosted a "pop up beauty" event at Maui Tropical Plantation and had representatives on hand throughout the day to offer product demonstrations of its facial cleansers and beauty oils. Guests enjoyed special retail offers and giveaways.
     Click here for more information on Kuleana beauty products.
     The company's special Earth Day event generated positive media exposure: 
Marketing Director Joy Galatro looks on as the Jenerate PR team videotapes a Kuleana product demonstration. 
Guests were able to sample the company's all natural macadamia nut and sunflower oils as well as signature cocktails by The Mill House Restaurant at the reception. 
Kuleana Josh susan
Sales Manager Josh Circle-Woodburn and Sales Coordinator Susan Campbell hosted the Kuleana "pop-up beauty event" and official product launch at Maui Tropical Plantation. 


Community Comes Out in Force to Support Biodiesel
Broad opposition to Maui Mayor's proposed 23-cent per gallon increase in biodiesel road tax
Throughout April, Pacific Biodiesel employees from across the state, customers and renewable energy advocates in Hawaii and beyond provided testimony to the Maui County Council during budget hearings in opposition to the 23-cent per gallon tax increase for on-road biodiesel proposed in the Mayorʻs 2019 fiscal year budget for Maui County. The proposed tax rate is the same as imported petroleum diesel and gasoline and double that of imported ethanol and liquid natural gas.
     The proposed county tax on this locally produced renewable fuel would be by far the highest in the state. Oahu's tax on this renewable fuel is $.083 per gallon while Hawaii County and Kauai County charge zero road tax on biodiesel.
     Pacific Biodiesel Maui employees offered in-person testimony on three different days; each speaking from the heart and making a different point to Maui lawmakers. Neighbor island employees submitted written testimony to the County's Budget and Finance Committee.
Maui Testimony
Maui employees, gathered outside the County Building, were among those who offered testimony in April opposing the tax increase on biodiesel. 
     Biodiesel fleet, business and personal vehicle customers voiced  their opposition to the proposed tax increase as did community organizations and business partners, including the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawaii (STCH), Agmark and Young Brothers.
     Biodiesel customer Christopher Renwick wrote, "Many legislatures across the US have proposed taxing sugary beverages in order to curb the amount of consumption... using this logic, your proposed tax would curb the consumption of biodiesel and hurt a budding renewable and sustainable industry." Renwick continued, "I fill up my vehicle with 100% biodiesel for my 60 mile round trip commute and feel good knowing I am supporting a local business growing fuel on failed cane fields, while getting 45 MPG and emitting significantly less pollution than other cars on the road. Maui County needs to step it up when it comes to supporting renewable fuels, the local businesses that provide and service these fuels, and the customers who are voting with their money for a more sustainable Maui."
     Pacific Biodiesel is grateful for all the support that has been shown during this budget process. While the Maui County budget will not be finalized until June 10, we are hopeful that legislators heard the overwhelming support for biodiesel and vote to amend the Mayor's proposed tax of 23 cents per gallon for on-road biodiesel back to zero.
     Maui County Council has posted a Notice of Public Hearing on the Fuel and Weight Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2019. The hearing will take place at Friday, May 11 at 9:00am at the Council Chambers. Biodiesel advocates are encouraged to show up and testify in support of a zero tax increase.
Oahu Facility Upgraded for Faster and More Efficient Waste Processing
New equipment installed to increase grease trap rendering capabilities and speed      
With ever increasing quantities of grease trap waste collected on Oahu, the Pacific Biodiesel Sand Island facility is undergoing renovations to allow for faster, more efficient rendering of waste grease and sludge.
     Led by Springhouse Consulting owner Will Smith, who has designed numerous Pacific Biodiesel facilities in the past, a replacement tank has been installed along with a new decanter and centrifuge. Operations Manager George Aiwohi is handling on-ground construction for the project.
   Currently, the waste materials settle naturally by gravity, which takes time. With the new system, the solids and liquids will be separated in the decanter, with the liquid layer entering the centrifuge. Here, the high-speed rotation will separate the oil from the water.
     According to Operations Director Jenna Long, "This efficient process will provide more usable oil for biodiesel processing than was previously possible, while leaving a dry material that can be composted locally."
   The upgrades will also include a B100-fueled generator, to power part of the operation optimizing the company's use of renewable energy.
     "With increased capacity, we are currently hiring additional CDL drivers and operations staff to add to our Oahu team," said Long. Resumes can be forwarded to
     The improvement project is scheduled for completion early this summer.
Oahu Centrifuge
In April, the centrifuge, a key component of the facility upgrade, was lowered into place at Pacific Biodiesel's Sand Island facility.

Pacific Biodiesel Accepts "Best Places to Work in Hawaii" Award
Company receives "Best" designation for the 7th consecutive year
Team members from Pacific Biodiesel attended the March banquet hosted by Hawaii Business magazine where they accepted an award as one of the "Best Places to Work in Hawaii" on behalf of all company employees. This is the seventh consecutive year that Pacific Biodiesel has received this recognition.
     Controller Jan Alejandro and Operations Manager George Aiwohi were joined by 2017 Quarterly Top Shaka recipients Maui CDL Driver William Chun and Big Island Fleet Mechanic Ethan Jackson at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for the awards banquet and presentation ceremony.
     "We are really proud of how well our employees work as a team," said Jenna Long. "It's what makes Pacific Biodiesel such a great place to work."
     Hawaii Business partners each year with research firm Best Companies Group to administer the Best Places to Work survey. The main part of the survey is a confidential questionnaire sent to all employees. This year there were 85 questions and open-ended statements on the survey with employee responses making up 75 percent of a company's score.
      According the magazine, "Many companies nominated themselves for the Best Places to Work list, but only 70 made the cut."
On behalf of all employees, Big Island Fleet Mechanic Ethan Jackson, 2nd from left, accepted the "Best Places to Work" Award presented by Hawaii Business. 

Company Employee of the Quarter Named
Beth Mathias earns "Top Shaka" award for the 1st Quarter of 2018  
After the company's Employee Celebration in January, Marketing Director Joy Galatro nominated Mathias for recognition.
     "I would like to give a Shaka Shoutout to Beth for once again leading the
Beth Mathias
Marketing Associate Beth Mathias received "Top Shaka" recognition, presented by President Bob King. 
event planning and coordination for the company's annual Employee Celebration along with the committee," said Galatro.
     "Beth's strong organization skills and creativity helped produce a smooth, well-orchestrated event that employees and their families clearly enjoyed. Her initiative to develop a detailed event plan, outline and manage the event budget and develop all the details including the slide presentations, the themed prizes, the Employee of the Year presentation and awards -- and working until the wee hours of the evenings the week leading up to the celebration while the department was short staffed shows incredible commitment and professionalism."
     Mathias joined the company's marketing department in August of 2010. "This really means a lot to me," she said upon learning of the honor. "I love what I do and the people with whom I work. While the challenges are many, the rewards of working on the Pacific Biodiesel team and advancing our mission are well worth the effort."
Industry Updates
Helping to keep you informed 

  • Biodiesel Ranks 1st Among Fleets for Alternative Fuel Use according to the 2018 Fleet Purchasing Outlook study conducted by the NTEA. Read the article from Biodiesel Magazine here.
  • EPA's recent actions in exempting small refineries from their Renewable Fuel Standard obligations have huge impact as reported here in Biofuels Digest April 25, 2018
  • Biodiesel can help reduce injector deposit formation - Get the details as reported the March 15, 2018 article in Biodiesel Magazine.
  • National Biodiesel Board reports on Minnesota's Groundbreaking Shift to B20.
  • Federal Spending Bill Does Not Include 2018 Biodiesel Tax Credit - Find out how this will effect the industry in Biodiesel Magazine's March 22, 2018 article.
  • Hawaii poised to ban sunscreen ingredients harmful to coral reefs - Get the latest update from the April 30, 2018 edition of the Star Advertiser.
Pacific Biodiesel Sponsors Excellence in Sustainability Award
Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort named 2018 honoree
Since 2011, Pacific Biodiesel has partnered with Maui No Ka Oi Magazine to sponsor the award for "Excellence in Sustainability" which is presented annually at the `Aipono Awards, a fundraiser for the Culinary Arts Program at the University of Hawaii Maui College. At the event, restaurants, hotels and other food service facilities receive "the best of" awards as voted on by readers of the magazine.
Aipono on stage
Pacific Biodiesel Marketing Director Joy Galatro, at left, and Vice President Kelly King, center, presented the 2018 Excellence in Sustainability award to the team from Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort. Photo Credit: Mieko Hoffman
     This year at the "Alice in `Aiponoland" themed event, Andaz Maui at Wailea was the recipient of this coveted award.
       Vice President Kelly King was interviewed by the magazine to explain how Andaz Maui earned the Excellence in Sustainability honor for 2018. In an excerpt from that article King explained:
       "Even before it purchased and renovated the former Wailea Beach Resort, Andaz showed its commitment to environmental responsibility, reusing 93 percent of the structural walls, floors and roof. What it didn't recycle, it replaced with healthier low-emission materials, from flooring to paint. Andaz doesn't just recycle on property; they recycled the actual property!"
       "Its coconut trees don't just beautify the landscape," says King. "The hotel harvests the nuts and dehydrates the meat to create body scrubs and massage oil for its spa."      
     Andaz Maui recycles 100 percent of the glass bottles used in its bars and restaurants and guestroom glassware is made from recycled wine bottles. The resort also recycles its used cooking oil into locally produced renewable fuel, has placed complimentary EV charging stations on the property and has adopted a stretch of highway along Kealia Pond, a national wildlife refuge that is home to thirty species of waterfowl, shorebirds and migratory ducks that its employees maintain.
     This year during the the cocktail reception, the Pacific Biodiesel team hosted a "tasting table" premiering its locally produced macadamia nut and sunflower culinary oils that will soon be available for market. The "`Aiponoland" reception area also featured a huge floral display made from sunflowers collected at the company's central Maui farm site. It was one of the evening's most popular "selfie" sites.
     "The `Aipono Awards gives Pacific Biodiesel an excellent opportunity to recognize sustainability in the hospitality industry," noted Marketing Director Joy Galatro, "while providing us with a great occasion to network with our restaurant and hotel customers."
Pacific Biodiesel's Susan Campbell, at left, and Josh Circle-Woodburn, at right, offered reception attendees sample tastings of both our macadamia and sunflower culinary oils.  
Pacific Biodiesel's "Queen of Hearts" Kelly King, accompanied by "Mad Hatter" Bob King were finalists in the evening's costume contest.
Aipono Sunflowers
As part of its sponsorship, Pacific Biodiesel provided sunflower blooms for "Aiponoland".
Generating New Customers
Biodiesel power generator will help events meet sustainability goals
Pacific Biodiesel now owns a new Cummins 200kW power generator that will be available for rental by event producers. This state of the art generator is a fully integrated mobile power generation system that will provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for standby and prime power applications.
   Many concert promoters, surfing contest organizers and producers of outdoor festivals in Hawaii are searching for ways to increase their sustainability efforts. This versatile power generator fits the bill producing 86% less harmful emissions than a petroleum diesel powered unit.
     The generator features Pacific Biodiesel graphics that announce it is being powered by 100% locally produced biodiesel.
     To inquire about rental of the generator, contact 

Bob with Generator
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King set up the company's new 200kW generator at University of Hawaii Maui College to power an aquaponic display at the April 25 Earth Day Celebration.
Around Town  
Families searched for eco eggs at Maui Tropical Plantation during the Sunday, April 1 event. 
Eco Easter Egg Discovery- April 1  
Pacific Biodiesel partnered with Maui Tropical Plantation for a first of its kind sustainable "Eco-Easter Egg Discovery" event. Guests were encouraged to explore the plantation grounds throughout the day to discover colorful compostable Easter eggs filled with treats and treasures compliments of Pacific Biodiesel, Kuleana Beauty, The Mill House and Maui Tropical Plantation Store. The event exceed expectations with many Maui families and visitors lining up for a chance to "discover" their special eco-treats! See some of the fun in this short video clip from the day.

Maui Ag Fest - April 7
Ag Fest 2018
Sales Manager Josh Circle-Woodburn and Marketing Director Joy Galatro introduced Kuleana to Ag Fest visitors.
UH Hilo Earth Day
Educating attendees about Pacific Biodiesel's locally produced renewable fuel at the UH Hilo Earth Day Celebration were L to R: Crushing Mill Operator Scott McLean, Ag Operations Assistant Anastacia Longorio, Agriculture Specialist Ashton "AJ" Ramiscal and (behind the camera) MHN Operations Manager Chris Long.
KTK Maui Means Business
Pacific Biodiesel Vice President Kelly King, third from left, joined other Maui business leaders at the "Maui Means Business" forum held at Maui Tropical Plantation.
Photo Credit: Euguene Tanner 
Pacific Biodiesel team members braved the weather at the 2018 Maui Ag Fest where both our renewable fuel and Kuleana beauty line were featured. Despite the mud, wind and rain, the annual event attracted locals and visitors alike to celebrate the agricultural history and future on Maui. Marketing Director Joy Galatro was joined by Sales Manager Josh Circle-Woodburn, Sales Coordinator Susan Campbell and Marketing Associate Beth Mathias. Flanked by sunflowers fresh from the field, the Pacific Biodiesel booth not only attracted a lot of visitors for photo ops but generated a good amount of sales of Kuleana beauty products and support for biodiesel in the County. 

UH Hilo Earth Day Celebration and Conservation Career Day - April 2
Members of the Pacific Biodiesel Big Island team hosted an educational display on campus at the UH Hilo Earth Celebration and Career Day. The annual celebration was attended by students of all ages, including elementary school classes, high school student and post-graduates, with its focus on sustainable practices, recycling and conservation.
     The event also attracted a wide range of community members. According to MHN Operations Manager Chris Long, "we also ran into a few old customers that were excited to hear our biodiesel price was below the price of petroleum diesel in town."
     "We had a restaurant employee that took some literature for their employer that currently throws away their cooking oil. Everyone who talked to us left impressed and in a positive mood."
     From all accounts it was a great outreach event for the on-site Pacific Biodiesel team. With varied job responsibilities in the company, the Earth Day event provided a rare opportunity to work together.
PBN Hosts "Maui Means Business" Forum - April 6
Kelly King was a featured panelist at the Pacific Business News inaugural "Maui Means Business" forum, discussing the challenges and rewards of doing business on the Valley Isle. Read the full article here
Hawaii Water Presentation - April 12
The Pacific Biodiesel team was invited by Hawaii Water and American Water, the local waste water management companies, to address Waikoloa Resort's property and restaurant managers on the importance of proper grease trap maintenance and cooking oil recycling.
     Plant Manager Tony Pastrama and Account Manager Rob Robinson were joined by Big Island team members Supply Chain Manager Tony Baduria and Lead CDL Driver Bryce McGuire at the Kings Shops for the April presentation. The team focused on the importance of adequate service frequency as well as best practices for grease trap and used cooking oil collection.
     Following the presentation, Tony Pastrama and Rob Robinson were hosted on a tour of Hawaii Water's plant.    
Spreading the Message of Sustainability Through Educational Outreach
The next generation learns about Pacific Biodiesel
Pacific Biodiesel has been busy throughout the last quarter talking to students at the request of educators. The message of renewable fuel and sustainable agriculture practices are compelling, with interest shown from all age groups.
     Recently, Pacific Biodiesel representatives spoke with students from Evergreen State College, Pukalani Elementary, Lahaina Intermediate and Baldwin High School, both in the field and in the classrooms.

While at the Central Maui farm, Evergreen College students posed questions to Big Island's MHN Operations Manager Chris Long via Skype. 
Three 3rd Grade classes at Pukalani Elementary School assembled to hear all about Pacific Biodiesel's renewable fuel and sunflower farm.
Bob King was the invited speaker at Lahaina Intermediate School, where they were learning about people who make an impact in their communities.
Sunflower Group Shot
Baldwin High School students ended their tour with a photo session in the infamous Maui sunflower fields!

In the Spotlight NPR The conversation
Pacific Biodiesel in Hawaii and beyond     
  • Hawaii Public Radio - Kelly King, Pacific Biodiesel co-founder and Vice President, was the featured guest on a recent segment of "The Conversation", hosted by Catherine Cruz.  The interview, taped on Maui, aired Friday, March 4 from 11am-Noon. You can hear the entire interview at this link found on the HPR website.
  • Maui Food Innovation Tasting
    Marketing Director Joy Galatro, along with Sales Coordinator Susan Campbell and Sales Manager Josh Circle-Woodburn capped off the X-celerator pitch event with a tasting demo of the company's all-natural sunflower oil and macadamia nut oil.
    Maui Food Innovation Center Award  - Pacific Biodiesel's Joy Galatro wasone of three top award winners of the Maui food industry "X-celerator" pitch event held last month at the Maui Food Innovation Center at University of Hawaii Maui College. Galatro, representing Pacific Biodiesel's Maiden Hawaii Naturals, received 2nd place honors as she introduced Maui's "first to market" all-natural sunflower oil targeting chefs, restaurateurs and food enthusiasts. For her efforts, Galatro earned for Pacific Biodiesel a grant in the amount of $2000. Read all about it here .
  • STEMWorks Students Produce Videos Featuring Pacific Biodiesel 
    STEMWorks, a statewide program of Women in Technology, is an initiative of the  Maui Economic Development Board . Late last year, its students visited Pacific Biodiesel to learn about and record both the Maui and Big Island operations. Each video is actually a part of a 360º virtual reality image, so there's more to see than meets the eye! As you move your cursor through each 360º image you'll see the video "play" symbol where you can watch other embedded video interviews. See the impressive results of the STEMWorks students by clicking the individual links below.
     You can also download the free STEMworks Energy Biodiesel app in iTunes here. 
  • Andaz Maui Turns to Sunflowers for Greater Sustainability
    Travel Weekly reports on how one Maui resort is partnering with Pacific Biodiesel to create a more sustainable guest experience. See the full article here.

Upcoming Events  
May 6 - Maui Wine "Pick-Up" Party, Ulupalakua, Maui
Pacific Biodiesel has been invited by the Maui Food Innovation Center to attend this exclusive event at Maui Winery. It will be a great opportunity to introduce the company and its expanding line of natural products. 
May 12 - East West Center's Changing Faces Leadership Seminar, Maui 
Vice President Kelly King will be hosting 16 international women entrepreneurs participating in the 2018 Changing Faces Women's Leadership Seminar. They will visit Maui to learn about Pacific Biodiesel and its sustainable model of agriculture for food and fuel.
May 17 - Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows Farm Tour,  Maui
Pacific Biodiesel will host the 2018 Ka Ipu Fellows at its central Maui farm an informational program about the company's sustainable farming for food and fuel initiatives. A Decisions Maui and Focus Maui Nui initiative, the Ka Ipu Kukui Fellows program was conceived to promote and develop future leaders through a community-based program designed to address planning for Maui Nui's future.
June, 2018 -  Maui Police Department Summer Leadership Farm Tour, Maui
Pacific Biodiesel's sunflower fields will be among the field trips sponsored by the Maui Police Department Summer Leadership program this year .
July 11-12 - Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Foodservice Expo - Oahu
Representatives of Pacific Biodiesel will once again attend the largest industry expo of the year. The Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality and Foodservice Expo brings together industry purchasers with vendors and service providers at this two day event. 

Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation's longest operating and most experienced biodiesel producer, and the only commercial liquid biofuel producer in the state. A Maui-based company with nearly 100 employees statewide, we established the very first retail biodiesel pump in America and for two decades we've been an innovative leader in the renewable energy industry. With a nameplate production capacity of 5.5 million gallons annually, our Big Island refinery utilizes advanced distillation technology to produce the highest-quality biodiesel in the country and in 2016 became the first facility in the world to be certified by the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance. Our company has always focused on recycling with a zero waste philosophy that incorporates development of value-added co-products. Today, our collaborative, community-based "agriculture and energy" production model demonstrates a full-circle sustainability system designed to fight climate change and help Hawaii achieve a clean, sustainable energy future.
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