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New in Dorado, Puerto Rico
Paradise Villas - The Destination of Choice

Dorado Beach named as one of the 46 choice destinations worldwide to explore in 2013 -
NY Times
  1. Right next door to us, the luxurious Ritz Reserve Resort opened last winter. We can offer, through the sponsoring owner, Guest Memberships to access the Waterpark, Fitness Center and more.     
  2. New Villas available - From 1-bedroom intimacy to 4-bedroom luxury.   
  3. Dorado Beach Resort proudly announced it has been selected by NBC/The Golf Channel as the host location of a well-known TV show in celebration of the show's 20th anniversary season.

    NBC chose Dorado Beach golfing over other very attractive destinations. But in the end, the sum of all things unique, exotic, and beautiful gave Dorado the upper hand.  
... explored the Indian Caves?

✔ ... seen the new Casino in Dorado?

✔ ... kayaked in the Bio Bay?

✔ ... ziplined in the rainforest?

✔ ... paddle boarded Cerro Gordo Beach?

✔ ... snorkeled at the Ritz Reserve with the one-and-only Wende?

✔ ... pampered yourself at the Botanico Spa?

✔ ... participated in a basketball clinic with Mario Butler, a local professional B-ball star?

✔ ... dined in your villa, served by a professional chef?


Bring your MP3 player. The local stations are OK, but after a while you'll get tired of hearing the same five songs over and over again.

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