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Spring/Summer 2014 


Dear Friends of Parish Health Ministry,
I attended a seminar recently on the book, The Healing of Families.  It taught a powerful prayer approach to cleanse and heal our families.  While this approach was different than what I had heard before, it made a lot of sense.  It was consistent with the body, mind, spirit approach to care that we profess in health ministry with an emphasis on "spirit."  It looks at the spiritual battle that Christians refer to and examines its real effect on each of us and our families.  I found it to be a compelling, easy to read book that has given me much to think and pray about.  For those that are interested, see the link under the Resources section of this newsletter. 
I hope you enjoy this issue of the ERH Parish Health Ministry newsletter.  It is our hope that it is meaningful to you and supports you as a person and in your health ministry work.  I would welcome your feedback on our newsletters by emailing me at  
God bless you,  

Jeanne Palcic, MGS, RN

Program Manager, ERH Parish Health Ministry

Refresh Your Soul Conference 

Inspires Many on Belief in God, 

Heaven and Healing 


"Upon asking a number of attendees for their reflections on the Refresh Your Soul Conference on March 1st and how it changed their approach to ministry and/or life, I was inspired. Hearing the attitudes and impressions of these people gave me hope and lifted my spirit, a welcome 'after conference' renewal for my soul." stated Jeanne Palcic, ERH Parish Health Ministry Program Manager and Conference Chairperson. 
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  Success Spotlight:  

Bringing Easter Joy to Others


We can only love one person at a time - serve one person at a time. Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance.

- Mother Teresa   


Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church Network of Care Health Ministry in Reading, Ohio has a history of being Christ's hands and feet on earth through a ministry of personal touch.

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Ellen Retires PHM Says
Good-bye to One of Its Own ....

The beginning of 2014 has been bittersweet for Parish Health Ministry. Bitter in that, in December, 2013, Ellen Schneider, R.N. retired from her position as the Parish Heath Ministry coordinator for the entire Greater Columbus area as well as part of the Dayton area.
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Friendly Visitor Program


ERH Parish Health Ministry offers support to recruit and train volunteers to visit individuals who may be ill or homebound. The visits can take place in the home, hospital or nursing home. It can help members stay connected with the church. This is also a good opportunity to offer spiritual support through prayer, a listening ear and a caring presence.  


For more information on the Friendly Visitor Program, contact Jeanne at  



Tips for Hiring a Caregiver

by Peggy Slade-Sowders

There may come a time, due to physical, mental or safety reasons, when you may have to open your home to a stranger to assist you or to care for a loved one. A good caregiver can provide much needed and welcomed support. To make the hiring process less daunting, here are some helpful tips to ensure the caregiver is qualified as well as a good fit for your particular need.  Read on...


Why I Give to ERH Parish Health Ministry...    


Marietta Garber is on staff as the Parish Visitor at Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church (HPCUMC).  She has shown support for ERH Parish Health Ministry by having her church partner as a sponsor for the Refresh Your Soul (RYS) Conference for many years.  For RYS 2014, they donated $1500 to ensure this important service continues in the community.  When asked why her church supports ERH Parish Health Ministry, she said, "It is a wonderful organization.  They are compassionate and accepting.  All congregations are welcome to participate in their programs." 
Thank you, Marietta, and HPCUMC!

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Growing Older Gracefully


By Jane Thibault, PhD, Gerontologist


People who grow older in wisdom and grace with continued zest for life share many characteristics whether they are still active or very frail. Fortunately, these characteristics can be learned and practiced.  Read on...

The Scoop on Stretching

By Jan Hill, ERH Wellness Coordinator


Definition- Stretching is the process of placing the body in position to lengthen the muscle and associated tissues.  Read on...


For sample stretch routine, click here.

Educational Opportunities 
  • Spiritual Assessment offered by Greater Cincinnati Parish Health Ministry Network and Greater Dayton FCN/Health Ministries Network
  • Retired Nurses Forum of the Ohio Nurses Association:  Current Issues in Nursing & Healthcare
  • Faith Community Nursing Foundations Course
    (34 contact hours)
     sponsored by the International Parish Nurse Resource Center
  • Health Ministries Association Annual Meeting and Conference
  • Foundation of Faith Community Nursing
    (34 hour course) sponsored by Mt. Carmel College of Nursing, Columbus, Ohio
  • House of Worship Hazard and Safety Workshop sponsored by the Health Ministries Program of Premier Health
For more information, including dates and registration information, please visit the Parish Health Ministry website educational opportunities page.
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The Healing of Families
A powerful prayer approach to cleanse and heal the family


Walk and Talk

Year-long walking Bible study and devotional


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Nutrition assistance offered by SNAP to eligible, low-income individuals


NIH News in Health

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 National Council on Aging (NOCA)

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NAMI of Montgomery County

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International Parish Nurse Resource Center 

Resources and support for churches & faith community nurses 


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Life Lessons from the Great Depression

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Living Well Senior Solutions offers care management services to seniors throughout Greater Cincinnati. Contact Peggy at 561-0222 or email her at or 

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