August, 2014    
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Tony Klein
Director, Technology Infrastructure
Denny+Tony   1080p

 Tony Klein and Denny Anderson speak about their work at Parallel Technologies

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Inside Parallel
Tropical Shirt Friday at Parallel

These members of the Parallel team have taken "Casual Friday" to the next level!

Pictured above from left to right are: Mark O'Sell, Katie Remer, Madison Barnett, Jamie Nelson, Brandon Christianson, Gregg Nelson, Pat Fischer, and Jeff Johnson

Brandon Rogotzke also showed his colors that day, but he was a bit camera shy.

Misinterpretation of IT Power Trends
The Looming Danger 


By Parallel's
Nate Clyde
Director of Mechanical & Electrical Infrastructure Delivery

Manage Your Risk in a dangerous world, company, workplace or enterprise by reducing costs and liability, illustrated by these words on three red dice As a data center engineer, I'm always looking at the impacts various technologies place into the mechanical/electrical infrastructure that I'm designing for clients. 
The difficultly in gathering this information is nailing down the details
of what the business will demand of the particular server equipment in 6-12 months, 12-24 months, and 24+ months going forward.

Data Center Thought Leadership Forum
Want to Hear More From Nate Clyde and Join the Conversation? 
Join us for breakfast on September 9, at the Golden Valley Country Club and hear from Nate Clyde and other IT and Data Center experts.

Data Center Experts will discuss how power trends for servers, storage, network IT infrastructure and the impact this has had on Data Center
management, including:
  • Strategies for handling I/T growth in your data center
  • How and why to properly plan for "right sized" procurement of IT
  • equipment and infrastructure
  • How to plan for Build, Co-lo or Cloud strategy, based upon the estimated power trends
  • Who are the right people to have at the table to understand the
Get more information and find out how to register!
What is Design & Build?

"Design-Build" is a method of construction akin to the "Master Builder" approach--the construction model that built history's greatest monuments for more than 4,000 years--where the project is overseen by one organization from inception to completion. 


Meet Our Leaders -
Tony Klein
Director of Technology Infrastructure
Tony has more than 10 years of experience in developing and managing IT solutions including: data center networks, edge networks, wireless networks, servers, storage and backup. Tony works closely with clients to understand their business objectives, increase productivity and efficiency and solve business challenges. Tony's consultative approach with clients has enabled him to deliver hundreds of successful solutions throughout the IT infrastructure.

Parallel History

Parallel Technologies, formerly "P&T Communications," was founded in Robbinsdale, Minnesota by Mr. Poston and Mr. Thorgrimson. The two budding entrepreneurs started this voice and data cabling business out of their garage. Yes, the company was named after its co-owners, despite a rumor that "P & T" stood for "pull and tug" cabling.


The company's early logo (left) depicted the owner's idea of our cabling services branching out into IP technologies that are carried over the wire.  


After purchasing the company in 2005, its logo was subtly updated (right) by new owner, Dale Klein. While the logo's change was small, Klein's vision behind it was big--and remains to this day; to embrace the coming convergence of software driven infrastructures over one network.  

The Race is On!!

Parallel will now be seen all over Central Wisconsin's racing circles!

Parallel Technologies is proud to be sponsoring Brandon Herr Motors' Super Stock Ford in central Wisconsin.


Brandon Herr (pictured left) is the younger brother of Parallel's Tom Herr (right) and recently won a 20-lap feature event at Marshfield Motor Speedway in Marshfield, WI.




"Business executives understand that identifying and managing data center risk is paramount to their business success.


Dale Klein - President & CEO
Parallel Technologies
Parallel Technologies designs, implements and integrates critical infrastructure and networks for

Data Centers and Buildings. We work with our clients to improve communications and reliability while reducing business risk, energy, and costs. We've been in business for 30 years and have 115 engineers, technologists, and professionals ready to serve you. We expertly provide solutions for enterprise, commercial, and SMB clients such as; UHC, Digital River, The Mayo Clinic, Cummins, Target, and the US Postal Service, to name only a few.

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