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Juillet/July 2016                                                                                    Issue No 66

In This Issue
NEW>Northstar welcomes Aerialist Rebecca Palmer to Company**SPECIAL THANK YOU'S & MEMORY ALBUM IMAGES LINK OF Northstar Signature Native American 2014 Annual Hummingbird Performance Featuring Singer/Actress Oya Thomas. KEEPING 20th & 10th Anniversary Performance NEW DAWN "AWAKEN & RETURN Celebration*BE A SPONSOR in 2017
Event Year IMAGES*Northstar Dance Company in Community
Choir*New Cultural Arts Program*On Hiatus*Hillsboro & Garden Home Rec*Native Men's/Women's "All Around" Dance/Hand Drum/Vocals Labs w/ Off Campus School Credit
NORTHSTAR SPOTLIGHT IMAGE ALBUMS & UPCOMING EVENT DATES SHOWN by MONTH*National & Local*VIEW LINKS TO >November Feature story on Northstar in Portland Tribune; Northstar on Cover of Washington County Fall Arts Guide 2014*CITIZEN REVIEW BOARD ON NORTHSTAR*WATCH Video "Expulsion". PRIDE> Northstar Presented by the City of Beaverton/BAC the 2014 "Arts & Culture Excellence Award" Marse/Thank you!
Painted Sky & Community & Title VII Indian Education*Rebecca Friedlander, Director
Northstar Dance Company Profile"*Video
SUPPORT NATIVE CULTURAL ARTS LASTING GIFT & DONATE to Painted Sky & "The Dance"*Celebrity Endorsements*Oya Supports
**ALWAYS THE PERFECT GIFT*PURCHASE DVD*National Top 10 Best Seller Production "For the Generations" * Check Visionmaker for Broadcast in your City*FEATURED VIDEO CLIP*Robert Mirabal singing "Indian Johnny"

Ta'nishi/Hi Dear Friends of Painted Sky and Northstar Dance Company, Wishing you love and success in keeping the lighting of Painted Sky's 20th & Northstar's 10th Anniversary Celebration Journey! 2014 Annual Performance image Album ** Introducing WOLF DYNASTY FALL 2015 ** NEW VIDEO CLIP "COUGAR" ** NEW VIDEO CLIP "GUITAR STRINGS"




Chaque jour/Every day Northstar shares aboriginal story, song, music and "The Dance" turning on a light in a dark room. See Native~

Bienvenue/Welcome! Much love and blessings ~ from myself, Painted Sky Board of Directors & Advisors and the Northstar Dancers ~~

Marse/Thank you for your continued support of  Painted Sky 20th & Northstar's 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of Native youth/young adults in the Native cultural performing arts. Through Painted Sky and Northstar's Community Outreach Performances we share who we are as Native people and stay connected as an important part of the fabric of the world community. KEEP THE DANCE ALIVE 2017 "AWAKEN & RETURN" CAMPAIGN * CLICK  DONATE  and keep "The Dance" alive! Northstar dances where you live!

FOR PAINTED SKY/NORTHSTAR ANNIVERSARY YEARS ** A Tax Deductible Gift for Native American Cultural Performing Arts in Film, Story, Song, Music & "The Dance" for Native Youth/Young Adults in ABORIGINAL REMAINS

Northstar Dance Company & City of Beaverton 2015 Summer Events Memory Albums

"Arts in the Schools"*Beaverton Montclair Elementary. "Each year, for the past five years, Painted Sky Northstar Dance Company has come to perform at Montcliar Elementary to enhance our cultural studies. In third grade, children learn abut Native American life of the past and of the present and are entranced with the experience. As our fourth and fifth graders watch, they are reconnected with the culture and always come to the performance intellectually ready to discuss Native American cultural life, during the question and answer section. They are inspired and motivated by the performance. Janell Penuel, 3rd Grade Teacher, Montclair Elementary

Parfois, la re'ponse est juste en face de vouse tout le temps ... sometimes the answer is right in front of you all the time. See Native!

Williams Agency PR

Northstar Dance Company for national/international performances listed by Lewis Williams Agency out of California. (Flyer)
You may not think that often about the Native American culture, but would you be able to think or imagine of no aboriginal presence in community. Each day making a Native "moc"print to the heritage and history of this land through Native story, song, music and dance.  When Northstar is asked "where is home?" The answer is always "here". Here! is our Home. Live Native!

Always/Takine a friend,
Mary Hager, Executive Producer & Artistic Director
Painted Sky Inc.
Northstar Dance Company

© 2011 Painted Sky/Northstar Dance Company. All Painted Sky/Northstar Dance Program performances, content, designs and related intellectual property are the sole and exclusive property of Painted Sky/Northstar Dance Company, a Native American Cultural Performing Arts Magnet. All rights reserved. 

Events & Sponsors

Thank you Community & Much Success!
KEEPING NEW DAWN "Awaken & Return" 
20th/10th Anniversary in 2017!

Northstar Album Link &

Video Clips  

Northstar Dance Company welcomes Aerialist Rebecca Palmer 
Aerialist Rebecca Palmer
Aerialist Rebecca Palmer

The Northstar 2015-16 Dancer Family:  Aiyanna Bennett/Yakima, Jeremy Barney/Paiute/Mojave,Betty Stephens/Dine', Colt Nicol/Metis, Damon Keller, George Clements/Paiute, Hun Kim, Jordan Warren/Karuk/Hoopa Hand Drum/Vocals, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs, Kieran Hill/Modoc, Isaac Trimble/Apache Flute, Mary Bodine/Warm Springs, Matthew Clements/Paiute, Pamela Allen, Rebecca Friedlander/Athabascan, Soraya Mendez/Warm Springs 

NEW DAWN "Awaken & Return"

Northstar Signature Annual 
Featured in 2014 R&B, Soul, Jazz, Blues, Gospel & Pop Singer/Actress Oya Thomas*
& MC Twilight/Quileute Publicist, Jackie Jacobs
Thank you to Sponsors City of Beaverton, Symes Family & Painted Sky, Intel Native American Network Volunteers & Dawson Media Group Filming!


Hummingbird Photo Album
Northstar Hummingbird 2014 


Singer/Actress Oya Thomas



MC's Jackie Jacobs/Lumbee & Rebecca Friedlander/Athascan



  Cougar*Soraya Mendez/Warm Springs 



Damon Keller, Dance Director 



Rachael Chee/Shoshone Blackfoot  

Northstar Dance Company 'Hummingbird' 2014*Guitar Strings
Northstar Dance Company 'Hummingbird' 2014*Guitar Strings


PCPA Newmark 2011

Hidden Heritage 

Hidden Heritage
Hidden Heritage

   Anniversary Annual Posters

Northstar 2013 Hummingbird 

FB Oya 2013 Hummingbird Poster  

Northstar 2012 Hummingbird

Hummingbird Showcase 2012   

Northstar 2011 Ghost Dance



MAKE A DIFFERENCE*ADD YOUR SUPPORT of Northstar's 10th Anniversary Performances of Native Music and Dance in

Native American Cultural Performing Arts & National Singing Artists is Painted Sky ~


Rebecca Friedlander Cougar 2013  

Thank You! For Your Support
Lighted Tee Pee
James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation
Symes Family
Katharine Diack Fund of OCF
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Beaverton Arts Commission
City of Beaverton
AVA Roasteria Event Hall
The Collins Foundation
Potlatch Fund
Meyer Memorial Trust
Wieden & Kennedy Charitable Giving
PGE Foundation
Washington County Cultural Coalition
Dawson Media Group
THPRD/Garden Home Recreation
The Benson Hotel
PCPA Newmark
West Coast Productions

Comcast Newsmakers
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Northstar Artwork:
Andrew  Morrison
Tammy Layton
Jody Bergsma
Randy Kepple Photography
Tony Stromberg Photography

Photography of Northstar
Larry Johnson

Web Design of Painted Sky
Heather Young
Giant Chair Design


by Grammy Award Winner
Bill Miller
Bill Miller with Northstar Dance Company at PCPA Newmark

Praises by Bill Miller with the North Star Dancers
Praises by Bill Miller with the Northstar Dancers
   Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, Rony Chee/Dine', Colt Nicol/Metis & Rachel NK Chee/Shoshone Blackfeet
  Robert Mirabal
Painted Sky Advisor &
Grammy Award Winner

Butterfly Dance
Butterfly Dance
Butterfly Dance
Northstar Dance Company
In Community

Ducks Unlimited
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Ducks Unlimited 2013

Navajo Code Talker National Live Webcast
Mary Bodine/Warm Springs, Matthew Clements/Paiute, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs, Colt Nicol/Metis, Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama & George Clements/Paiute

Metzger Elementary w/ Northstar Dance Student Workshops

Pow Wow Trail
Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, George Clements/Paiute, Matthew Clements/Paiute & Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs

Beaverton School District Title VII Fall Gathering

Satellite Cultural Enrichment Weekly Class at Hillsboro Title VII
Instructors, Colt Nicol/Metis & Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs & George Clements/Paiute, Betty Stephens & Jordan Warren/Karuk Hand Drum/Vocals
See You Fall 2017!

Spring 2015


Beaverton Cultural Festival 
Hun Kim, Colt Nicol/Metis & George Clements/Paiute

Multnomah County Library 2015

Montclair Elementary "Arts in the Schools" 2016*Rebecca Palmer/Aerialist & George Clements/Paiute

Funny Farm Early Learning Center
Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama

Latest News
Native Dance/Hand
Drum/Vocals & Choir
at THPRD/Garden Home Recreation
Knowing is Doing
NEW*Songbirds  Choir
"aen nwayzoo'd shaansoon" 
On Hiatus  at THPRD Garden

Marilyn Keller, Director

Mel Kubik, Assoc Director

Arlie Neskahi, Artistic Collaboration

THPRD Garden Home Recreation TBA & Satellite Hillsboro Title VII*Dance/Hand Drum/Vocals  

THPRD/Garden Recreation "Map" 
Aiyanna Bennett, Betty Stephens, Colt Nicol, George Clements, Marlin Suppah * Dance, Hand Drum/Vocals Instructors
HILLSBORO Northstar Satellite SPRING TERM at Title VII Admn Center *** Contact Debra Giles*503.844.1500
Dance Lab Matt Hoop 2012
Northstar Native Dance Labs for "Off Campus School Credit" are FREE to Native American "self identify" and is Open Diversity. The weekly Lab runs from September thru June as the school year and is in the evening. Northstar T Shirt is $10 in support of Dance Program. Come learn, share and stay fit with Native dance and get school credit. Form is on Painted Sky website or talk to your counselor for your school's off campus credit form. Each term day/time will be on the Painted Sky website under "News & Events" and in Newsletter. Stay fit and connected to the heritage of this land. 

 Off Campus School Credit Form

Breaking down myths and stereotypes about Native * Educate and Learn

Expulsion (2012)
VIDEO Expulsion (2012)
 Hidden Heritage   

Northstar Dance Company & 2015 Beaverton Summer Events

~See Native~
Northstar in Media & Upcoming Event Dates
SEE NATIVE ~  Northstar Story & Video*OregonLive

September-June 2015-16 TBA
"Off Campus School Credit" Men's/Women's All Around Dance Labs at THPRD/Garden Home Recreation. New Cultural Performing Arts Program coming this school year!
 Public Media
KGW TV "Out & About" w/ Drew Carney & Northstar
2012 Ten Tiny Dances Drew Carney Grp

2016 Year by Month
February 26th*7 PM

April 9*11 AM

May 26th*6 PM
MESO Dinner & Banquet
Jantzen Beach Red Lion

June 1, 2016*1:40 PM
Native "Arts in the Schools"
Montclair Elementary Assembly

June 10th, 2016*6:30 PM
Wisdom of the Elders Dinner

June 17, 2016
Funny Farm Early Learning Cntr

August 13th, 2016

August 14th, 2016

2015 Year by Month
May 17th

May 22nd
Intel AVI 
Honoring Memorial Day

June 3
Montclair Elementary
 "Arts in the Schools"

June 19th
NorthWest Place
Isaac Trimble/Flute

June 30th
Beaverton Last Tuesday
The Round*6:40 pm

July 11th
City of Beaverton Ten Tiny Dances
AVA Roasteria*10 a.m.-1 p.m.

July 25th
City of Beaverton Cultural Festival
THPRD 158th/Walker Rd*
2:30 pm *Stage 2

August 16th

October 12
Hillsboro Title VII Dance/Drum Class

November 6
Franklin High School Assembly
1,500 Students

Multnomah County Library
Native Heritage Month Dance & Workshop Series
Local & National Reviews  
Northstar Dance Company
City of Beaverton/BAC "Arts & Culture Excellence Award" 2014
Directors Mary Bodine/Warm Springs & Damon Keller w/ Mayor Doyle
May 2nd
Mary Woodward Elementary Assembly
Quotes from staff: "Painted Sky was fantastic! My students were engaged and enthralled by the music and the beautiful clothes."*"Wow! Painted Sky was very professional and easy to work with."*"My students talked about the Painted Sky assembly all afternoon. We had a great discussion about it."*"Thank you Painted Sky. This was a wonderful event to tie in with our Cultural Fair!" Thanks, Jerry, Jerry Nihill, Principal, Mary Woodward Elementary
February 18th
Metzger Elementary "Art Literacy Program & Music Class Assembly & Workshops
I just wanted to let you know how much we loved the Painted Sky Assembly this week. In my four years as serving as Principal at Metzger, it was the best assembly we have had! The dancers were spectacular, the organization was a perfect combination of structured yet flexible and we were all inspired by the stories told by your dancers. The combination of traditional and contemporary dances gave our students a deeper appreciation of both Native American music and dance as well as how these ancient traditions have informed modern dance expressions. Thank you for coming to Metzger and sharing your unique performance with our school community. 
Kraig Sproles, Principal
Metzger Elementary
April 19, 2013
APP 5th International Mtg on Indigenous Child Health
 "Amazing performance! The combination of traditional Native dancing mixed with contemporary music and modern dance moves was phenomenal. Overwhelmed my expectations and as Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee I cannot think of  a better way to start off the conference. They were the talk the rest of the day by conference attendees. Too bad they didn't offer up their sound track for sale as it's something I would have bought."
Sam Wong, MD
May 24, 2013
Ducks Unlimited National Convention*Arlene Schniter Concert Hall 
"Northstar helped make our national convention a success by putting on a great performance for our audience. They were timely, professional and easy to work with, added an authentic, powerful Native American flavor to our show, and we would highly recommend them for events of all sorts." 

James Powell, Director of Communications

June 5, 2013
"Arts in the Schools"
Montclair Elementary Assembly
"Northstar's presentation not only educated children about Native American culture, but it inspired children to use the art of dance to express themselves. Northstar is very professional and breaks some of the cultural stereotypes children have. I look forward to having Northstar back in years to come." 
Janell Panuel, Teacher
November 7,  2013
Native American Heritage Month
Cascadia Community College
The Northstar Dance Company brought an exciting assortment of traditional Native American dances to our campus. Watching all of the performances,  you could see all the hard work that the group put in to share with us, a piece of their culture. I enjoyed the dancing and songs; learning about their traditions and culture. The dancing was breathtaking, as all the colors of the outfits danced together with the music.
Cascadia Community College
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Arts in the Schools
Northstar Trailer Clip
North Star Dance Company
North Star Dance Company
Northstar has performed for large venue international audiences such as the Opening Ceremony of the United States IEC in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center for over 3,000

Northstar  w/ Robert Mirabal
in Seattle at International Conference
Seattle Teaser
Seattle Teaser

Rebecca Friedlander





Painted Sky connects and partners with tribal and community organizations in support of Painted Sky's mission with Native youth/young adults through the discipline, health and fitness of dance and the cultural performing arts. Ask Rebecca to speak at your Organization/Club!  We are all connected!

City of Beaverton
Support Title VII Indian Education*Enroll
Beaverton School District Title VII Cultural Trust Partner 



Basket Ball INDIANS  
  Each day as a dance company member and team members, we live strong, inspire others and stay proud in promise. See NATIVE~ 
 Northstar Profile

Community & "Arts in the Schools"

Native American Dance & Music Cultural Performing Arts Magnet

Jump Start on Life through the world of  "the dance"


Native American Styles & Contemporary Styles, including Hip Hop, Tap, B Boy, Lyric and Jazz~ 


We come from Reserves, we come from Reservations, we are Urban, we are Intertribal, we are Native Americans. We are in COMMUNITY! We are in SCHOOLS! building bridges and making friends, not hidden. Native American history is an oral history. It is alive! "The Dance" is alive!! Our stories are our songs, our songs are our music and our music is the "The Dance". Since 2005, each year Northstar has worked with national Native Performers and touched thousands from all cultures, the international and general community and students in schools sharing who we are through the Native American cultural performing arts and film. It is a good thing to do and a good way to be ... keeping the dance alive! Live Native!



Hummingbird 2014*Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama & Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs








Jordan Warren/Karuk, Pamela Allen, Hun Kim, Isaac Trimble/Apache, Colt Nicol/Metis, Soraya Mendez/Warm Springs, Kieran Hill/Modoc, Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs, Damon Keller & Betty Stephens/Dine'


Keeping story, song, music and  The Dance Alive * Generation by Generation


Isaac Trimble/Apache * Flute



Keep NATIVE AMERICAN Cultural Arts Alive in Support of 
Painted Sky's Mission


Tribal Impressions Donate

Tribal Impressions Supports 

Include Painted Sky/Northstar on your Annual Charitable Giving List for Native Youth/Young Adults in the Cultural Performing Arts. Blessings to you! from generation to generation.

Keep the Promise and Think Ahead "7 Generations". You can support Native youth/young adults in staying connected, fitness through dance and the Native cultural performing arts with a tax deductible donation to Painted Sky Inc. Your donation helps Painted Sky/Northstar to support Native dancers both urban and on the reservation in the dance program; community outreach performances and Native "arts in the schools" where we share who we are as part of the fabric of community. Please choose one of the following to show your support of Native American youth/young adults in the cultural performing arts and community. "Live Native" and keep "the dance"!

Act Now! Community support of the Northstar Dance Program turns each day into a continued tomorrow!

Northstar Window Car Cling $13 Donation online on Painted Sky Website or by check to mailing address. DONATE 

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Painted Sky Secured Website*CLICK TO DONATE

Donations by DIRECT MAIL: Painted Sky Inc., 7280 SW 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97223. Donation Receipt available (checks only please)


Thank you Oya for the support and sharing our story on "Spirit of Oya" and "Ray of Light". Much success always. Looking forward to working together.
Oya Thomas singing Peace in the Valley
Oya Thomas singing Peace in the Valley

Bill Miller
"Please help support my friends at Painted Sky. They run Northstar Native Cultural Arts Program for Native youth and young adults. The money you give will allow Native youth and young adults from urban areas and reservations to take part in this program that preserves our heritage and provides inspiration and hope to the younger generations."


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THPRD Garden
Home Recreation

Mailing Address Only
7280 SW 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97223

Voice: 503.887.0671

Painted Sky Website
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Painted Sky's mission is to
honor Native American
culture by building awareness
of traditional and contemporary
musical expressions through
performance and education



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For the Generations
For the Generations

Perfect Gift


"For the Generations" on DVD & Public TV 

OWN today the DVD of performance and the stories of remarkable Native artists. Jana, Michael Greyeyes and Santee Smith, Bill Miller, Northstar Dance Company featuring Arlie Neskahi and Jaynez, Women of the Four Winds featuring Martha Redbone, Wayquay, Tracy Bone and Davidica, and Robert Mirabal! Request and watch "For the Generations" on your local public television station! Now also on FNX TV California

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There is an Educational DVD for Libraries, Universities, Colleges and Schools. And of course Home DVD.

 A Favorite for the Ages


Leighton C. Peterson, Miami Univ


 Damon Keller & Kieran Hill/Modoc

Two Worlds
Two Worlds

 Hun Kim/Bboy, Matt Clements/Paiute, Colt Nicol/Metis, George Clements/Paiute & Kieran Hill/Modoc

Horse Stick
Horse Stick


FALL 2015 


~Wolf Dynasty~


Native American Heritage Month w/ Northstar

*Cascadia Community College/Washington



Rebecca Friedlander/Athabascan, Matthew Clements/Paiute, Soraya Mendez/Warm Springs, Mary Bodine/Warm Springs, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs, George Clements/Paiute, Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama & Colt Nicol/Metis

Special thank you to Arlie Neskahi MC


Painted Sky Pendleton

Legendary Blanket

"Keep My Fires Burning"




Hummingbird 2014*Matthew Clements/Paiute & George Clements/Paiute


Hun Kim & Pamela Allen*Cougar

Hummingbird 2014



Northstar Dance Company
Northstar Dance Company "Cougar"


Northstar  "Guitar Strings"


Northstar Dance Company 2015
Northstar Dance Company 2015


There is a Movement coming, it is coming. It will be good for Native people, all the world will take notice. It is coming, watch for it, and the way that it is going to happen is through Music.

Allan C. Neskahi Jr, Dine' Elder  



Hummingbird 2014*Cougar*Colt Nicol/Metis


Two Worlds
Damon Keller, Mary Bodine/Warm Springs, George Clements/Paiute, Rachael Chee/Shoshone Blackfeet, Matthew Clements/Paiute, Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs

Multnomah County Library Native American Month Series

 Matthew Clements/Paiute, Rebecca Friedlander/Athabascan, Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, Damon Keller, Director & Betty Stephens/Dine'


There are life experiences that bcome a part of us creating our solid ground, connecting home and hope ... a hand on our shoulder in finding our way, our Northstar ... Live "The Dance" See Native ~


Betty Stephens/ Dine'



NAYA Gala 2014

Portland Art Museum


NAYA Gala 2014

Keeli Kotchik/Warm Springs, Pamela Allen, Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, George Clements/Paiute, Colt Nicol/Metis, Betty Stephens/Dine', Hun Kim & Matthew Clements/Paiute






Beaverton Last Tuesday 2015

Matthew Clements/Paiute; Colt Nicol/Metis & George Clements/Paiute






Beaverton Last Tuesday

Betty Stephens/Dine'



Beaverton Ten Tiny Dances

Matthew Clements/Paiute


Franklin High School 2015 


Beaverton Cultural Festival 2015 & THPRD



Portland Children's Museum 2016


Painted Sky Northstar Dance Co put on a fun and engaging show for our guests at Portland Children's Museum during our Performing Arts Month recently. I would highly recommend this talented group of musicians, dancers and storytellers to other institutions near and far. Jeremiah Sazdanoff, Director of Museum Experience, Portland Children's Museum


Wisdom of Elders Dinner Banquet

Melody Ballroom*Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, Colt Nicol/Metis, George Clements/Paiute, Isaac Trimble/Apache & Betty Stephens/Dine'



MESO Graduation & Banquet

Jantzen Beach Red Lion*Aiyanna Bennett/Yakama, George Clements/Paiute, Colt Nicol/Metis & Isaac Trimble/Apache




Andrew Morrison Artwork

Support Painted Sky and Native American Dance & Music

We are ALL Connected