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Informacast Mobile

InformaCast Mobile Overview Video
InformaCast Mobile Overview Video
With InformaCast Mobile, your customers can now reach their people by sending notifications from InformaCast to their Apple and Android mobile devices and vice versa. 

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Warm weather has finally arrived in Minnesota! For many of you, the summer months promise long, relaxing days spent by the lake. For others? Summer is a time of rebuilding and improving. If you have projects in need of attention while the rest of the world is out on vacation, Parallel can help. 


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5 Reasons for IT to Own Access Control
Network security and building security are equally important. If either system is compromised, the organization is immediately at risk. But while many network security systems are now built to support IT best practices and standards, such as, virtualization, physical access control systems (AC) have traditionally been designed without IT professionals in mind.

Meet Our Leaders -
Chris McPartland, VP of Operations
Chris has 15+ years of financial, operations and sales leadership experience in high-growth, entrepreneurial technology and health care companies. He demonstrates the ability to drive strategy and growth while having the operational experience to handle the day-to-day activities of a fast paced business. Chris participates in executive leadership responsibilities, and leads the company's operation and delivery teams.

Parallel Helps Bloomington Overcome Dilemma

The city of Bloomington wanted to update their storage capabilities with increased capacity and performance. Their challenge was that all traditional forms of achieving these goals may result in high costs and still don't effectively deal with the issue of capacity vs. performance

To meet their objectives, Bloomington turned to Parallel Technologies and after conducting a thorough vendor independent investigation the Tegile Zebi hybrid storage system was identified as the ideal solution.

"Most likely your IT and facilities infrastructure is producing data exhaust. Don't be alarmed, it's a good thing. Every day your various systems are producing data that may help you manage your business. Think about how to collect and analyze this data to produce superior results.


Dale Klein - President & CEO
Parallel Technologies
Parallel Technologies designs, implements and integrates critical infrastructure and networks for

Data Centers and Buildings. We work with our clients to improve communications and reliability while reducing business risk, energy, and costs. We've been in business for 30 years and have 115 engineers, technologists, and professionals ready to serve you. We expertly provide solutions for enterprise, commercial, and SMB clients such as; UHC, Digital River, The Mayo Clinic, Cummins, Target, and the US Postal Service, to name only a few.

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